Ack! I paid for a "psychic" reading -Am I broke??

  • only to be told I'm on the right path...lalalaaaa....but my positvity is being messed up because my natural "filters" are broken and I'm a sponge taking on too much negativity. A hugely positive person surrounded by negativity. And I should purchase "fixing...." Smile...

    So, any thoughts from those here who are kind and generous enough to share freely?

    I do find myself in some very negative situations, but feel I am able to clear and protect myself, and that I have been in a healing stage....

    but any advice is welcome!

    Bright blessings,


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  • The sense b4 time is a lesson that can be learnt. In u i sense its possible, so give it a few cracks. as for the pay psychics astrologers , well we´re all guilty to fall into that money trap.

    It the desperate naive phase. its a typ women trap.

    the good thing is, ya is done now n ya rely on ur OWN gifts. So i say, GOOD 4 U!

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  • Yw hon

    well at times burning bridges can be good 4 the overall sul n wellbeing. When she calls again b4 u say yes feel if u wanna go.

    my last aprenticeship went seriously bad. They discriminated me psychologically personalitywise, n each n every single one had his her own individual unwritten rules n laws.

    after 6 months i was hungry 4 work n i thought i was okay n ready to go back to that line of work. barely after an interview where i felt i was okayed for the job by the offering party bc non else had come n said yeah i want this, i got the shakes. i was back in a nightmare n i knew, this bridge is burnt n it has to stay burnt.

    so when that call comes, PROMISE me u will FEEEL deep down if its a bridge u truely wanna mend. its the whats best for ones psyche!

    best of luck sweetie


    ps im great where i am now. moved in a totally diff way n im hard at work n i love it. well ye i do love it lol its hard tough work but i see small successfull progress. but most importantly all my 3 teachers believe in me. n thats what matters. ta ta sweetie

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  • Well darling Jlinaangel

    in me u found one who accepts n respects ya as u are.

    Not many if our kind around. they we are a rare breed nowadays

    love n light darl


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  • Jlinaangel, may i return tomorrow morning on Rita?

    ALden not Adan roflmao he´d have a hoot of being called Adan lol

    im not quick to choose. they r both in the us n im here in old europe lol

    what else? now ya got me curious ahahahaha


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  • JLiaangel:

    I sense Rita has chosen to come one of ur guardfian spirits to go to guide. I need to ask have u sensed u´ve become more in tune with urself? that u do thing differently even the small things, like instead of taking the old route to town u turn the other way bc something inside u urge u to?

    I also sense since Rita´s passing u have changed food preferences, at the time ur family was like whoa what hello uhm oooookaaaaaayyyyy ................but to u it was juss natural like u always eaten those foods.

    Alden is very analytical, often too much LMAO

    Charlie is carefree yes very,. he is always busy with something. so no ya is NOT off base at all.

    Alden n friends yeah he wanna friends only, so bad that last night to today as i astral travelled 8 ye i can do that hahahahah ) he was like uuhh coottiiiieesss no i DONT wanna fall in love with u, who is around u ah yes see that guy cwb, see him he is nice looking n i bet he will b a good mate, go to him ) n herr he nudged me. 4 to 5 times at least

    im WT EFF??????


    I must tell you this but that psychic is BOGUS FRAUD FAKE a bloody HOAX, lives off doom gloom end of world blackness n so forth, her home is ugh all black in black in black in black in black.

    fact : there is NO thing as vengeful ancestors.

    Fact : there r vengeful spirits BUT they are unhappy souls who cant get any to hear n help them. some died b4 their time.

    janet u have NO vengeful ancestors n u do NOT carry any neg bad energy other than ur own WHICH BY THE WAY AINT AT ALL negative. TRUST me when i say that.

    ONLY karma we carry is our own. we do NOT carry anyone elses. So when SOME EFFING EFF says that its a SURE FIRE EFFING SIGN they are a EFFING NASTY FRAUD.

    i hope this helped ladies.

    if not ask again.


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  • Jlinaangel why do i get a " Sit down n make a list pros n cons on ur spa job n what u woul like to do? what drives u ? what excillerates u? what makes u wanan get up each day to do it?

    n why do i get a strong nudge on my left side of shoiulder blade arm? was that Rita´s preferred nudge area???


    ps anything more on da men hahaahahahah im so intrigued

  • Wow! I have to say this was the most interesting reading, this blog. Thank you ladies!!!! I feel we are all in the same place at times and looking for answers. I also came to the conclusion that I might be soaking up otheres energies and that is why I feel more tired at times. I will continue to read this blog for sure. BTW any suggestions on who to ask for a reading on this sight or any one interested in reading for me. Like everyone or most I am looking to find love this year and wondering will it happen? Plus anything else the reader might pick up on would be welcomed. Keep up the blog ladies. I will continue to read and gain wisdom from you all.

    Love and Light

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  • ill need to chew onthis for a bit.

    on the spell publication n surgery n such i sense as u said to me, what do u think? in end its ur choise no on elses. feel good about the choise bc i know u will

    in the infamous n famous words of the terminator " ill be back"


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  • Hey gurlfriend jlinaangel

    i thought it was like a deck of oracle tarot swirling like in a windtunnel twister thingie n has been for ohh a year plus now ............... makes ya wonder when will they effing land.

    i need more good contonueous sleep b4 i can go deeper, god ........................ grant me sleep.

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