Heaven #3737 What You Have Been Waiting For

  • a message from God channeled by Gloria Wendroff

    Regardless of the room in your heart that is left remaining to grow, you are at your prime now. Today you are. This morning you are. Wake up in the morning and remind yourself that you are at your prime. You are greater today than you were yesterday. You are greater today than you have ever been. Even when you don’t feel fantastic, remind yourself of how good you are, and see the new nuances that crop up as you deal with life. This idea of your being more today than you ever were will make you stand taller, your shoulders back, your head high. At least an inch taller. You are more today than yesterday. That has to be. You are rising higher day after day.

    Here’s the point, beloveds: You are becoming better and better, greater and greater, marvelous and more marvelous. There is more prime to come. Definitely, more prime to come. Meanwhile, you are at your prime today.

    This is the day I have set before you, and you taste of it. Whatever the weather, you have been upgraded. Today there is a new and better you. Yesterday you had gained on yourself as well, yet today you grow higher yet. You are someone who grows and grows and never stops growing.

    Although you have those days when you think you are going backwards, still, you must have some recognition that you are learning every day. You have gleaned what you were to glean from this day. Willing or not, you gleaned it.

    And now you close the door on yesterday, and now, today, you go through a taller door where the ceilings are higher and mirrors reflect you. You can feel how you will lift off today. Today you will rise to new heights. This can only be so because today is today, and that is what today is for.

    Today could be the day you are waiting for. You may have lived for this day your whole life. You may not really know what you have been seeking day after day, and, yet, today, you could come across it. What you have been seeking may come rushing to you, and your heart leaps, and you say in awe: “Yes, this is the day I have been waiting for. The day has come. It is here. It has found me.”

    How you will frolic on this day!

    Maybe you have been waiting for Me to suggest that you be eager for the day the morrow brings. To Me, it is obvious for you to be elated at the thought of what tomorrow may bring. One of these days coming up, you will jump out of your shoes at the joy that is yours. The joy that awaits you is yours. It has been waiting for you as much or more than you have been waiting for it. The day knows when its plum is right for the picking. You have to be eager, and you have to wait both. You can only find out and receive as each day rises and slips beyond the stars.

    I give you an ironclad guarantee that this auspicious day is on its way to you. And when this auspicious day arrives, you are going to be so happy.

    And, then, after that day, there will be another great day in the offing, another great day that will raise you to new heights, and another day for you to sing from the rooftops: “This day has come. It has come for me. It has given me itself filled with what I have always been waiting for.”

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  • I like this one.

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  • Absolutely positive and full of spiritual inspiration, just beautiful to read ...... Leonida

  • Makes my heart sing.

  • Lovely Cee/Poetic 🙂 XxXx

  • Hey Girlie, try a Natural herb trying to think of the name Melotonin I think, Chamomile Tea helps too. And of course Cannibis but we won't go there! Bad girl.!

  • Hahaha Cee, LOL i will try chamomile tea 🙂 , and will look for Melotonin, I do wish i could sleep easier though i feel very sleepy all the time LOL , There is so much going on here Its a little crazy at times, so glad it is the weekend soon.

    Bee Xx

  • I wonder if you try meditation music, ear plugs, etc. If you were tired enough you would sleep you need relaxation. Try Hot Baths too, probably need a good massage!

    I'm praying for help for you! Good nite!

  • Talk to God, tell him to help u sleep in Peace, ask for Peace you will get it !

    Peace is more important than any riches thats for sure. Quiet your mind.... Shhhhhh

  • Aahhh, I will try, Dreaming is very Full on at the moment, I hope i get some peace soon.

    i Will need it.

    Bee Xx

  • Poetic....did you notice you posted at 13:33? I love dreaming. :0)

  • angel hugs

  • This post is deleted!

  • Amen, one time I was waking up every night/morning at 4am, I was miserable, Peace he gives us freely, poor thing. No i didn't notice, saw a lot of 9's yesterday and my daily number was 9.

  • It's all about the combination of numbers for me. Mainly 1111 but right now my clock says 1220...They all seem like sequences now. :0)

    Love the butterflies...can't wait until summer when they come out for the season.

  • 🙂 I was seeing 11:11 they say everytime you see that number the Universe is recording your thoughts.

  • AngelBee, you are a busy bee even in your sleep! Things to help with sleep: Melatonin which is a natural substance your body makes but sometimes we need a bit more -it helps you fall asleep sometimes you will still wake up, Chamomile tea great for relaxing before bed & helps you sleep, Passionflower is an herb that helps too. some people need a combination of these to help them get on a better sleep cycle & after a few weeks of good sleeping you may find one works best for you........ asking for help from the Universe is always successful too.......... wishing you peaceful sleep

    Blessed Be

  • 🙂

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