Looking for a love reading please

  • Hello everyone.

    I was wondering if someone had time to do an in-depth love reading for me. If there are any specifics you may provide at all possible. Thank you all so much for the support! Honesty is appreciated.

    With Love


  • hmmmm

  • Serious 7 I am very glad to still see you around i my self have been gone for a while i met someone on line we talked a whole lot and i guess i shared more with her than anyone in a long time but we never met and the deal with Andrea trowed a kink in it how do you explain some thing like that to some one who don't have any ideal what your talking about .I don't even understand it very much .

    But i hope your OK some times i wished i could do readings but it has never worked for me that way it come when it comes i have tried a few times here Captain encouraged me to try but i never even got close when i tried but things have changed in that area to it like i just know things now and don't know where they come from and i was afraid of giving someone wrong information . I wish and do hope you find what it is you seek Tooter

  • serious7

    Spirit shows me the words NO MORE WOUNDS----this is so important you should make reminders and paste them places in sight--make them artful--loving. You are two people--always at conflict. One is social--reaching out--a big pleaser and yet you have a shadow side than pulls back---does not like to ask for help---one hand says help me the other pushes away! This is a heavy energy that you feel and hate--like being stuck--trapped. It expresses the part of you that nurses an old wound of having your hands tied---knowing the right thing but having no authority---having your voice turned off. You still have trust issues--this interfears with help--same picture I get--one hand reaching out--the other pushing away. You are a big giver--pleaser but then are easily hurt or feel betrayed--pull back. You spend a lot of time feeling stuck and waiting for what you crave to COME to YOU. But it doesn't work that way. No more wounds is the message one gets at an important crossroads in healing. To understand that most of your hurts and betrayals are withinn your perspective to let go--to be aware that you just say--there's that old voice finding fault--creating the pain of an old wound--I refuse to be wounded--no more wounds. You get stuck when you retreat into yourself--get too much in your head in an isolating way. You are gifted and so it is easy to let yourself hide in the spiritual place of the mind--but you must join your heaven AND earth reality to be whole. During times of feeling stuck--depressed--a bit lost is the time to get outside of your head. It is hard because it doesn't FEEL right but that's exactly the problem too much feel not enough head! Be aware of your shadow side--and committ to working together--you can't change who you are but you can be aware and manage. During your lost feeling times--get busy--go for a walk---feed the ducks--plant flowers--take a dance class--call an old friend--visit a thrift store just get out of isolations. Nature is special for you--as being gifted the fairies will speak answers and give you direction when you connect with nature. Mostly--this is a time of healing and letting your otherside show her face so you can take the wheel and not be tied down by her. Once you get past this a new man will be attracted to you and will stay. The truth is as it stands you are blind to the energy of pushing away or attracting others like yourself--off and on in the love department. You change and they change. Work on this no more wounds idea and you will see reward around June July. August shows me Pink roses and sea shells. I also see in the next 6 weeks an urge to change everything--you will be attracted to new colors and want to redecorate--even change hairstyle and color. I see a dog on a leash and you trying to keep up and you are so full of energy. Cleaning through old music you reconnect with parts of yourself you forgot and listen to music more often. Money will slowly increase---spirit says no wounds brings abundance in all areas and to make that connection as it manifests as it will keep you on track. By Nov. you will feel the joy of true committment and it will cause a little backlash of your old self but keep the awareness and be kind to yourself as it will pass and is really a validation gift to show you how far you have come. October will be heavy with vivid dreams but that too is just a preview of past and future so don't let it scare you as they are not warning dreams but more of awareness validations. 2012 is a very good year for you--Spirit shows me an open heart ---it shows on your chest--again I see sand--you are barefoot---puppies and small children--a baby in your arms--very loving feeling--this could either mean a child on the way or YOU are that child--you nurturing and loving you! Two sea shore images suggests something about the ocean is important to you. BLESSINGS! NO MORE WOUNDS!

  • Blmoon You are spot on for almost everything. *I do have alot of mending to do, and I can feel it's on it's way. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to do this for me so much! I love you for it. I love helping people, but I have to remember to not allow the prideful greed to form from it. I am just a messenger with an amazing life. One thing I do have to say, I do understand how you can feel this certain energy but I am male : ). Might have to change Icon, but hey. I just switched the words on that part. Soon I know I will make an important breakthrough emotionally and spiritually. It's almost as I can feel the connection with a certain women, just not sure who. The baby is me, and He will be nurtured, the right way. I myself am still skeptical on readings, but the NO MORE WOUNDS is so powerful! I know god is here for me and thank you for reminding me that SO MUCH! This year is so much of healing process it hurts. I feel like a rubber band, back and forth, but still in the arms of god and his angels. God bless you Blmn

    Love Serious7

  • Sorry about the gender switch but you give off female energy more than male.! Nothing wrong in that! It is the energy of nurturing--intuition--healing gifts. And yes did see the girls looking at me there so assumed girl. Everyone has or should have a balance of male and female to be whole--often I pick up in the most wounded the missing male energy that protects and enforces boundries--also when male energy is weaker it represents the 'HEAD" as not being well connected to the heart. It is the male energy that is less passive about reaching for life more instead of the passive energy that needs permission and waits for entitlement. I can see how this figures in with your issues as oppressive wounds from childhood tend to have unbalanced male energy (pray to Saint Michael for this) You have chosen well though in your survival skills as it could have gone the other way--it is not unusual for wounded males to give less power to their female energy and over pump up the male--resulting in aggression--brutality and becoming the abuser---so you did the best thing and chose the best of two wounds--unfortunetly one hurts others and the one you chose turns on himself!---something more to think about! BLESSINGS.

    Saint Michael--the biggest heart who carries the biggest sword hear this prayer and heal this wound--thank you--Amen.

  • Thank you very much Bl Moon! I appreciate you giving me this wisdom and healing knowledge. God bless you and yours, with healing and love.


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