Interesting Dream involving many of you....

  • Persephone carries the pomegranate seeds in her mouth during her journey back toward light and life. This makes sense to me in the context of the dream—which of us has not experienced seasons of darkness in our lives? But we are here to journey toward light. And paradoxically, out of the darkness comes light.…

  • was such a positive dream. Reaping what we have sown would definitely explain why it was so important that all of us share in the juice. And, pomegranite was definitely figured there prominently. It wasn't any other juice. I was wondering what the meaning was behind that particular fruit. We have all done such amazing work together here by sharing and giving to each other here, I already feel like I am reaping the benefits just by being here.

    Watergirl, I didn't think about the fact that I was feeling alone this week. That dream came on the heels of your reading so I agree that it was a message to me that I wasn't alone at all. I hadn't thought about that. Everything has done a 360 flip for me this week since you gave me that insight. RC...I literally was just thinking about you last night and wondering where you were. I hadn't seen you post anything this week in the topics I was in so I was worried about you. I was going to go hunt you down today to see if you had been posting. Happy were definitely there. We were all there...

    It really was such a happy gathering. I dream all the time but this dream really stuck with me. It was a comfort to me. A meeting of lightworkers, drinking in the nectar of the goddess and celebrating the light. Doesn't seem like it could get any better than that.

    Love and blessing all...

  • Many more posts come thru when I was writing my last response. Great mythology story. I used to just love reading mythology. It seemed so much more interesting to me than other stories. Yes, we all came here in the darkness seeking light...

    Dmick...not sure about that one. Maybe you can't be together because you are too familiar with each other and know it wouldn't work because of the differences? Hmmm... interesting.

  • Dimick59,

    To see your cousin in your dream suggests that you haven’t been nurturing your natural talents or skills. You should encourage these attributes to grow and reach their potential.

    If you dream that your cousin is ignoring you, this implies that you are not recognizing the attribute that is being referred to.

    To dream that you or your sibling is in love with a cousin indicates that you recognize and understand the attributes that each of you possess.

    From these, I would infer that due to the warning nature from the mother; there is some aspect you share with this person from your past that your or not or no longer recognizing or honoring. Try to remeber if there was something you shared in common with this person in your past. A good or wonderful piece of yourself you no longer have in the forefront and try to cultivate it.

  • RC was off for a week because she was moving. Funny you thought of her, she's feeling weird.

  • Dmick - Is there something about this man that you feel is forbidden? Dating or marrying our cousin is considered taboo so I got the impression that this dream was about your impression or society's impression that the two of you together would not be "right" in some way...

  • Interesting.

  • I was told by spirit here a while back when my whole body was aching all over and was told to drink pomegranate juice it would help the pain of adjusting to the changes Tooter

  • As the pomegranate is filled with the life/death, rebirth/fertility/abundance mythos; it would appear to have a historic basis in helping with ascension symptoms. It is also helpful for menopausal symptoms as it helps with the depression accompanied by hormonal shifting/imbalance.

  • Wow, Food of the Gods, gonna get some!

  • Interesting, Ibeleive! I'm going to keep that one in mind for future reference. Going off topic but leading off that last thought, avocados also help combat depression...

  • Love them too, some of this stuff is Accension.

  • AB you are so sweet to think of me. Thank you so much for your concern and interest. I'm ok. As Poetic said I moved over the course of the last couple of weeks or more and I was out of touch for that reason. I miss everyone here when I'm not able to connect. It is amazing how much of a connection we all share. I love that in your dream we were all gathered to share the pomegranate juice, I think I better go buy some. I've been feel just not myself at all, I'm not sick but some of the symptoms would almost make you wonder if you were coming down with something. Welcome back dear friend, I know you kept up with us before but it's nice to see you again on the threads or at least on the ones I seem to be frequenting. So while we're gathering for your dream let me throw this out there, we on the "thankful" thread tend to gather "sort of" to pray for one another from time to time kind of bring our energies together one for the other, there is after all power in numbers. Perhaps we should do that with the group here and see if that brings about anything interesting. If you are game, set a day, date, time and let us all know and we'll try our best to come together.

  • This post is deleted!

  • As Watergirl pointed out...I was definitely feeling off before this dream and a little isolated which in turn was kind of depressing so this all fits right in with the dream. I know I'm gonna go find me some juice...gotta be a good thing. And...well I'll keep it in mind for the other thing too since I'l be 47 this Isn't it amazing what kind of messages you get in dreams. How many do we have that we just cast aside as being silly or not really of any importance. This one however, I knew was important. I dream every night and when I have a dream that stays with me as well as this one did, I knew I needed to pay attention.

    Anytime anyone wants to get together for a group prayer or energy time, I'm in. Several people here know how to get ahold of me off this forum so just suggest and time and I'm there.

  • Wow Dreams and more dreams. I haven't dreamed so much in my whole life as much as this past week maybe week and a half. Sometimes several in one night. So much for sleep and my goodness is the dream book getting a workout. Although I see I am also not the only one being hit hard. I have really been going through some SERIOUS changes and growth so at least it is a good thing. The dreams I have been having are a lot of the same message. Things that point to me doing things out of "my" usual and refusing to back down. I have had several dreams were I am refusing packages and such. I had one where someone kept trying to give me one shoe...a black and red striped canvas hightop with white sole. NO CLUE what that means but I do feel Spirit talking and prepping us for what is yet to come. I am a little bit concerned about some of the changes and possibilities ahead...I do not always like what I see and feel...Yet another piece of fear I am trying to replace with love. I understand the isolation feeling too Aunt Buck. Thank God He gives us others as we are in this together. I like your dream of a light gathering and I am so getting pomegranate juice...may the pain be relieved for all.

  • angel hugs

  • Juliann your so sweet always sending angel hugs and flower pedals to ever one so i want to take this time and Thank You so much and to ask Father to bless and watch over you and to send a Angel to give you comfort and have sweet dreams Love Ya Tooter

  • You guys know what else I notice... All the Psychic's who were here years ago are coming back, or at least had been gone for months and months. Nothing is a coincidence and the dream about us being together somewhere one day, who knows.....

    Yeah lots of folks are having bad visions of Mother Earth, I was spooked at first but we can't live in fear. God is not fear, replace fear with love and believe if something happens will be guided to safety and then I thought about us living in 5d, as opposed to 3d and our souls being incorporated into our physical bodies as we increase of light/Crystalline light/ lightbodies, why would he bother with all that if the world were gonna in???

    Enjoy your life now, folks! Love yall!

    Envision the life you want and breath it out to the Universe and get ready! It's coming, whatever it is. Learned that one this morning, I like it. I'm in for prayers anytime, we have a lot of power together for good!

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