Captian can you help me understand my natal chart?

  • Here is my chart. I would like to understand myself better and maybe get some advice on what sign I would be most compatible with.

    I would also like to know if my ex and her new man can make things work. He was born May 7th 1982 and her man's birthday is January 23rd but I don't know the year.


    Your Planets & Houses

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0

    Sun Cancer 28.36 Ascendant Leo 17.55

    Moon Virgo 29.22 II Virgo 9.31

    Mercury Leo 19.36 III Libra 6.17

    Venus Gemini 16.11 IV Scorpio 8.52

    Mars Gemini 2.41 V Sagittarius 14.44

    Jupiter Gemini 24.14 VI Capricorn 18.32

    Saturn Leo 17.31 VII Aquarius 17.55

    Uranus Scorpio 7.41 VIII Pisces 9.31

    Neptune Sagittarius 13.41 R IX Aries 6.17

    Pluto Libra 11.41 Midheaven Taurus 8.52

    Lilith Gemini 9.57 XI Gemini 14.44

    Asc node Libra 18.42 XII Cancer 18.32

    The planetary positions in the houses express the facts relative to destiny.

    Planets in the houses

    Sun in XII

    Moon in II

    Mercury in Ascendant

    Venus in XI

    Mars in Midheaven

    Jupiter in XI

    Saturn in XII

    Uranus in III

    Neptune in IV

    Pluto in III

    Lilith in Midheaven

    Asc node in III

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