Please Explain (really need it) Thanks.............

  • Please interpret these cards (what does they mean / represent) for me (OR expain this spread results to me);

    Card 1 (The Sun) : How you feel about yourself now (Position)

    Card 2 (The Emperor) : What you most want at this moment (Position)

    Card 3 (The Star) : Your fears (Position)

    Card 4 (The Hermit) : What is going for you (Position)

    Card 5 (The Magician) : What is going against you (Position)

    Card 6 (Temperance) : Outcome (Position)

    My question : What is the future of this long distance relationship with the person im in love with for almost 5 years now.

    Some details on this : Of course there's a LOT of love between us but there're also a number of misunderstandings also. Don't know if it's meant to be or not. I feel a lack of understanding & communication between us. Not sure if anything will improve in future...............

  • I couldn't have said it better myself.

    Watergirl and I are old comrades in arms; you can trust what she has to say. Highly intuitive woman and both share homes in the high desert.

    I have a question for you?

    Did you do your reading just using the Major Aracana (Trumps)? I'm curious as to why you didn't pull any pips, Aces or Court Cards?

    And if you did choose to use only the Trumps, why did you choose to do such a heavy duty reading? Just curious.


  • Gwalchmai!!! I was just thinking about you roughly 30 minutes ago 🙂 So glad to "see" you hear my friend...

    P.S. And I had that very same though/question about the Trumps!!

  • You see, dearest friend, synchronicity is no joke.

    You remain very dear to me and I hope you're well.

    So nice to get a lovely little message from you.

    And I find it interesting that we both had the same thought about reading with only The Trumps.

    Bless you, dear one.

  • Sorry for popping in fanaa25

    just wanted to say hi to G, you to WG of course lol...sent you a call...hugs

    Hello My dear Gavin,

    I hope life is treating you great...

    Namaste G


    aka shatz

  • Odd....I was thinking the same thing about the major arcana cards! I was like pulled all major cards?? Sheesh. 😃

  • Aunt Buck - OMG. I was "compelled" to do an angel reading for you a little while ago. It's at Paths of the Soul...

  • This post is deleted!

  • OK...that would explain the major cards! LOL. I have cards too and read and can actually hit things on pretty well but I'm still dependent on looking up the definitions in a book. I can start to put the whole picture together using intuition but it's still kind of rough.

    Angelbee! Thank you...I will go check right now. I was over there yesterday puttering around but didn't get very far. Was here more.

    Love and blessings! AB

  • Ooops....I was so excited that I thanked the wrong person. WATERGIRL!!! Thank you thank you!! Weird that I did that since AngelB hasn't even posted on this thread. Boy do I feel like a schmuck.

    <red in="" the="" face="">...</red>

    The reading was right on the money too! I posted a reply to you over there!

  • Really?? They blocked out schmuck...geez.

  • LOL on all of us!

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