The other woman to a Cancer man

  • I am the other woman to a cancer man. He has been in a marriage where there is no emotional connection and no affection for years. He has two young children that mean everything to him, his only excuse for staying in the marriage. We have been involved for a year, and have an amazing connection. After much frustration, stress, and agony, I told his wife of our affair. We have had little contact since then, just a brief face to face filled with tears and anger, but upon departing he told me, we'll see what the future holds.

    I am just looking for some guidance from other cancers as to what his feelings/actions may be in this situation.

  • Also, I am unsure what my actions should be. At this point, should I try to fight for him, checking in with him and letting him know I love him and want us to work things out. Or,should I stay away, let him miss me, and see what life will be like without me. I do know, I am unwilling to be in this relationship any longer if he stays in his marriage.

  • He is not yours to fight for dear ALL you can do is go on w/ your life. It is a sign of maturity when one can acknowledge strong feelings but have the self esteem and self respect to NOT act on them.


  • Many cancers have women on the side...been there done that! one thing I know is if he wants you he will come back. you should refocus on yourself, and get your mind off of him. I know its easier said than done, but its what you must do now.

  • 4 words for you sweetie.

    1. HE

    2. IS

    3. STILL

    4 MARRIED!!!!



  • ps, i sense from you that when u told his wife of the affair u had some deep down inkling she´d divorce him n he´d be free for u to conquor. Well that didnt happen. I sense she is a wife that will fight for her man for her kids sake. cancerian males r always the last side to gnaw off his claw. he wont give up until every small tiny avenue of savior his marriage has been tried.

    im sorry sweetie to say u need to sweep ur own act up first b4 u look at his. there is a reason why u told his wife. u nolonger wanted the secrecy, u wanted to b able to shout im in love n my man is free to men for me. u forced wanted a confrontation. n somewhere as i said b4 u hoped she´d divorce him, si he could truely become urs.

    now that u forced it, it didnt go as u wanted, so now u want what u had. Wether he is married still or not. Question, why do u punish urself like this? why do u lay down as a doormatt allowing him again the cake n to eat it?

    You needd to as hard as it is face ur own reflection in the mirror n say, he IS STILL married.

    Also ask do i forever wanna b known as the OTHER woman? The one who wrecked a marriage?

    i know u didnt but thast what the wife of his will claim n say n use. I so wish u had come for advice b4 u fell into the other woman trap.

    as much as you want guidance n aide to hear yes he will b urs, i doubt it. cancers are stubborn. Resilliant. it mayb years b4 he has gnawed free, n by then who cant he have been with or found. Another thought is, if he cheats on his wife mayb he cheated on u also? Some will say once a cheater always a cheater. Further how do u know his marriage is as u pictured it? how do u fully know? or was that his words?

    Im not trying to make him bad looking n all BUT these r things u need n MUST face now.

    Above all, he is STILL married. N seriously sweetie, i agree with Pfree. he aint urs to fight for. MARRIED remember. Oh sweetie with so many SINGLE nice men out there ,................

    Time to wake up fully aint it? yep time to wake up for u. fully n utterly.

    best wishes cwb

    pps u seem like a nice lady who made a mistake like we all do, learn from it n move on. u deserve better. Say bye to mrmarried n hello to mr single.

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