I wish people cared more.

  • I was thinking, what would happen if we went back to the time when everyone helped each other and there were fewer people that didn't care about anyone but them selfs. I have this big dream of helping the less fortunate people in this country,just to be able to live day to day. The people that are just tring to survive.I would like to start a program to help people to: find safe and secure housing,(how many people out there don't even have that) I can honestly say I am one.And food banks well there good but most people are not even willing to donate,I have heard in passing from those who don't care, well they put them selves in that position so they can just help them selfes or die.I even heard guy say; all the people on social security (mainly the elderly and the ones on disability ,no longer have a purpose,and need to not exist any more. i wonder how many people really feel that way? I myself feel it is an awful thing to say. alot of us would not even be here if it weren't for our ancesters,and the disabled,well I didn't ask for these things to happen to me, I hate not being able to do some of the things I used to do,but you can't fight your body if it says can't do that any more.

    any way there has to be a way for the caring and willing to be able to help make this country a better place, If it were up to the government,well we all know in one way or another,that good intention are fine but what do the people do until then.

    So i would like to get a group of sincere people together some way and live to find some answers now. if anyone would like to help or have any ideas please let me know.

    It's not just houseing either,the things that our children are going to have to grow up with, why should they have to live with the mess that our government has made.I could go on but by now you are probably can get the idea that Iam very passionate about this country,i have four grown children and seven with one on the way grandchildren and I don't mind saying Iam worried for them. any takers?

    love and light to all An

  • Well I believe i was wrong! there is no such thing as helping thy neighbor any more,this government does not care what happens to the poor and homeless. I truely think that they just wish it will just go away.i made a bad call on this one so sorry for that. if I could figure out how to delete this I would. I tried to but it wouldn't let me. again sorry for the wasted time.


  • anngora I don't think you made a bad call on this..I just think you have to look around your neighborhood and the country to see that people are helping..paying it forward..people have been really stepping up. some people have to step up and help themselves also..just because some people have disabilities or handicaps doesn't mean they can't do anything, they can live very productive lives. As for homelessness I know alot of times it mental issues and people have been reaching out to get them the medical help they need..homelessness also hits our teenagers because this generation doesn't seem to want to work for a living..I think we need to spend more time raising our children, giving them good values and morals and letting them know their are consequences for their actions..I mean no disrespect to anyone here, I believe the Lord helps those who help themselves..we all have to do our best for ourselves and our neighbors...Love & Light D

  • Where I live the local farmers opened their fields to the crops that were left when they met their quota's [contracts]. they used to just plow all that food under, now they let people in to help them out.. it might be all bell peppers or tomotoe's or cucumbers but if you knew how to do canning you could make it last a year..

  • I feel the same way too although my giving back to humanity involves beautifying neighborhoodsw. Try googling World Bank-they have the power to really change things in the world and they do! Help them help people and open your mind and lift your spirit at the same time. Good luck on your adventure!

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