Will we be together for ever?

  • I have been in a relationship with a beutiful man for nearly six months. We have both come out of unsuccessful marriages. We have a fantastic relationship, and are very much in love. The only time we have any problems is when outside influences eg our children from our marriages come into it. Sometimes I feel I am never going to be the most important person in his life. Do you see us sharing a house in the future, and having a happy blended family?

  • Hi sweetie

    What is the rush? I sense ur past marriages were rushed affairs, started wush ended kaboom.

    Why not allow time to show you what will come? So far so good no?

    as far as the most important in his life, well believe it when i say he feels that also at times, like he wont ever fully be the most important one in ur life.

    on outside influences, look at them, recognize them, disect them, deem is it important or just a load of crock? if important deal with it, if its crock toss it. much of it i sense is crock, like people tries to create issues when there are non. socalled good doers know it alls n mean wells.

    all that matters is what u n ur man deem as important. All else is pffftt stuff it. U can use a line i at times use to appease these good doers, know it alls n mean well´s, thank you for ur input ill take it under consideration. that way they feel they have been heard n that you take in what they said. You can on the other hand think once said, i shove ur crock up u know where.

    it works.

    as far as future goes, well future is fluent. Ill ask u like this, when u both married ur ex´s in the past, you both thought felt it would last forever. Now u know it didnt. you got wiser.

    so my advice is, live in the now, enjoy the now, n dont worry too much of what will be in say 6 months time. I say this bc if u set a goal say in 6 months i wanna b pregnant n married, come 6 months ya is neither. n u´d feel oughful.

    So chill n njoy the now. What will be will be. I think u need to listen to Doris day´s Que cera cera song. What will be will be.

    i hope i helped a bit.


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