Can I get a reading on this guy please?

  • His birthday is Nov. 14.

    I've read what I could find on the web about this birthday. But all the information I've read really seems to controdict itself.

    It says a relationship is very important to those born on this day and they do not cheat.

    But then it states that someone born on this date does not like feeling depended on and has trouble expressing themselves in relationships.

    It all just seemed to criss cross! Can anyone explain this?

    Better yet, can anyone explain what a guy born on this day is like in a relationship and as a friend. I know it goes more than just the day they are born, but I'm curious to know what the reading would have to say.

    Oh, and it also states the sun is in Scorpio with Cancer decanate and the Taurus quadrant.

    What does that mean?

  • This post is deleted!

  • No no no! LoL! It's not a weather I like him or not! I'm in an astrology class at my school. I'm not that great with reading peoples birthdays, which is not the best thing when we have to choose people to write personality readings on them. And he's not my boyfriend, so I have no clue what you are talking about "ending" anything. Your birthday must be a cranky one! Haha.

    Don't worry, I've done my fair share of research on my birthday earlier this school year 😉

  • Well if ya in a astrology class, shouldnt u ask that the teacher?

    im not a cranky person or birthday but look at it from a strangers view NOT knowing it was for a class at all.

    then reread what u posted. mind u never mentioned its for a class.

    see the confusion?


  • If you knew the teacher, you wouldnt ask either! LoL She's pretty uptight about people asking her a lot of questions. She's not mean, just a little strict. Every now and then she'll answer the classes questions, but most of the time she just lectures, we take notes, she assigns the project or assignment and then class is close to being over.

    I dont find what I wrote as 'throwing stones' at him though. The main reason I have this account is for my astrology class. I'm not going to mention that in every post I make however.

  • mayb repost in the forum astrology n mention newbie at astrology lessons need help or somethung like it,. we do have astrologers here n i hope they may b of help

    i know teachers like that UGH

    wish u luck in this sweetie

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