CWB Our converstaion from my thread.....

  • K Until later. im gonna go sleep some. almost 11 pm

    ta ta

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  • I hear ya JLinaangel

    my docs obviously SWEARS by it. Ma wantd i i wanted to borrow the one she had n i was no pass it stresses me to have to measure my bp each day pass.

    she finally realized i was right on stress related elevation bp. dunno why but i reckon pa spoke to her on it. useally he sits n listens n when alone he knows she will fret n rant n he´ll just say something n she´ll go oh ye true.

    aries gemini those 2. amazing they r still a couple hahaahahah im proud of em.

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  • : )

  • Im positive my way to lowering my bp is what i have implemented in my life, more veggies than lowfat meats ( fowl n fish ) cycle as much as i can whenever i can n so on n so forth.

    in 3 days it wa slowered considerable.

    ma told me when ure close to ya period ur bp automatically rises. now talk about a whammer!

  • How have you been CWB?

  • Ive been in an upbeat state of mind, schock, depressed, bummed, downed, mulling, fretted, wept, shrugged n so forth n so on.

    Upbeat bc i finally had solved the riddle ( i hope ), schock as an improptu visit to docs showed high bp, depressed over it but okay soon, downed bummed bc last weekend was the EFFS, schock again, depressed bummed mulled over im on bp meds sucks, fretted bc im behind a hand in, NOWAY i can have it done tomorrow. My day today is already filled. 4 classes, dentist, afternoon coffee birthday, birthday cooking supper bedtime.

    i sure hope within a phase of 6 to 12 months i can kick the bp meds for good. i hate odd toxins in my system.

    Withit comes frets on can i have kids despite that condition. SUCKS n if yes when. a pal of mine said 2 years n im like EEEEEFFFF then ill be effing 41!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    then again she always says 2 years ................. even back when i first got aquainted which is now some uh 8 years prolly give or take a year.

    i know where to get 2nd, 3rd, 4th 5th opinions on that hahaahahahahahah

    So in short, these days im more concerned with my health than all else.

    How have you been Serious?

  • Been up and down! Hopefully soon I can even out and let myself grow!

  • I hear ya!

  • ITs freaking rediculous!

  • Blame it on the planets. I do n it works hahahaahahahahaahah

    n here some something for ya hell for us lolololol

    uh n oh we do NOT hafta explain that car between tree either ................ i wouldnt know what to say anyhews if i had done that LMAO

  • lol, I love it!

  • So whats ur plans for this weekend?

    mine are to do a little programming just for the eff of it, reading that chapter 4 so its done for my business class, otherwise juss to chill out n try to get my man on the dang phone hahahaahaha

    he is so hard to catch i hate it lol ah well cest la vie no?

  • hahaha, Weekend was ok! Your man?? Nice! Just looking for a university and finishing the week right.

  • My man ye u said my man was Charlie no?

    man i could do with an overall read covering:

    1. education, 1st year retake over again or no?

    2. if no then what?

    3. will i get hold of my man? how?

    4. is the man still charlie or ?

    5.. this new med makes me wonder regard childbearing, as in will i ever have kids?

    6. When?

    7. who´s the dad?

    8. all else i need to know now.


  • That's all up to you CWB! I just said I had a good vibe about ya'll two though. Everything else I'm sorry but I can't answer. That's really up to you in the end, And I think you already know the answers to these things. It's only natural to stall though, It gets a bit scary. I've been doing for about 2 years now. I have faith that you'll make the right decisions : )

  • just finally got time to post and everyone's gone off without me, oh well. Guess what though Serious, I have got green eyes too but they can change to a colour that looks a bit like deep dark turquoise, (not the stabilised kind, the one that changes with age) depending on my mood, hubby's eye have been described as Khaki, but go dark brown, nearly black when he's upset, do your eyes do that Charmed ?

    Blessed Be )O(

  • by the way dyl goes off and kills people on his x box to get his stress levels down after having to mix with stupid people, and he's taught me some creative new swearwords too, which he uses when he 's playing even if he's playing with his friends(?) Must admit it's hard not to use them too sometimes because as you all know people sometimes don't use the brain cells they were born with (and that would put anyone's blood pressure up!!!)

  • chrissi babe, all else has also swooped up n away on me as well. so down feel bad lol

    serious ye i guess if i can get close like in person to person with em. i dont have the money they do so ................ argh lol

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