Having A horrible time of it at the moment

  • Hi, i am having a really hard time at the moment. there just seems to be more and more problems happening in my life and i dont have any idea what to do any more...

    I lost my job in January, only 2 months after my partner and I got our first house. I have worked for almost 10 years now and i was mortified, and i am so scared. i have bills etc to pay and i have been applying for everything/anything to get some money back in.

    then the week later, my bank account was wiped by fraud online, everything but 40 was taken. i have been dealing with this, but it does take time.

    my partner works away, something which i never really have been happy about, but he has been away since last year, and he was due to finish his job end of next week, spoken with him this morning and its been extended up to Easter, but even then there is a slim chance they will post him near me, so it will quite possibly still be a long distance relationship.

    On top of all this going on, i am having to deal with all the issues of a new house, having engineers coming to the house, dealing with broken fridge/freezers etc etc and setting up all the bills direct debits bla bla bla, on top of that i have bills that i know are outstanding and no matter what i do i lie awake at night (alone) worrying and panicking about the mess i am in... i just feel like i am sinking, i dont know how much more i can take, i am only young, but i feel like i have been battling forever. its just too much responsibility and too much to deal with alone. i try to speak with my partner about it, but he doesnt like it, and gets angry at me, because he says there is nothing he can do.

    I know he has to work, but i am feeling so pressured and so alone right now, most people if they loose their job etc have someone to come home to and to help but i feel so alone.

    my family aren't much help, they all have their own things going on, i had a car, but my mum needed to borrow it, and so shes got it, and even though all this is happening to me, she hasn't even offered to help with the car finance payments, even though she has my car. (and a job!)

    I know i may sound like a spoilt winy person right now but i assure you i am not, i don't want pity but i feel very much like i cant turn to the obvious people in my life.

  • Please don't be offended, but honestly my first reaction to your post was--is she making this up!? I hope you are! What a tradgedy if all you say is true. So many things do not add up. You are smart enough to read your post as you wrote it and pretend the woman who wrote it is a younger girl you are fond of and give her advice.. First let go and grab the gift--let it go--the house the bills the whole mess. I supose your story is real somewhere even if this is not as you've told it. Go get your car--if you have a key just go get it. No extra key--and mom says no--she's stealing--who do you report a thief to? The police. And that "ghost" of a mate you need to pay him a surprise visit. Any one out there who finds this story too close to her own needs to Happy Valentine's herself today and set herself free. When everything is crashing down--move out of the way. Sometimes when all that is superficial crumbles away we can begin to truelly find joy in the things no one can steal from us. You must find joy in the moment--it is all that is real. If you were dying of cancer--would anything else be real enough for losing sleep over? This big sign that says fraud fraud fraud all around is so intense I can't sort out exactly where it is--maybe all around you! You will get a lot of advice--this thread will light up like a Christmas tree! hope there are gifts underneath that tree. BLESSINGS!

    Saint Michael --God's own right hand.--hear this prayer for protection and justice to prevail--thank you--Amen.

  • Hey, I know what it's like to have the whole world crash down on you. I felt as you do when I had my first layoff in my mid-20's, the week after I made my third mortgage payment. I came home, lay on the bed and cried. Went to my part time job as a zombie. But I picked up the pieces and moved on. You will too! I have now been divorced twice - still have the house by stroke of fortune and lots of hard work. 🙂

    First things first - get your car back! Share it with your mom if need be (why don't you drive her where she needs to go?).

    Apply for unemployment if it's available in your area. That will give you something while you look. If not, take a job - ANY job! Even if it's for a pittance and a few days a week. It will give you a reason to get up in the morning, it will give you income and still give you time to look for something else. Figure out what you can cut back on, I am sure there is quite a bit.

    Find temp agencies and register with a few of them! Not just one.

    Is your partner sending you money for the house?

    You can overcome this - trust me! Been there and I still get kicked in the head some days even now.


  • Hi just wanted to say i understand all you are feeling, have been going through it for the past 20 years. Until i came to this site. It's an old cliche but its true, you are not really alone we just lose sight of the strength inside all of us. I agree with YellowDaylily by putting those suggestions into practice, yet if your anything like me(feel like burying my head in sand sometimes !) take a step back, intake a large breath and write a list of everything to strike through when you have accomplished it. Easier said than done I KNOW, but i have tried meditation for months to no avail, until yesterday and i feel like a completely new woman. Now i feel i can tackle everyday things, you just need to find your own unique release.

    It can be done and you will succeed in these problems your facing, dont forget who you are and your strength.

    Healing Prayers x

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