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  • The project is the marketing tool, I did my budget this morning and checked the forecasts for the company and I really have no funding for the startup without taking a risk based on the supposition that it will be an instant success. The safe option is to hold back with the startup and gather my nuts ie get a solid financing set up first. This would not make the product any more succesful but it would give me a better shot at marketing it as well as not being completely broke if it did not take off as quickly as I would like.

    Ireland is on the back burner at the moment.

    I think I will go and meditate about the green stuff.

  • Sorry for hogging your thread. There are some really great people here.


  • I think the idea about getting a free risk assessment from the bank by asking for a loan to startup is a good idea.

  • If I were to give money a face ,it would be Tom Sellecks.

    I was raised by middle class parents and than when they divorced. I got to experience being poor and living in the project. I really diid not give much thought to money as I was a happy person no matter. However, my husband talks about money all of the time, making me more and more aware of just how unhappy being obessed with it can make you. I would never want to be rich, having enough is fine with me, as there are far better things in life than money.


  • There is a big difference between having money and being obsessed by it. Money doesn't corrupt - people do.

  • I grew up on the thin knife edge between total poverty and having just enough and though there may be things in life far more important than money I can tell you they are far more enjoyable when you have a full tummy and good clothes and no constant worries about how to get through the next week.

  • I think we have to lose the mindset that wanting money is being greedy, selfish, or corrupt. It's what you do with it that really counts.

  • And the illusion that rich people are bad people.

  • This is an extremely interesting way of looking at it Captain, thanks.

    I gave it some thought and figured the truth out of my life...we've been brought up on strict values that one should live within one's means and not aspire for more. I am inherently non-materialistic and material luxuries do not give me much pleasure. But yes, I've always had the restraint of money not being enough and that fact limiting me from doing what my heart desired. But that leads to disappointment and a feeling of deprivation. So I concentrate on what I have and do no run after what I don't. But that does not really cut it at times...

    So when I examine I find, I consider money as unimportant to live life. So I don't crash when I don't have it or exult when I do. Hence, I have a very erratic income path. Sometimes I have a lot and sometimes I am just managing. I do not save but I am frugal and have few needs. But now I understand that this erratic or rather having strictly as much as I need is because I aspire to only that much. Because I am supposed to live within my means and because I do not want my world to 'feel' limited due to lack of means, I have told money I do not need it, it can be there if it wants and if not its still ok with me. So money comes and goes as it doesn't feel wanted so does what it likes to I right?

    So, what would be a better perspective to this? I definitely do want money but for things like travel, to make films and so on. But I detest 'working' only for money. I'd do that for survival as that gives me a cause and a justifiable reason. But working / strategising to make 'big bucks' doesn't interest me...where do I really need to tweak my pov in this?

  • Ah, I need this thread! I have been worried about money, it has been elusive to me, yes, I have been worried about every dollar I spend wondering where it is going to come from next. The experience I had with money growing up is "Mom, can I have some money?" "No!" So I had to sneak it out of her wallet when she was asleep. The tape that plays is my head a lot is that I am not good enough. I have done well in the past with money, savings and credit and I worked my buns off to get it and save it. Now it is all gone. I know there is enough out there for me and everyone else, I realized that some time late last year. And I know it is an energy thing. I am unsure how to change my perception. I did say the Abundance Prayer for 30 days earlier in January and that was helping; yet it suddenly yielded and was no more. It has recently been flowing again, yet I am behind and it is never enough. I thank God every time I receive it. Yet I know there is something I am missing. I don't mind working for it, even working really hard for it, but I believe now that is not the only solution. I look for information on changing this part of my life. I don't care about being rich, per se, but I would like to have it when I need it. And I do give it away easily when I am in abundance, and sometimes even when I am not. Guidance always appreciated! Thank you.

  • Saggi girl, I am in no way judging you but you are SO MUCH a product of your environment, don't be offended like Pavlov's dogs. Everything is about the parents, what do YOU really want?? You deserve everything, I admire your humbless and it's beautitful to not be greedy but why suffer needlessly, it seems to me like almost matyrdom, and forgive me if I spell it wrong. It seems you are trying to please everyone but yourself. I don't worship money but I hate being broke, gotta have it, if my basic needs are met fine but i want some fun and flavor too, too too much Vanilla is boring, gotta have some more flavors like NY SuperFudge Chunk, see what I'm saying. Don't be afraid to want more, its all good and okay.

    Yes we want the world to be a better place, we pray for those that suffer and lack, we will do what we can but WE don't have to suffer too. Life is hard enough already, why suffer, why lack. The angels say that we humans suffer because of iqnorance, we are not limited by whats in front of us, there is a unlimited supply of money available, just ask, expect, beleive. In season of course but plant now and reap soon.

  • Love yah, left you a message under the other thread too, ."Blessed Be."

  • I wonder if everyone knows just how much they are really worth and how much they really need? To know that, you have to know what your dreams and goals are. Have you put an actual price on your dreams or do you leave that all up to some airy-fairy kind of random fate? How much exactly do you value yourself?

    If you feel you should only have enough to just 'get by', then what you are saying is that you feel (or have been taught) that you are not worthy of having very much abundance in your life at all. At least, no more than other sufferers - and probably everyone else except for an insightful few - are also repeating by rote that they are not worthy of having any more than others either. So everyone stays poor. Where did we all get this idea that we must be the same? The Universe wants us all to be prosperous and rich. Religious bodies must bear quite a lot of blame. They want us to tithe to them but preach that money is bad.

    Try and work out how much you need to satisfy ALL your dreams - then the Universe will have a solid actual figure to work with.

  • So Waterbear, if money was a person, how would you say you are treating it?

  • I'm still treating money as a guest and I am tired of that. I want it to be a permanent fixture in my home and life. I don't think that money is bad, but I look at the money that others have and wonder what makes them so different from me that they have it and I don't. I am beginning to realize that the profession I have chosen for schooling is a very rewarding one but I am hearing not a high paying one. In some ways I knew this but I think that if I find my niche...I can go beyond the money I have always made and increase it substantially and not just incrementally via annual raises. Right now the path isn't paved so I know the road I must take but I am confident that it will be revealed to me.

    In the meantime, I woke up to an email this morning that my former employer wants me back as a part time employee to help out. This is good news for me since I will still be able to go to school but can bring in some money. I also know that the program I am in will allow me to work some and still collect full unemployment benefits. I have put in my calls and hopefully will have this come through to generate that much needed income right now. What did I do to bring this forward? I haven't been hoarding my money. I have been spending but not overspending, buying what it is needed without thinking I need to go without and I'm hoping that by doing this, I have created a situation where it is now flowing in more rather than pinching out the last pennies in my bank account.

    What do you think Captain?

  • AB, I think you are realising that money flow - and not money hoarding - is what increases abundance. Why should money be happy to visit when all you do is imprison in a vault away from the light?

  • Captain,

    May have to think about this harder, but initially, I feel like I treat it as a guest. I get excited to see it and happy when it's here, and sad when it is gone. "Wanting" it to come back and visit again! Will give more thought to it tonight. ;0) hugs

  • Waterbear, visualize money as a person coming into your home. If he/she gets up to leave, ask them why they want to go and not stay.

  • Well...the tighter you want to hold on to it, the more it wants to leave. I think I just realized its like with a relationship with a person....the tighter you hold the more stifled they feel and the more they want to get away from you. The more you love and respect that person, trust them and allow them to do what they need to do, the more they will love and respect you and want to be with you.

    Holy ***** I think I just had an ephipany.... I don't trust money the way I should. I am very skeptical of it. I don't trust that it will be there when I need it. It shows up when I need it but I always wonder when it won't have my back. So....therefore I want to make sure that I cover my own back by keeping it tight. hmmmm....

  • There is indeed a close connection between money and relationships. Which is why those people who just want enough to 'get by' may be missing out on the whole experience. Do you really just want enough love/money to get by?

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