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  • I got talking to someone i've known from when i was younger, he recently had a bad breakup with his ex so i was there to listen to him...but then i kinda developed feelings for him, the other day my friend convinced me to tell him how i felt, so i did. He said he's got alot going on with his ex and isn't looking on getting back with her ever, but he agreed to see me and see how it goes between us, so i asked my cards what would happen between us, i pulled cards at random i got...

    1.queen of cups

    2.6 of pentacles

    3.king of wands

    4.2 of pentacles

    5.knight of wands

    could someone explain the spread to me please.

  • Dear Angelgirl

    I hope hans or someone else answers your question.I am an amateur tarot reader but for what its worth ,I can offer a tentaive reading,till someone else sees this post.

    First of all the cards interpretation may depend on the position,i.e. what question were you asking when you pulled the king of wands.Secondly,look at the pictures on the cards carefully and feel if something jumps up at you intuitively.

    Thirdly,you know what they say about rebound! I think you have to take into consideration the fact that he himself says that he has a "lot ' going on.That usually means he is not ready for any serious relationship at the moment but just...

    Queen of cups could be you...nurturing,caring and emotional,offering him mothering and support.

    6 pentacles is a very ambiguous card in the context of giving.It shows imabalance in give and take.R u ready to just give here? Or alternately, is your giving unconditional?Or are there expectations on your side?

    King of wands shows a very masculine man,one who is attractive to you.The knight is usually impulsive and sometimes reckless,ready to leave any moment. 2 pentacles shows a balance of power and/or juggling 2 issues.

    I get the feeling its ok if you are looking for just something casual and fun but if not,then tread carefully.Hope this helps.

    Love and Light

  • suramya do you think i shouldn't go there then personally, cause i've been hurt alot on the past and im not looking on getting hurt again, im looking for something serious not casual, thanks for that, i hope someone can give me more feedback hugs

  • He is not interested in you romantically.. it's mostly pentacles and wands which would suggest there is a physical attraction, but as far as romance or love... this man is not going to go there.

    if you do not want to get hurt... then back up, and keep your cards close to your vest.

    the fact he even asked y ou what your feelings were for him is very suspicious. almost as if he were playing you?

    odd comment that he would say to you..."he has a lot going on with her, but not looking to get back with her" he either is very confused, or is leading you on. he was not married to her, and my gut feeling is that he is playing you.

    he wants to have fun....

    wouldn't it be a good idea to get to know him better? before you tell him how you feel about him? you are setting yourself up for a big fall if you are not careful of how you come across.

  • Dear angelgirll

    I did a brief tarot spread .I got 3 cards from the wands suit 2,3 and 4 wands.So I tend o agree with sunny girl.my reaqding suggested that you are attracted and enjoy his company but will sail through this very soon(4 wands) and move on to newer options(3 wands).As the beginners tarot books tell us 3 wands suggest:keep looking .theres plenty more treasure to be found!

    Love and light dear

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