You and Money

  • Oh he** no. I want to be in a position that I have both to the point of overflowing....and filling others...kind of like one of those cascading champagne fountains that starts at the top and as more flows into it, it flows into the glasses below it and fills those and so on until it is a circle pattern of everyone getting their glasses filled in a seemingly endless motion. When one glass is removed and another takes it place, it too gets filled to the point of overfilling so that it can share with those around it. :0)

  • OK! Waterbearer hit a chord in my heart with this one...

    "Mom, can I have some money?" "No!" The tape that plays is my head a lot is that I am not good enough.

    We can just change the word "money" to "love". I hoard love and attention.

    the greed for money just got in the way of me receiving the love and attention I thought I deserved.

    If I think MUCH deeper about this and reflect on what Saggigirl said as well.......

    Money may be like an annoying step-sister to me. When your around, don't talk to me. Do what you need to do and take care of your responsibilities. We can work together cordially to accomplish the goal. I only deal with it to keep the peace. It has done damage to my heart. It took my place when I needed my mom to be there for me.

    Just more things for me to think about 

  • The connection of love and money is so important that those who think money is not relevant or should be ignored in favour of more spiritual values are missing a large lesson about relationships.

  • You could also substitute the word 'food' for money in the equation too. Your relationship with food, love, and money are all inseparably linked.

    And AB, I love the champagne glasses image. 🙂

  • Ahhh....the food topic is a whole 'nuther thing. :0) I know about the money thing but I have never explored the food thing. Maybe you could start another topic on that. I know many of us use food to replace money, love, companionship, and the list goes on and on.

    The champagne image was so perfect until I was laying in bed and starting thinking that it is limited and my idea is that money is limitless. In my fountain, there is a formation of glasses and as one is removed another takes it place and is filled. To me that started seeming like you need to wait your turn for your glass to be filled and I don't know that I believe that money isn't 100 % available to all of us all the time. So...I had to modify that image to a endless sea of glasses...where we all fit next to each other and no one has to "wait their turn." :0)

  • AB I love the overflowing imagery, we all need some focus on that I think.

  • Sometimes when I'm at the Casino I will envension my cups runneth over like in the 23 Psalm, but the cup is huge and I envision the overflow, it works. 🙂

  • Hello Captain and All,

    I'm sure there is much to learn by reading all the pages of this thread, but I think I have some discoveries to make by exploring while I write, so may I jump straight in?

    This feels like a challenging and current subject for me. How do I feel about money? I actively shun it and have done at least all of my adult life. I can feel the stagnation in my chest as I think about it.

    I was a child from an educated family who lived in a very poor area. We lived in a spacious house that came with my parents job, but had very few possessions, had times without cars or tv, inherited all our clothes etc. But we ate well enough, I always had shoes that fitted and there was plenty of love. Flawed love obviously, but love. The majority of people in my school were from newly emigrated families from south asia with afro-carribean and white children making up about 4% of the school. The only part of my identity that seemed to match anyone elses was that we were poor. I was very glad to have something.

    So I have spent my life being vehemently, vocally and proudly poor. And sometimes I'd catch a tone in my voice and think that there was something false about this. I am a middle-class woman, disgusted by displays of wealth. I have always shopped in charity shops and I don't know when I last got my hair cut. I look bloody awful! I allow my disapproval of wealth to isolate me further with my scowls and determination not to open myself up to anyone who seems financially comfortable. They're not my sort of people. It just seems a subject I am very confused about.

    And it has to be said, I feel very ashamed about even talking about this. This isn't a problem! Someone else has a problem.

    This year, tiring of our inability to acquire wealth, my partners mother leant us her life savings as a deposit to buy a house. I have never been in debt before; I sweated, tossing and turning at night at the idea of taking on this crushing debt, which would provide our family with sufficient space to grow. I gave myself some attention and followed a visualisation, which saw me dying in a debtors prison and being heaped into a paupers grave outside the prison walls. Embarrassed by my own melodrama I rolled with it until I felt the earth heaped down onto me and my decomposition and sinking deeper into the earth, until suddenly a shoot began to grow up through me out into the sunlight and I wasn't afraid anymore. So I agreed to take on the debt and I'm sitting in our new home. It's a gentle, nourishing place to be. And we seem to laugh more together since we moved.

    But I still have to pay off this debt with a money repelling attitude that needs repealing. The idea of inviting money in makes me feel physically sick. And yet it is necessary and appropriate. Our creditor worked hard as a nurse to save that money. She needs it back.

    "Sell out", is what I hear chanting in my head. "It's alright for you..". "You're just one of them.." etc.

    Anyway. I find I feel bored of this now. It is alright for me. I feel the weight of pain across the planet and I often feel powerless to contribute to its healing. How can I be with my sisters and brothers if I have money?

    AND if we have money in the house then my children may become mindless consumers, which comes close to the top of the list of things that will happen over my dead body! (Did you catch the ranting tone clearly enough?).

    Thank you for the prompt to explore this issue. I will give it some more time and I will read the rest of the thread gradually for others wisdom. It makes such a difference. All the times I have felt low and just read and been lifted by other peoples conversations. Thanks.

  • Funny Greenshoots, "Yeah" you have a huge issue with money, money is not the root of all evil as a lot of us were taught. The Universe see's money as the Energy of Exhange, nothing more, nothing less. Money used for good is good, deeds done to acquire money in an Evil way, does not make the money Evil. It sounds very unhealthy to me, (just my opinion) your relationship with money, Captain will be here in a minute.

    You are not alone however, a lot of folks here have the same issue, welcome. "Intent" is whats more important.

  • Greenshoots, there is nothing pure about being poor. There are just as many morally corrupt poor people as there are rich ones. Corruption comes from the heart and soul, not the wallet. I think you are materially poor because of this misconception from your childhood that to be loved and worthy you have to be poor. I also think you never think of yourself as 'having money', just 'having to acquire it' which means it is always something out of reach, something you 'must have', not 'do have'. Many of us spend a lot of time and energy thinking about how to get some money, instead of thinking that we already have money, that we are already abundant. Don't keep money in your future, bring it into your present.

  • So, I did start re-asking for money from my mom (in theory) and envisioning the answer is yes. This is not easy, No comes first, but I say yes out loud. So, this will take some time. I also am contemplating that love is money, God is money and love and these are interchangable. I love to love and I am even recently trying to love everyone I meet also by forgetting first impressions and saying inward to myself ( I love you, you and I are from the same source, I accept you ). the last few days have been good. I am working on also inviting money in to stay and we're having a party! ;0) Thanks all. Love always.

  • Ok. Thanks people.

  • Spirit tells me that what we consider random chance events like winning the lottery or beating the casino games has long been under the control of the dark side. Now that the side of the angels has regained control of the earth (due to a more positive attitude on the part of lightworkers) the tide is now turning. Instead of having to work very hard to produce some meagre financial rewards, lightworkers will enjoy money coming more easily to them through games of chance and surprising inheritances. This has already begin and will pick up speed with June-July being extremely bumper months. Expect to see many of those with wealth and status lose it all in the months to come if they have been abusing their power. Many politicians and world leaders (such as those in the Middle East and Italy) are already experiencing the turnaround in fortunes.

  • When I see this I have to smile....we have talked before about how I feel like I am going to win a lottery. I have been told that it would be about the age of 47 or 48. Hahaha....I turn 47 in July. :0)

    It will be sweet when it comes.

  • Enjoy. 🙂

    At least you have had plenty of time to plan what to do with it, AB.

  • Most definitely....I have done my research on what I need to do from who I should hire, how I should collect and how to live afterwards. I can honestly say that if I had won something like this 10 years ago, it would be gone. Now...I know what needs to be done and how to handle it and that won't happen. There will be lots of good done with it. Thank god I have figured out it's not about the possessions. :0)

  • Sometimes I think society and religion focus on all the bad things that money brings rather than reflecting on the good - it buys medical and scientific research, supports charities, and builds whole new communities but most of all, it can bring freedom from material cares.

  • Yes it does do many good things. Not all bad.

  • And it's the people, not the money, that does these things. Money gets an undeservedly bad rap sometimes. It's just a thing.

  • A necessary thing though, at least in this world which we are living in.

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