What is going on?

  • Hi all,

    Been a while (again) but that's my busy life lately. I have been suffering from a lot of physical and emotional exhaustion and am wondering if things'll get better soon? I just seem to keep going from one thing to another and can't seem to get anywhere from under the bog of tiredness and resultant sadness. If anyone's got some insights, I'd appreciate it.


    Hope you are all well


  • Hey Chris

    It seems many of us are under what you feel at the moment. Its like a constant battle against the wind of a hurricane. You work on job education and urself and u work hard n long n deep n analytically and u wake up almost each day thinking im getting nowhere, yet small inches of progress if made. They aint visible. but they are there.

    its like the coming of spring. we know its coming yet its still invisible. We often forget that unseen forces are at work and with it hope and renewal. For many of us meself included all we need to is to continue the best we can n keep hoping.

    right now it may seem like oh whats the use. Im soooooo beat! well as hard as it may be, consider this sweetie, where were we at this time last year?

    Not where we are now thats for sure. We´ve all changed, and made progress. Not as much as we would have liked, but still some has been made. We often forget the small stepprogresses bc we have like a major goal n we get argh frustrated when we fail at reaching.

    Ive found out, and i hope by telling u, conveyeing it u will see it also. Its not the big goals n fast moves that gets the progress wins. Its the slow approach, the small successes. alone in the last 4 weeks ive learnt to treasure n enjoy the small seeming insignificant successes.

    it can be as small as oh i figured out how to understand this topic, or this report made a difference.

    From ur post i also see that u like me forget to self praise. as in job well done. n looking at what am i good at. We tend to focus on, oh h i dont do well at this, i suck at it, ill never get there, ill never learn it.

    i have in my den huge pieces of paper where ive written down all im good at, and every often i stop n i pat myself saying job well done, n i can see oh yes of course i forgot im good at that.

    mayb you ought to have the same? eventually have ur family tell u what they think u´re good at. Some stuff would surprise ya, my family sure did me. another thing that has helped me was a happy book. 3 items a day on anything that made ur day, can b as small as a surprise parking lot vancancy that opened up on a busy rush hour time. or a line in a song or in paper warmed u inside, or a compliment.

    reminds me i need to reawake by happy book lol

    i hope i helped even a little Chris. if u need to vent feel free to mail me at lonniej2002 at yahoo dotty fotty dots dots com.


  • Thank you cwb, it sure has been a trial of a time. I've had back pain, sciatic, numbness and tingling in my hands and I just can't stand the constant pain anymore as well as the emotional/mental exhaustion. I know I'm not alone in that boat though, but it sure seems like it at times! Maybe I need to do a "happy book" too, although in truth, I do thank the HIgher Ups for things most days of the week, as bad as I might feel. I thanked them yesterday for getting me home after driving through torrential rain on a country road where I could see little in front of me for about 15 minutes. I thank them for helping me through things that I wonder I can face or not. I just sometimes don't know how to get through each day lately; it feels like i want to give up, but know i can't. work sucks; i want to slap my boss coz she's an immature, shallow b i t c h who talks to us like dogs when it suits her, but talk to her like that? jeezus, don't get me started ...

    anyway, i am at the end of my tether and don't want to go on anymore; just want to curl up and go to sleep and forget about what i'm supposed to be doing.

    still n all, we get up and face another day, don't we? good to read you again and thanks for your thoughts; i appreciate them,

    cheers and blessings to you



  • u may wanna vent on the today i wanna wack thread. or the today i hate. itsd not negative threads but more release tension annoyance n what else, it works lol beats a slipping of mouth when at work facing twerps.

  • Chris, I'm with you in your struggles also...

    CW well put, its been a crazy ride since NOVEMBER FOR ME, SOON I'M TOLD THIS WILL ALL BE FOR THE BEST....PURGING, PURGING,PURGING...if i only knew in November, i think i would have not suffered so much,the signs were there but the Ego got in the way!

    THATS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT TODAY....or whack, whack,whack lol

    love and light to the both of you...


  • Hi Cris,

    Yes, a lot of us are in the same boat. I do want to add something, though (of a practical nature)...

    The numbness and tingling in your hands is most likely related to your back pain. This has happened to me before due to a pinched nerve around the shoulder blade area (heart chakra!) that runs down the arm. In my experience, the chiropractor did not help with this, but a really good therapeutic, deep-tissue massage therapist can do wonders. It will most likely take a few visits. The sciatic pain could also be an extension of this - sometimes it shoots down my back to this area as well.

    Hang in there,


  • just thinking of you WG, sent you a call...


  • Hi watergirl18,

    sorry to but in, but thank you for your post re the tingling in hands. I have had this, and like an electric shock in the shoulder blade several times, it could quite possible be a trapped nerve. Must get it checked out.

    Thanks!!! Cazmayo

  • Thank you all for your responses. I've started to go for gentle walks again and stretching exercises (for back, sciatic as well as for my hands). Will see how that goes, but if that fails, I'll go get a massage. We only get a massage therapist here about once a week or month (not sure which), so will pop along when I can spare the $$.

    There was a mention of the heart chakra, and that resonates very well with me. I seem to get nowhere with love, and maybe that's part of the problem too. My ex remains angry about me leaving him, although he's got a new gf! Unbelievable ...

    So hopefully over time, things'll pick up. It bugs me though: the stubbornness of some men who refuse to see their part in things. CWB: I've been standing up to him - gently of course - and not talkign to him about anything other than our daughter lately. His life is of little consequence to me, but I just wish he'd get out of mine, especially now he's got a new lady in his life who happens to work with me! How ironic and possibly "deliberate" is that?

    Again, thanks all!




  • Hey Chris darling

    Well he needs TOUGH love. he may have a say in ya kids life but urs is since u broke up OFF EFFING limits. You need to be tough as nails. Dont b scared to hurt his feelings n make him offended., It may b the ONLY light he sees he is effing wrong.

    I hereby lend my heavy light goldsolid shovel to Chris for shoveling the twerpmoron ex from her life. It has such a lovely clang sound. In case its not there i have an iron pan. they work also. sure did ion the disney movie Tangled HEHEHEHEHEHEH

  • If you have health insurance that covers chiropractor visits - some chiropractor offices have a massage therapist on site and then the billing would go through the chiropractor. These massage therapists are usually better trained at anatomy as well. If not, look to see if there is a massage school nearby - the massage won't be as good, but it will be cheap!

  • Hi Chris, welcome back, hope everything is okay with you, Accension symptoms. 🙂

  • Yes poetic, I think that might be what it is. I've been reading a lot about ascension lately and it makes sense to me. Things are okay generally, but with a few bits not so good. Still n all, life is on the up and up. I hope things are okay with you?

    CWB, I have sure been standing up for myself, but I use more of an iron fist in a velvet glove approach and clever use of words. He knows he's not affecting me now, and that's a win for me. If he can't let go, that's his problem, not mine.

    watergirl, thanks very much for your suggestions too. I think I'll take the road of massage and see how that helps. The tingling in my hands could also signify my own inability to stop clutching on to things from the past, so maybe that'll ease once the past is properly let go of. as well as a bloody good massage!

    Again, thanksall for your responses.




  • Good for u gurl but do at times consider if tough words n an iron frying pan cant get it across once n for all lol

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