You and Money

  • What's your real relationship with money? How do you really feel about it?

    Oh, I know you stare at your mounting bills and sigh 'If only I had more money..." but do you really LIKE money? Is money your friend? Or were you raised as i was to believe the religious ethic that 'money is the root of all evil'? That money represents corruption and greed? That good people give away their money, not accumulate it? Is this really a love-hate relationship you have here? Are you in two minds about the subject? Do you perhaps resent the fact that you have to depend on money to live on this earth? Do you wish you could do without it? Do you thiink a truly spiritual person shouldn't desire this 'dirty money', this 'filthy lucre'?

    If we were to personify money for a minute and imagine it as a human being, then just think if you treated this Mr. or Ms. Moneybags with the contempt or frustration or dislike that you really feel - would he/she actually want to be your friend and be around you? No siree!

    In fact, money is neither good nor bad - it's how people use it that makes the difference. So stop giving money a bad rap. Learn to like it and welcome it into your life like a good helpful friend. Tell it how much you want it to stick around you and how you'll have some good times together. Think of it as your good buddy whom you can rely on to help you out in a jam. I know money has been flowing to me since I stopped rejecting it.

    So if you want more money in your life, you've gotta change your attitude to it. Learn to like IT, not just what it can do for you - there's a big difference. Liking what it does for you but not money itself is like loving your attractive partner because of their looks but not liking their personality. See how you could have been repelling money subconsciously all this time? So try giving your money a

    face' and treating it like you yourself would want to be treated. Not worship, just simple respect and honour.

    So tell me - how do you really feel about money?

  • Hi ! Completely off topic was just poppin onto thread briefly and saw u. I so missed your wonderful Valentine's Party and hope you throw one next year ---- last year, the crowd and the chocolate truffles were out of this world! : )) Stopped in to say

    By your b-day or just before, good things will be heading your way along the line of this threads topic. Peace, Laie

  • So good to 'see' you again, Laie. Oops, guess I missed the party for Valy's Day...maybe we should just throw a party for your most beloved person - yourself?

  • Wow capt I was just checking the forum & you money topic just pop out at me. I was raised like you money was evil and still working on issue that "you dont deserve money" I like your advice to treat it with respect & like a good friend. Thank you

    Happy valentines day

  • Hey Captain,

    I hope you are doing well...

    I hope you don't mind me posting some other thoughts here, because I for one had that fear of you know through the abundance thread. "never deserving of it," my belief system around money, etc..FEAR>>>>>"FEAR...FEAR...

    A remarkable transformation has begone for me.."To be letting go of money issues"

    "Nope", I'm still not there completely, the old tape plays its song..But I can hit pause choice.

    An article that came in my email, just before I saw your thread:)

    Hi shee,

    Money is a system of energy. It is a neutral energy that operates according to the beliefs and perceptions we have each placed on it.

    Air is also energy, yet most people do not believe in a lack of air. When you breathe in air, do you panic because you fear that there may not be enough, so you’d better count your breaths to make sure you don’t run out?

    Do you scold your children for taking in too many breaths and using too much air?

    Do you worry that you might run out of air at the end of the day, or week, or month?

    The amount of money you have is directly related to your beliefs about money. A lot

    of people believe there is not enough money, and their lives reflect that belief.

    Every time you spend money, what feelings do you have? Do you feel good, or feel worried?

    What thoughts run through your head?

    Are you putting your happiness on hold until you have more money?

    Do you worry you shouldn’t be spending your money because you are thinking how much you do not have?

    Need more help changing your flow with money? Do you have more money flowing

    out than in?

    shee, money obeys us with the script we have given it. If you are running a lot of negative thoughts about money through your mind, it is time to write a new


    Until then, use this week to notice your thoughts, statements, and feelings about money.

    Using a dry erase marker, write on your bathroom mirror: “I am creating a new script with money. Thanks, money, for changing your experience with me. I am ready for more.”

    Read this every morning, and as you do you are already on your way to creating a new script with money.

  • Snap! 🙂 That emailer and I must both be tapping into that same ole Universal group mind-set.

  • I think I'm good where I'm at now, in terms of money.

    Would I want more, of course, I would be lying if I say No.

    But it is more "want" than "need"

    I'm happy to maintain the same income for the rest of my life, with appropriate inflation adjustment.

    I'm not making loads of money, just slightly over median household income in my city, but one has to be content in order to be happy.

    I agree with you, money itself is good or bad, it depends on the person which owns / spend it to determine the outcome.

    But for me, what I wanted most at this moment in my life, is priceless.

    Sometimes out of my wildest dream, I wished that there's a price for everything/ everyone, so I know I only have to work hard and save up, I will get to it somehow.

    Cest La Vie

  • But do you actually 'like' money, LostLeo? Cause I get some guilt feelings off your post when you talk about wanting more. You don't feel guilty about wanting to see your friends as often as you can, do you?

  • I was raised that you needed to SAVE money....once you saved money, then you could spend it. You are not supposed to spend it if you don't have it. CREDIT is evil. :0) Not money. I will admit that I went out and bought things for my home this weekend, household supplies and then bought some undergarments, a top on clearance and some clothes for my children and nephew. I like money, I like that when I have money I have do things that I like to do. I don't want to hoard it, I want to use it to make other people happy or help them out. So, with the choices I have made in the last year, the money isn't abundant and it seems like a struggle but I can pay my bills and I am grateful for that. Very grateful.

    Love and blessings...


  • AB, so you see money as a welcome visitor but not a permanent guest in your home?

  • Just for discussion sake, that's depends.

    Of course I "love" money, but if you put it this way.

    "You don't feel guilty about wanting to see your friends as often as you can, do you? "

    If money is something that I love, for sure I would want to see it as often as I can, but if you think about it, if your friend only has X hrs to spend with her love one, you would want to get as much time as you need, but not all her free time that she has, taking all her free time, is what you want, not what you need.

    Some time sharing what you don't need, might make you happier than owning it.

    I don't know if this makes sense, I'm not too good with words.

  • LostLeo, your friend 'money' is made up of so many 'parts' that it can be with everyone if they want it to be.

  • What sort of 'friend' is money to you? Your best friend? The cheater? The constant friend? The absent one? The unreliable friend? Maybe you need to revise your attitude to it if you want it to come around more often.

  • The type of friend that I have in money.. is one that bails me out a lot! I set it aside for the things I need, then spend the rest on the things I want.. I do end up doing the paycheck to paycheck thing quite a bit, which is frustrating. It doesn't sound like I'm treating that friend well. Buying non parishable food that doesn't need electricity for storing sounds like something IMPORTANT but I'm unable to get it unless I max out my credit card! I always get by, but I could be smarter about money.


  • Your good Captain....:)

    Thank you!




  • IDK Captain, but it is just my opinion.

    If you look at life/ money as a circle, however large one's circle is, there's a limitation/ boundary.

    In order for you to get more than you need, somewhere, somehow, another person(s) has to get a little less than they need, to balance it out.

    I believe one's life was pre-written when they were born. No matter how hard we try, we are still within the "circle".

    Looking around, one that are truly happy is because they are satisfy with what they have.

    To some that might not be alot, but to them, it is enough.

    It is the constant want that makes people unhappy, some might say that's an encouragement for one to move forward.

    There's always more than one POV to an issue, all depends on where you stand around the issue. 😃

  • Seriously I feel that money is not my friend at all. I really get upset that everything we NEED to get by costs money. I wish we could just support ourselves without it. OOOPPSS I just got it! I really am slow today. Wow I didn't realize how angry I am about not having just enough of it to get needed things done. Why would it want to come around if I do not like it? How can I look at it differently? It is a very welcome guest but only because of what it can do for me. I think I will have to re think but like I said I am slow today. How can I really look at it for who/what it is? I feel like I do not know this friend at all.

  • If you believe in limitations, you will always have them. It's good to be satisfied with what you have as long as your sights aren't set too low. Perhaps you could do great things for other people if you had more money.

  • Yes, Feangelikah, money is not the best or fairest system by which to run this world. But until we get a newer better version, we can learn to get along very well with money and still retain our souls. Money is not a dirty word, but greed and selfishness are. Keeping your friend all to yourself is not nice but sharing him around is. 🙂

  • Sorry Hello Captain, I did not realize your post would hit me so hard. I hope all is well with you. You have been very busy!

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