CWB Our converstaion from my thread.....

  • Thank you CWB I appreciate the advice! I have a strong defense up always. I'm working on breaking down barriers in life but it is an automatic thing like barbed wire around me. If I feel threatend it automatically reacts. I can always feel energy that is negative towards me. And depending on the day I send negative energy as well.

    Now you are definitely more seasoned than myself, but I believe in ridding of the energy and sending the sender positive vibes back in return, at least trying to. I do feel alot of negative vibes coming from you though. First off I can now see the sarcasticness in some of your posts(though I hope it is more playful), but I think you can be more skeptic than believer. I am that way as well. Which is understandable. I also though have a different set of believes which may also cause a little friction. Especially with so much energy on the board.

    I am a firm believer in god and Jesus Christ and I dislike the word psychic, because I believe all energy comes from god. Some people believe the same but with different labels, or completly differently. Anytime I feel being cursed, Hexed, Binded, Surrounded, Possesed, or someone casting a spell upon me I pray and know it is immediately lifted. There are demons, Spirits, Lost souls, Angelic Beings (Seraphim's) Arc Angels, Messengers of god, and the energy of life god has spread to all living things. So with our energy and all these other energy's at work it is all overwhelming. I just keep my faith no matter what, sometimes I stray and feel lost but My father always keeps me in his heavenly arms.

    It's always hard to rid myself of this negative energy but I always wake up and pray. I know even asking for a reading or advice sometimes is not good, maybe that is also what you feel. But I am human, so I do wonder. Also i am very hard on myself ever since I was a child. So it is hard to sift through everything. I've been told by many I am very overwhelming at times. It is something I am trying to work on the best I can. So if you have any questions feel free to ask.

    And as for the reading I will be ok on that sweetheart! I do appreciate everything you have done for me though.

  • And as for the name if I remember correctly it is BurntMan, Or TheBurntMan. And I totally understand the Over protectiveness. Also does it feel at times when you are giving advice do you feel like someone else is typing and you kind of go into automatic mode? Or even when you are speaking to others in person?

  • Hey Serious.

    Ahm the sarcasticness is at times a protective shield other times a means to open peoples minds of other way to see feel n experience things. Many are stuck in certain ways.

    4 instance some years back i made friends with a woman. This woman had been married 27 odd years and whenever we chance met she was n would going on n on n on about her husband n what he did said n what not.

    1 day she spent 40 plus minutes ranting whining venting airing all the stuff he had said done n acted toward her in their year marriage. after thos i asked, lady r ya done? she went yeah. i said ok now ive sat here almost an hour long hearing all ur husband has said done acted toward u in ur long marriage. Now im gonna ask u this before u call in that divorce atturney who only will bleed ya blind financially. What im asking is, in all ur long 27 years married to ur husband, what have U as U done to him? what have u as u SAID to him? what have u as u acted toward him?

    I blew her away n she asked to b excused. 15 minutes or so later she returned admitting she had cried, that she was fiercely angry with me BUT she had realized i was correct to ask her all those questions. She realized she had not once in her 27 year marriage once not once stopped to see feel it from HIS view n angle. NOT ONCE!!!!

    Since that day has her marriage changed for the better n they are as newlyweds. It helped they moved to Tuscon from Santa Monica Ca also. She griped on it at first but she has been very happy free n more her true self since.

    Thats what i try to do when im sarcastic. I try to help nudge people to move from their hellbent point of view to see the bigger picture, to see it from another angle, to get a new thought act behavior pattern.

    Another angle is when people dont accept respect me as i am beliefs n all. I may not b religious per se, but i do believe in higher powers. God is juss one of em, n no ive not forgotten by childhood religion. I do at times pray to God n jesus. BUT im more n more a wiccan naturebeliever pagan. That said i have now n always respected accepted other peoples religions n beliefs. My soul has seen so much what fighting surpressing religions n beliefs has done over the course of time. One of my petpeeves is, u do NOT mess with peoples religion n beliefs. u just dont. its a no no. Yes to freedom of right as free speech, thoughts n written word, BUT that doesnt mean ridiculing peoples beliefs n religions.

    Denmark made an bloody effing situpon when they allowed those drawings to b printed not once but twice n for the stupid government to say oh its okay we´ll b fine. i still dont believe it was smart n okay at all. It sure showed Denmark per se is just as bad as any other country who thinks they r all better. Im a dane yes but im ashamed of that move. its beneath humanity.

    My 2 threads Today I HAte n today i wanna wack are more for release of negativity n moving on to positivity. at times punching matrasses n yelling into pillows aint helping. writing releasing does.

    As far as negativity from me, well u may have caught me at an negative time LOL im woman, im pisces, im emotional n as long as i can recall have i in this life now struggled to b seen accepted believed as i am. As long as i can recall have i fought my right as i am, as human as reader as psychic as all that i am.

    there are a

    Best ways to piss such off is useally me agreeing to their "reality of life" which in my book is ahm contorted. a mirage in a desert if u may! lol

    As for ridding energy negative, i often stand in a room, which is kinda open, arms eagle spread, legs apart, head back, eyes closed n i ask angels of healing n cleansing to heal n cleanse my soul n me to rid me of negativity. other times i shower n say the same.. i envision the water from the spray as a cleansing waterfall. When i get "evil" letter nby snailmail ( which i on n off get ) my hands starts to itch badly. I wash dip my hands in lukewarm kitchen salted water. N away bye bye evil goes.

    in summer i used the seawater.

    BurntMan or TheBurntMan? u seen those on here????

    Charlie is one of em,, Alden the other, now i mentioned them n to eff with the know it alls n good doers LMAO

    When i read people help people it feels like someone takes me over n im only in control to type what is flowing through me. Sometimes in class or in conversation its as if someone else talks but its my voice im like inside me yet not. its hard to explain. its then when people look at me weird. some has like looked at me thinking had i only her belief in this.

    on the overwhelming messages yeah, ive been told i can b so spooky i scare people. the fakes claimed i made their "clients" weep in fear. which is another lie. that again r peeps who want what they want n when not given they whine n lie to "owneradmin" who too was is a fraud.

    here i do NOT mean tarot dot com forum n admin AT ALL no nononnonononononohn they are GRRRREEEEAATTTT.

    So juss keep asking.

    nby the way have u ever ahm helped earth bopund not crossed over dead souls?


  • Well you definitely like to debate. I personally have the same views but in a different process completely. I grew up in the wiccan tradition and merged to the christian tradition myself, I get everything from my mothers and fathers side as well.

    Now flat out why do have it in for me? I have nothing to gain but helping others and helping myself become more intuitive? I feel like your more prodding me in an indirect way. I have my beliefs but I was more just wondering why all the sarcasm. People vent in there own way and as you stated before no one can make you believe what you want to believe. I am the same way, Life is generous in that sense, but your always going have skeptics and haters. You say you won't tolerate, but yet how can throw the blame? It seems kind of like a contradiction. You already seem to think You know what I am about but I have no clue about you?

    It's funny You can sit there and indirectly basically tell me exactly what you know your not? I notice but try to give a bit of respect actually. You don;t just automatically deserve anyone respect, that is earned, in any and every situation. No one is by any means just automatically right. There are always to sides to every story. Negative energy is always being launched at me in every direction, I know it is at yours as well. I always cleanse in my room while praying and especially in the shower ( best place in opinion. But it obviously effects you as well, otherwise you wouldn't have so much pent up frustration.

    I know you have all this annoyances towards others, but you seem to take it out on people even if you don't realize it. I've many people Just sit there and wine and moap and groan about there lives when they have had such amazing and blessed lives! Its unbelievable! But there still human, My approach is to listen as well but with more care. I'm blessed with that! I mean I've had my days where I just come out and say HEY! You gotta just let it go and move on and forgive. Always take in consideration of someone else's side of the story. No one is ever always right, except for god. Thats in my opinion, and no one else is can tell me otherwise.

    My great friends who are wiccan are amazing loving people and it's awesome to learn from each others prospective's. Especially learning about the earthen spirits's, goddess's, God's, The history, the tradition that's been there before Jesus came to earth. I appreciate everyone being able to have such great views. I mean energy is infinite! It goes and goes and never stops, maybe everyone takes a fork in the road and their souls go separate ways. I mean just the richness of love captured within it all is amazing. Everything has to compete though, Sya they are right and everyone else is wrong. Thank god it is not that way in Reality, There so much more than just that, BUT we have the god giving choice what to believe in life! And that's what makes everything Beautiful. But standing by my opinion doesn't make anyone right or wrong. It's my belief and I have the right to put it out there, Just like anyone else.

    As I've stated before I have so many friends on here it is amazing! I love it and I know I can help guide others, I have ever since I was a small child. Coexisting is the easiest for some but to competitive for others. I like to blunt rather than solve through riddles, and when I feel like Someone is going at me personally I say what I feel.

    In my Personal experience no, I've definitely communicated with spirits but never actually coherently or consciously helped any cross over to the light. Do I know for sure no. I know I have seen them, Talked with them verbally and mentally.


  • As someone with unique gifts we have an obligation to help people. Its our purpose, so we can't really get to mad about. We are here to help guide and yes give a swift kick if we need to but more likely than not the ones who want help won't go that far. Kicken and hittin things is ok when I was 12 but now I just meditate it out and try to vent best I can, AND YES writing is an amazing way to do so as well! But we can't take it out on those we try to help, its expected to deal with those types of scenarios.


  • I do apologize CWB, I did take everything way out of proportion. I was completely and utterly rude for no reason. If forgiveness is not giving I understand. You are way better than that.

    I understand the consequences.


  • No worries Serious7

    learning one another is a phase a lesson learnt. All in all im not a frustrated person at all. Im an open for all views feelings ways n emotions. i love to learn. When i do put foot down n reply harshly sarcasticaly its because what i give out aint gven back in same manner.

    Its as im not allowed" to have post say my thoughts n mind. Its people who has a hell bent mind all others has to follow them. A in my book blind lead blind.

    its an odd thing. In the last 30 years n i bet more, has schools n society taught us all to b individuals, to make indivicual choises paths n follow em through. YET are many STILL trying to force us into a certain mold. to become alike, robots. In dress, thoughtpatterns behavioral ways n so on n so forth.

    if one was to do that regardless of place online or out in real life, where would it leave on in end when one forms like a carmeleon million times a day.

    say for instance u work as a postal delivery in a huge firm, n this firm has 50 divisions. each divisions has say 25 people. Each of these has their view of what one ought look dress think n do. once days work is over one think one can b oneself, but surprise family has their demands too. so if one allows all this, one is NEVER oneself as one wants to.

    now thats a contradiction. many says be u as u, while others say we wont accept u as u unless ure like us a clone of us.

    its useally that i fight visiously. i dont mind compromising. But i will not sell me as me out just to please someone who wont do the same.

    this is how it useally goes. I meet a person online n we hit it off. we start to get to know one another n then bam they want me to think their way, be their way act their way, n when i dont i get nastyness thrown at me. Ridicules, mockings, rumors start to roam. war arrives n stays.

    u can say that mayb the negativity u sensed frustrations were at a time i was those. a moment in my days lol. i see it more as caution, guarded presence.

    Ive been in many places online, fortunes now, psychicguild, delphi chatroom, mysticgames etc. in all these places ive encountered nasty jalous sad blind stuck in rut hateful resentful persons. hellbent on a clone vip presence only.

    even here its been tried on me n many of my friends. they even had the audacity to say i stalked them when records showed they stalked me. at mysticgame i said enough turned n stood my ground. trust me when i say worldwars scenarios indeed all combined.

    these person are STILL at it in those places, i by far has showed em i wont let em do it to me anymore. i showed i can be as ruthless as they are, even worse.

    i hate that it had at times to get nasty. these days i try to nip it in the bud. I ask admin to step in. n i stay away so i wont b angered. useally i deal with it as a sarcastic joke lol

    best appeacement is to agree with their lies. teh look on faces is priceless LMAO

    When i say respect me n u n all who is here, its a respect em as humans, respect what they bring of ecxperiences n knowledge.

    lemmi explain. I may have used my abilities longer than you as far as online goes, BUT i dont see myself as better or wiser or more knowledgeable bc of it. u´re as smart as me, n has nada to do with age or how long ya used ya abilites.

    To me has each member n friend of mine equally knowledge wisdom n gifts in their baggage n they aint at all beneath me, NEVER. i see em all as equals. i always have had this view.

    What effs me is that equally this view, thought aint returned. many see me hear me n they get jalous. they think she can do all this, see all that she knows all this n that n i am not so or think so i has that or know that. if only i have that.

    n here the bad stuff happens. either they scare emselves or they attack. often it has been the latter. ive even said, wow u ought not b jalous of me n my life. Ive told many a time what my life is as. nada to b jalous of. In fact it has often showed they had more than me. Yet they STILL remained onetrack minded jalous of me. One that had to be bullied off the place-

    That is a mindtrack ill never understand. never. so i useally use my ability to previbe people so that i wont land in such a war again. at times im not successful BUT as said i ask admin to step in n i keep my peace. counting n cleansing n sending good vibes to the jalous hurt resentful person in ways like wish u well go with god jesus help her him n such ways

    as far as obligations goes, i beg to differ. we are NOT obligated to help people bc we have these gifts. its a choise. I once thouight also, BUT often angles spirits step in n say, she he has to learn it the hard way, or this one we cant help, dont spend energy or anymore time on him her. u must remember n plz believe me when i say, u as reader choose whom to read, when to read n where to read,´u set the rules. those asking do not.

    if u dont ull b overrun n u wont see an end at all. Tsunami upon tsunamis. Alas this is a learnt lesson also ;-D

    Rude? you? when ? where? its a debate no? philosophically debation no?

    So the burntman TheBurntMan, was is a Charlie or a Alden rofl.

    by the way u do good work on ya thread. keep it up but at all times b wary of how many n how much u take on.


    ps by the way double member names or double request from same person under diff member names NOT OKAY AT ALL. remember ALWAYS. ur thread ur reads ur offer UR RULES. if u find not okay to double request same person diff names is NOT okay at all. u say so n worst comes to worst REFUSE THEM.- they r rude desperate BUT i think such should have consequences. 1 could b i refuse to help u bc ure rude. anyhews ur choise. 😜

  • Thats amazing CWB,

    Thats one big thing I do forget, I always try to treat others the same but allow my ego to interfere to easily in some instances. I guess that comes with the territory of being a Gemini/cancer cusper! I really do appreciate the honesty you give me. It seems at times my word turn into it's own monster.

    When life itself always seems to be so wavy, ir is actually like a straight line! But I forget how amazing everything is at certain times of the day, and we are all here to help each other your right. And I forget when the world had me learn the hard way and come out alive and bettr for it in every way. SO I guess it would make more sense to just say/ do what you can with what you have the best you can, If you can't either try harder or allow the person to do it themselves which is what they need. Age doesn't matter but I do believe experience definitely does : ). Reading online sometimes can be a lot easier for me than in person, but in person I do love the reactions! I love the seeing the face of someone, I just have to much doubt in myself as of now, But all this is the way to shed some of it. I know it will always be there, I guess I just have

    to kick the feel sorry for myself BS.

    Also Cwb I forget English isn't your first language! I plan to travel so I can open my mind more and not just let one view of the world guide my thinking, It's like having 2/3 peoples sometime always fighting inside me. As a gemini I know everything OF OURSE, lol, adapting is my nature. I just have to keep my values and my beliefs close. I can see it though, someone who is challenged in what they believe fully, it does make one doubt themselves. But it's another way to become closer with yourself. Allowing another view to be examined and respected is what should be done. It makes one grow in a positive way! I'm learning that YOU ARE YOU! We are here and as of now that is the basics.

    I have had so many doubled sided things myself cwb as the years go on, With friends and family, where I just stop and look at a situation and I'm like wtf just happened? It's been me on both sides as well. Now It is about me! Your right though everyone deserves a chance and is the same. Its hard to explain in words though, like just going with it and actually dealing with it head on (if that makes sense) I am always on my guard but I gotta allow myself to get scratched up as that is apart of life.

    I do appreciate the advice, I know I can't help everyone, even though I guess I myself feel obligated too. And as in the thread I am putting my rules up if people can't respect it then I will answer only those who do! I try to treat others how I would like to be treated.

    The hardest part IMO is finding a damn balance! Thats in just life in general, I make assumptions and judge way to fast. So being humbled in that manner helps me stop being such a butthead. I always feel challenged, I can either be one who wraps myself up in it, or NOW I am working on being able to be ok with just saying, F it! lol to a certain extent.

    "When i say respect me n u n all who is here, its a respect em as humans, respect what they bring of ecxperiences n knowledge." I do love this quote! Thank you for clarifying : ).

    As for Cor A I got to worked up CWB I do hope atleast something works out for you in a great way, and for them as well. BTW even though I can appreciate and understand why you have the Hate thread. Everyone does need a way to vent and deserves that right.

    Yea there are a couple of people who are double handling. I can't really pinpoint who but they are using different emails, either just asking more questions or eve just testing the waters.

    BUt I was wondering though, what does it feel like to help one cross over? Is it like a release, or is it just a sense of peace. That's something I am interested about but I do not have the ability.


  • Hey Serious7

    Well some are easier guided toward the light to cross over, others are stubborn snobs. Most slip over when they hear those they have waited for has long crossed so they litterary jump into it. Others are like noooo its not a new millenia at all, no no its still 1869, no its still 1920 no its 1968 still, nooo last i know it was 1778 ................ to those i say gently well sweetie, if u dont believe me step outside n see the world. >They do return n say thanx n cross over. some have been so stubborn ive like shrugged n said whatever, bc i know once they know they cant remain for any good reasons they eventually cross over.

    what i feel from them is a sense of peace n purpose. N thats after they have crossed. B4 its a sense of waiting, confused, inability to b of help n service, kinda like when many retire, the loss of status n purpose. It useally help when one mentions look into the light , see u beloved r there, ya spouce ya kids, ya parents,m grandparents ............... they smile, some weep with joy, n they thank one.

    the more snob stubborn ones eventually cross bc curiousity gets the better of them. When they find those they have waited for. they useally somehow let me know they r glad i opened their eyes. its been a few years since ive helped any cross per se.

    i shy from cemetarys bc the dead r very demanding as if still alive.

    Now im gonna b stubborn n ask again Charlie or Alden lol seems oh uh this is more interesting LMAO ye it can b

    no worries nio grudges here. i bet if any read this they´d go, i knew she is a cook a nutter, aint she supposed to b in a mental institution LMAO

    thats another namecall thing. that they are the sane ones n we are the split personality, the skizofrenics, the mental patients ................. in need of the white cut. tsh



    ps looking forward to the Charlie or Alden insight haahahahahaahahah

  • Charlie! That name comes out with a better energy for sure! I don't know exactly why. He seems like the type of person you would get along better with in your own way ; ). As alden may be to much of a push over for you!

    What is your first language CWB??

    And thanks for that insight! IT is always interesting to me on how that works( at least the overview of it : ). I see energy more than I see the physical person. I just haven't allowed myself too yet. It's really amazing to me how all that corresponds to everything in life and after!

  • Hey Serious7

    My mainlanguage is danish, english second, 3rd german, 4th a smidge spanish 5ht smaill french. i also at times when i feel goofy do a pirate talklanguage way. huge fan of pirates of the carribean lol

    Charlie yes, .......................... we clicked karmicly. for the last 8 months ive caught him on n off on the phone. i reckon i was being woman n impatient. i so long to b with him SIGH

    im woman hear me whine wwaaaahhhh LMAO

    As Alden oh at times i wanna clobber him LOL i love him, he is an great great friend.

    if ya got more to ask me ask away, im glad to debate n tell n teach. to me is this a 2way street.


    ps thanx lol

  • How are you doing CWB!!

    Been hectic the last couple of days, but just annoying as well. I hate when others automatically just write someone off. This erks me in a lot of ways.

    I wanted ask you when you have a free morning, If you could please try and contact the spirirts around me to give me a little insight of what I should do. I don't know if some are just lost spirits, demons, ect. I know my Guardian angels are here, and so are some others spirit guides. But I would like to know what I can do, if anything please! Hope all is going well. And don't forget if you have any questions for myself as well, don't hesitate!



  • Hey Serious7

    lost demons????? wow i aint heard that in years hahaahahahahahaahah

    to my knowledge r we per se NOT surrounded by demons. is a religious oldie on unpleasant spirits. Vengeful black unhappy lost spirits. Stubborn ones as well. Snobs too.

    One can say that about living alive persons too. I know a few hahaahahahahaha ahm well aquainted with VERY briefly LMAO

    If any at all around u its lost spirits who by ur presences finds the light n crosses themselves. Often we dont need to even notice them much. other times one need to b verbal with, like i was with the snobbish lady with the tighteffed bun. yeeesscchh!!!!!.

    I get the name Anna n i believe she is around u always, guardian angel, confidenatial spirit, great great great grandmother i believ e not sure i get a load of greats before grandmother.

    linda is another, frederick known as fred, Talulah hehehehe she is a spunky one, flowerchild she is aaaww so nice one b4 it was 1960ties revolution term .......... she is very old, around roman times before Julius Caesar went for Gaul.

    Ok i get a big burly guy, taverns of highways frequent guest, huge man, strong man 1660ties ....names not important he tells me .................... hitman as in hits u with out of blue ideas n solutions ...............

    now i get a navigator ................... card maker ................. seacards carts ..... sailed himself like 3 or 4 times ....................... maker of maps for seafaerers ........... wow noble workmansship for these

    Some of those maps are still imbedded into todays maps of the world, n i get its used both for sea n air fares, wow so intriguing.

    ok ahm thats all i get now. i felt these r the most significant ones around u.

    Well i had an oddball astral travel. Alden acted like i was cooties to him, well his feelings to me, like eeewwww coootttiiiess get em off of me get em offf get em off

    looked around n shoved nudged me to an old pal of man based on looks alone, n it was as he went hey thats anice guy he is nioce ull hit it off go go go to him

    i looked at the man n it was is an old buddy of mine, but he n i r long long just friends watch nfl n superbowl friends u know. n bam this guy pal of mone had piercing bblue eyes ( whihc he aint got he has browninsh greenish hazel like color eyes ) Charlie has piercing blue ones.

    it was as if charlie stepped in to say wait a min i have my say too u eff. im almost there so dont let him panick u.

    my pal connor, the one alden nudged me to smirked as he found it amusing Alden trying to wipe me off on him to rid himself off cooties emotions. n that charlie stepped in n aahh ahhh

    im puzzled to all this. so if ya can shed light plz do

    do u know of the place called fortunesnow??? ive got a q regard that. but 1st this odd ball astral mayhem LMAO


  • The astral is definitely MAD! But I love mad! I see like strings connected between everyone! SOme strings may be cut, but like someone is running around tieing them back together! I have grenish brown hazel eyes, lol! Now I still think charlie in this vision is kind of the main focus and alden is more of friend giving you the nudge to get back out there and do something about it. There may be another guy that comes out of nowhere too! But I'll have to have another go at it when I have some zzz's under my belt! And the guides you got are kool to hear. Fredrick is familiar to me. I have a list I had written out one day when I allowed myself to take a inquery of those around me ( if I can find it!)


  • ill b here waiting hahahaahahahahah naahhh ill peek in a see on n off. afterall its saturday hahahah

  • Hey there!

    I hope everything is well. I have a feeling you've had some progress in your triangle situation, lol.

  • Hey Serious7

    progress?? uhm if u call the wonderings if Alden is a clone of me or im a clone of him then yeah, as for Charlie ................... ahm ...................... hangs in the wind hahahahaahahahah

    hows u?

  • Doing better everyday. Just taking it one breath at a time. That's all one can do sometimes : )

  • Huh! n here i thought getting enough sleep Uninterrupted was important hahahaahahahaha

    well ive been busy n the longer i went without any decent sleep the more such ahm know it alls yet lacking angles ticks me off. along arrogant im topdog of topdog twerps n twits

    hahahahahaahahah oh my.

    ought i bring cans with me today????? u know to BEAN the twerp with em ?LMAO

  • lol, I love your random talk! RABMLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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