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  • Hello All

    I was wondering if someone could help me and give me a reading. I have hit a low point in my life and am feeling really confused, hopeless, and sad. I am awaiting news on an internship and am concerned about how that is going to turn out. I recently began a relationship with a man and it ended a week ago. I feel that I really messed things up with him and am wondering if I can salvage our relationship? I would like to get him back but don't know if it is right or if it is how to go about it. I am also wondering how to get myself back on track and stop feeling so out of sorts. I have not felt like myself for some time now. HELP, Please! Thank you!


  • You have too much time on your hands - you need to get busy with something so you don't sit around moping and feeling anxious. And you can't use another person to fill the hole in your soul or as a stop-gap until your life really gets going. You didn't really love this guy. Find something you really love doing - exercise, sport, a hobby, getting out into nature, going out with your friends, volunteering at a charity or animal shelter, etc..that will take your mind off your worries about the internship. Just relax and take it easy on yourself. Getting anxious never helped any situation.

    I got a flash of a beach lifeguard just now - that mean anything? Maybe symbolic?

  • Thanks for answering captin. Funny thing is I don't have a lot of time on my hands. I'm always going. Why I agree I didn't love this guy I still think it was a good thing. I'd like to salvage it but don't know how. No idea about a lifeguard???

  • But are you doing things that are meaningful to you?

  • And why would you want to go back to someone you don't love?

  • I do a lot of things I love. We werent together long enough to develop love. However we do care about each other. I guessbim looking for help to determine if we will get a second chance??

  • It would not be fair to keep stringing your friend along if you don't love him, would it? I think you are just lonely and looking for someone - anyone - to fill the hole in your heart.

    I still get the impression that you are not doing anything that you think is really important or fulfilling in your life.

  • What do you feel like when you are your real self?

  • I am wondering why you feel I do not do anything that I feel is really important or fullfilling? I have a very fullfilling life! I am currently under a lot of pressure and stress due to some outside factors.

    I do not feel I am stringing anyone along. I would never want to do that! I think he came into my life when I was very stressed out and that is ultimately what led to him backing off. I am in the process of getting things under control. I think we could have had something really great and am just curious how to get that back?

  • No, you can't get back what you never had.

    And if your life is so fulfilling, then why did you post "I have hit a low point in my life and am feeling really confused, hopeless, and sad." You are either doing well or you are not, no half and half.

    I think you are being unrealistic about yourself, your relationships, your life and too defensive to admit the truth.

    No one can help you while you have this wall up.

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