Sexy Dreams in the Afternoon, What does this mean ?

  • For the last few days all my readings on tarot have steered me to take a day to centre on myself and find my inner love. Having succeeded in meditation the last two days i again attempted today, however, instead of meditating i fell into a deep sleep for 3 hours. I slept well last night and have not done anything much today between 9am and 2pm when i set about my meditation, so did not feel i needed extra sleep. What a suprise then that i should dream of sex with the one that got away.

    The reality for him is, is divorced, has 2 teenagers boy and girl and has never owned a hotel, he is Taurus April 1965.

    Our reality is, we have had sex twice and we do not speak now, i messed it up too much too soon. i am 23-11-66

    In the dream, I went to spend time with him as a friend at his home, his home being a hotel that his wife runs with 6 kids, 3 girls, twin boys and a new baby. He and i played games and had fun with the kids, watched a movie had dinner and then had sex on the sofa, and we continued having sex (no i will say it making love as he was extremely loving and tender) all night and all the next day until the girls came home from school.

    His wife did not seem to catch us but the 3 girls asked does mum know your doing this, and, said your legs look great, and then shared their puddings with me. The girls left.

    He and i continued making love and then he went to the bathroom. When he came out he said hi penis had broken off. His wife then came in and said, dont wory dear, give it a couple of hours it'll grow back.

    After that i was playing with the baby and chatting to his wife, before i know it he and i are making love again and then i woke up. !!

    I would have loved for us to get together but he is emotionally unstable and still angry with his ex. I am not sure that i could deal with an angry Taurus, so i had dealt with it and moved on a little.

    Considering i have dealt with it, what on earth could this dream mean? Is it just unfulfilled lust for him? or is there a message somewhere in there? Why would i get this kind of dream about him now?

    I know i am new here and it is a lot to ask, but its making me start to think about him all over again, surely my angels and guides wouldnt want me to bring it all back in to my life?

    Appreciative of any light on this

    With loving Thanks x

  • Maybe there is some closure you didn't have or something you need to release? Speaking of release! 🙂

  • I've been falling asleep lately too and the Energy is so intense.

  • poetic555 thanks it does seem to make some sense considering we just stopped talking. Maybe i'll write a letter to him and say it out loud to my guardians it does seem to help.

    Speaking of release and sleep, hav'nt been sleeping well for months and all of a sudden this week my body just wants to rest, and yes it's extremely intense, and that dream was particularly energetic!! Which takes me back to yours and the captains posts regarding the changes within ourselves and the world. Thanks poetic555

  • k:) I love to go to sleep, dreams are more fun than reality, for sure. At one time every nite I was waking up at 4:am, I prayed for help it came yours will too. Dominic is good with dreams too.

  • Thanks poetic555

  • 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • Well as can be, I've been dreaming a lot about Dogs lately, not sure what that means. I thought it was short for Dominic, sorry! Hah! Light a candle tomorrow during the fool moon, I'm gonna do an Ancestral Karmic Healing for Past/Future Geneartions. Take Care!

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