• between my karma #11, I am still having trouble with intra-personal relationships and letting them go because they have become toxic. It hurts to let my adult children go because they only have negitive things to acuse me of.

    Any one out there? can relate?


  • I have grown up kids too.. The thing is that it is cruel when they suddenly become adults, it sort of happens over night. Kids normally rebel against their parents, my kids did it too, but I command respect and it is not an option.. they MUST Respect me, other ways I would not speak to them. They always knew, that they must respect me, and they do love me for it, because I stand up for myself. Also, in time, once they go through life, they learn that they only can blame themselves, they are the masters of their destiny.. We, mothers, can only teach them how to walk and they have to do their own walking.. Stand up for yourself !

    Best regards, Maryla

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