Numerology cross-overs between my son and I

  • Hi everyone. I see I've found just the right place for my interests. I'm glad to be here!

    Here are some coincidences in numbers between my son and I:

    My Life Path number is 11

    His Life Path number is 8

    My son was born at exactly 11:15 pm (8)

    They finished sewing up my c-section at 11:45 pm (11)

    My son's actual due date was 3/11, but he was late and was instead born on 3/20 ; each way the day of the month equaled 2. I believe that we get our birthdates for a reason and his Life Path number was meant to add up to 8

    When I was 44 (8), my son was 8

    On Dec 21, 2012 (3 +3+5=11), I will be 47 yrs old (11) and my son will be 11.

    I don't believe in coincidences really - but I do find this stuff kinda neat.

    Do any of you have any of that stuff going on?

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