• Well i found out MANY women N men didnt get SQUAT for Valentine´s day.

    Some find the day THE MOST ANNOYING DAY of the ENTIRE year, while others secretly openly without clocking someone over the head with a frying pan or shovel that they we get something, even something as small as a txt message on our cellphone.

    hell even from a kid would been AWESOME!!!

    A VERY nice lady gave me the idea for this thread so its in her honor.



  • Sweet!

  • I like it! Thanks! I wouldn't have known it was Valentine's day if I hadn't seen all the cupids online or the flowers at my coworkers desks... It was nice to see that they were appreciated. I called my dad to say it but he said it first! I feel like I got something from that 🙂 But not much otherwise. Love is everywhere! Might not be romantic love, but it should have been thought of all the same...



  • You know something,CW...just when i was about to write a new thread ..."I swear with all of my soul"...on Tarot, my thread was going to be called Long distant relationships, in a new relationship, old etc..what or did you feel on special heart day.. well some thing like that....lol..then inside i just wanted to hear some thoughts on this special day....THEN SHAZAMMMM, I OPEN THE THREAD AND SEE 2 ALL WHO DIN'T GET ANYTHING .....

    My man, now this is our second Valentines together, and every relationship I had it was never acknowledged, "through a man changing my thoughts about this day,"(I ALOUD IT) or someone saying it was too commercialized,or we should just love each other through the whole year blah, blah.OK yes, i believe that i do, but i also believe its a special day to me anyways...i don't need the champagne,caviar,16,0000000 dozen roses,a 500.00 dinner,a roll's Royce to pick me up, a marriage proposal, a diamond...notta nothing...just a simple card, or your man that lives 10 minutes from your house, and someone who says they love you, someone who knows how important special dates are to me,someone that knows I'm not materialistic in noway shape or form....blah...blah...and i;m not one who is high maintnence....and i'm one to keep things to myself and not post all my dirty laundry on the threads.....BUT YOU KNOW I AM PISSED OFF YES MY JOURNEY AKA SHATZY IS PISSED OFF...now when my man new i was sad about my sweetheart not being with be on Valentines day, i said it like that..no condensending tone nothing,healthy relationships are based on respect, and telling the one you love when you are hurt....ECT...so at 10:30pm after our good night call he asked me if i wanted him to come over, again in a calm loving voice, i said, no honey its getting late and k is in bed...then i get an email from him after our conversation telling me that he loves me, which he does..but also saying that love is everyday not just that one day FOR HIM!!!!!!!...awe yes that was very sweet of him... BUT NOT AFTER HE GOT FEELING SOME GUILT GOING ON INSIDE OF HIM..........ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...

    awe thats better...So, i guess i have more purging to do.....you think lol

    love and light

    thank you for the flowers and Valentine gifts CWB i will treasure them....thank you...

    so am i angry,hurt,...well angry, then i will go into the boo hooo stage.....

    Namaste CW


    shatz, my journey,.

  • forgot a few things i guess I got caught up in the moment....

    YES, TO ALL THAT WAS ME,shee,aka shatz,aka my journey me... NO MARTIANS OR ALIENS TOOK ME HOSTAGE ROTF ...

    i did get something my sweet ,MY11 year old daughter did not forget her mommy with beautiful handmade card, also she gave me one of her choclates and to meeeeeee...i am grateful...


  • At times in order to get stuff one has to start to give. V day is like birthdays.

    im again gonna say what a guy said to me somewhere else on the world wide nutty web, n this guy is not evebn 24 of age, he said " at times we men need to be clobbered on the head. We aiont mind readers n at times slow of comprehension."

    hearing ur tale MYJourney i think more n more that Vday is a WOMANS invention. If a man came up wioth it he´d forget it the year after HAHAHAHAAHh too many holes in memory LMAO

    anyhews i advice suggest ya go to today i wanna WACK n get some wacks outta ya system. I did this morning n it helped LMAO

    Im okay now as i got to talk to one of me guy friends. left a long message to the other. The one i did talk to was a talk over 35 minutes. One of the longest in a long time. he n i agree of most things. the more i get to know him the more is like he n i are alike. the way we think, the way we experience things n people. wway of life n so on.

    it proves my say on today i HATE n today i wanna WACK, on that we shouldnt choose a man or partner based on sun sign n astrology alone or at all, but personality.

    my guy friend is a libra n im a pisces, many an astrologer would say n DO say these 2 signs are tough work when together even as friends. as lovers BOOM no go bad bad bad.

    i ditched all that n allowed myself to be me n ac cept respect him N me as we are. In the lasrt 2 years alone have i learnt n discovered just HOW UNCANNILY he n i are ALIKE.

    ok ok im off my box, this is vday feelings thread not rant how great life is at the moment thread LMAO. Omg do we need thread like that? hhmmmmm

  • the sad thing is cw, i just want to wack myself...

  • 🙂 aw cute cwb

    lol, my journey, men can be so dopey sometimes. X x x

    Mwah x

  • 🙂

  • What a lovely thread CWB, as me being desperate and dateless:-D I appreciate a thread like this.


    Very sweet of you.



  • I never recieved anything forgot all about it we have never been one for exchanging cards or gifts so i wasnt to fussed .

  • Lesson learnt today DON"T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF!!

    Yesterday, nearly everyone at my work place recieved flowers, I was the gal to deliver them to each and everyone that recieved them. It was so cool to see their reactions, it actually makes me feel good when i see other people happy. For the ones that told me to have a great Valentines Day, I wanted to slap them...........REALLY LOL.

    I did get a yummy box of chocolates from a patient........she was so thoughtful.

  • Yep even small stuff counts. N i say it again, often we as women need to SMACK it out there what we wish want n need, bc face it ladies, men are NOT mind readers. Always remember they ARE the ahm confused gender as far as OUR female antics n how our brain works. We´re the complicated ones. Men aint if ya think about it hard to get LMAO

  • I forgot to say i as me didnt get anything either, so i was hmmm okay at times i give myself a treat wether a scarf or a new haircolor or such, why oughta V day b ANY DIFF???

    So to get something i give something. So when i give i get get it? LMAO i think i do LMAO.

    Here´s some more treats ladies.

  • OK...one of my friends on Facebook put this together and I have to say that it really brightened my day yesterday to read this!!! It struck home completely!!

    My Bloody Valentine - by Storm Large

    Valentine's day is about love, this is true. However, it is not about the kind where a last minute box of crappy chocolate lets whomever know that they are special to you. It isn't about flowers or dinners or underpants, either. The real story of Valentine's day and its significance, is way bloodier and much more serious than anything Hallmark would ever print in its pink and loopy cursive.

    According to legend, Valentine was a priest under Claudius II. Like most Roman emperors, this Claudius was a huge dick and loved killing people. Somewhere around 250-ish AD in Roman history, war was raging and there was loads of fighting, killing, and r a p i n g going on, thus making the emperor happy. At some point, Claudius realized, men who were married weren't so keen on leaving their nice, soft ladies to go to war. As opposed to the h o r n y bachelors, who tended to want to fight, k i l l and r a p e a whole bunch, for any reason, whatsoever. This conclusion led to a no-brainer decree. Marriage became illegal, punishable by death.

    Enter our doomed hero, Valentine. He was a Christian priest, already a double negative in those days, and was infuriated by the law. There was no way to change the situation, so he quietly rebelled and continued to marry people anyway.

    The services were held at night, in secret locations. The vows and blessings had to be whispered so as not to attract any attention. Young couples, taking their lives into their own hands, only to declare their love for one another. Now THAT is *effin romantic, and it was still, like eighteen thousand years before Victoria's Secret was invented.

    We all know what's coming... you can't be a saint without something heinous happening to you, it's just part of the deal.

    Of course Valentine was caught, jailed and his execution was scheduled for February 14th. The significance of the date was a nice big *u c k you from Claudius. Feb 14 was the very non-Christian-y feast of Lupercalia, a blood soaked Bacchanal that comes at the end of the "Month Of Marriage". During Lupercalia, people sacrificed animals and burnt offerings to the God formerly known as Lupercus( later to be known as Pan, pending release from his record contract) Everyone would feast on sacrificed goat meat, then eligible v i r g i n s would smear the blood all over their hot, n a k e d bodies then run screaming through the streets. Kind of like Burning Man, but with more r a p e...and no furry bicycles.

    Good thing Valentine was going to be clubbed to a pulp then beheaded, so as not to see too much of that silliness.

    As the legend goes, in the months leading up to his death, Valentine fell in love with the jailers son, who would bring food and water to the prisoners. Some say it was a young girl, because, well, we can't have the patron saint of Hallmark and red G-string underpants be a big h o m o, now can we? Let's be real for a moment, though, we're talking about ancient Rome.... AND a priest ... so .... plus, if you think about it, even in such a primitive age, what jailer would send his baby girl out to bring water and gruel to a bunch of war torn, r a p e-y convicts? Back then girls got sold to people. And who's to say that it wasn't just love between the boy and priest, adoring, pure sweet love, without s e x? That is also a possibility. So don't get all p*ssy about me suggesting Valentine might've been g a y. Even though he might have been g a y.

    Anyway , when the day arrived and he was led out to be executed , he left a note for the boy expressing his affection and he signed it: "Love, your Valentine." Ta-daa.

    He was beheaded and his body was burned. Claudius did not *uck around with any niceties. He made damn sure that Valentine suffered mightily in public to send a strong message to any fool who may have a Valentinian thought of matrimonial rebellion .

    Whew, THANK GOD we are, finally, an advanced society. One that finds it ignorant, nay, primitive, to stand in loves way. Which is why we no longer make laws to keep loving adults from joining in the bonds of marriage, right?

    Umm ...anyway .

    Valentine's Day, like many other holidays, has become an advertising o r g y, geared to sell heaps of useless c r a p to us all. Now, after reading about the man for whom this day is named, don't you feel like a *ick for guilting your loved one into buying you a Pajamagram? I think it's far more appropriate, in honor of St. Valentine, to make a brave stand. Stand up to what you think is wrong, love boldly and do your best to right wrongs and rally against social injustice. Egypt is a beautiful, modern metaphor for Valentine's day. AND a bunch of the protesters returned to the scene to clean up after themselves. THAT'S love. I know dudes who have howled to the rafters that they love me, only to leave all kinds of mess for me to deal with, and not just the kind that wipes up with a tee shirt.

    The people in your life whom you love the most, they ought to know it by now. If not, don't wait for a day on the calendar to tell you it's time to do so. The heart can't read a calendar. It can't read, period. The heart is like a dumb little kid, jumping up and down in your chest when you love somebody. If you're lucky, it's always jumping, for your friends, your family, your lovers, past, present and future, your pets, your God, life and yourself. And, despite some lingering ignorance on the topic, you can, for the most part, love your little heart out without having to fear for your life. May it always be that way.

  • Oh Aunty Bucky

    Where was this yesterday???? HAHAHAHAHaha

    In the famoust words of HOUSE:

    The heart is a muscle. It pumps blood in n out of itself to generate life to ya carcass. It cant think, it certainy cant feel n it most importanty doesnt love.

    or something like that LOL

  • Too funny CWB...I just quoted House on another thread!!!

    "You are a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day!" Or was it a "drop of sunshine on a cloudy day?" Either way...this brought a smile to my face and definitely helped me feel better about the whole Valentine's Day thing. :0)

  • Oh...this was posted by Storm Large, a local musician in my area. :0)

  • Well Aunty Bucky its an great say. it places it in perspective lol

    he sure dissected it n i love it LMAO. mind ya not all romans were ah as they say today to men and to women or just to men.

    i like House he is drippingly sarvastic n ironic. them writers must have a ball writing those lines lmao

    by the by aunty bucky fb swallowed by fb account. sucks

  • aunt buck...;-)

    who wants to be part of valentines day after that lol...

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