Can any1 help me with selecting a business name

  • I want start my own business but I am not sure of a good name....can anyone help me?

    What all do you need, my name/full name, date of birth, business name?

    Please help!

  • Rchi, o my gosh, its been awhile...its shatz, i have changed my user name...thank you once again for what you did for me and were bombarded by many requests...and i know it was overwhelming to you at its your turn to get some answers hehe...

    its funny i was thinking of you 🙂

    so your starting a business, good for you:)

    What type of business would of course have to reflect your name, just my opinion...I'm sure that you will get some answers...Again its good to see you...

    Namaste Rchi


    aka shatz

  • Yes, all of the above if your wanting something from a numerology standpoint. But your type of business (what you are selling would be most helpful as well. I'm really not trying to be funny.

    Here's what I am thinking, you want a name that boils down to a number attribute that would enhance or speak on a level with what your are selling. ie: if your selling astrological services, you might want the name to reduce down to a 7 which stands for mystical but if your own name is to be part of it and it reduces to that same attribute then possibly you would want something that would enhance a favorable combination with it like a 1 for Leadership or a 4 for Discipline.

    Your birth date would also help in determining whether you need to strengthing a weakness or again enhance/be compatible with the saem direction.

    All the numbers also have associated colors, gems, crystals and planets that can then be fitted to how you present your business such as it's logo and business cards.

    One other point though would be to alli these with who you are targeting. An example would be if you are targeting a business that is oriental then regardless of wanting a #4 attribute, you would want to stay away from that number based on cultural preferences.


  • Wow IBeleive where do you find all that stuff? I would like to try it out on our flailing business...

  • Hey Paddi,

    I collect knowledge and I love solving puzzels, so I kind of put it all together from what I gather. Hate to say this, but it is my kind of fun. (I'm so lame.LOL)

    If you want to give me the info, I'll give it a shot and let you know what patterns I see.

    Either here or in a different thread.


  • Thank you Shatz for such a warm welcome :)))) I know it has been really long....I had been wanting to come back, but have been so busy, how are things with you? I have a blog signs, if you wanna check that any time, which of course needs to be updated now.

    Keep in touch


    @Ibelieve thanks for your help. If I give you the names & business name & date of has been having some problems, you think you can give me name correction?

    Thanks once again, will wait for your reply


  • Yeah, I'll give it a shot.

    It will take a little time to put it all together to see consistancies or the oppposites and with daily things needing to be done as well, so be a little patient,okay.


  • @ibeleive,i just wanted to say hello,and that you are such a generous, loving spirit:)



    hey, Rchi, i tried to google your site but of course, came up with lots of just have to careful with the links, tarot takes them down pretty quickly, shhhh sorry

    i'll keep my eyes on your posting just in case you put more info on your site

    lol...I saw one for horoscopes but it was last updated in 2008 or 9 can't remember...lifes OK, getting better, i was in a huge slump for many months but from what i have witnessed allot of people were in the same frame of mind...

    again its good to see you here...

    Namaste Rchi


  • Hello MyJourney,

    So nice of you to say, thank you.

    I also wanted to thank you for jumping in and helping me with Missleo. I agree it was synchronicity at work for you to have been there at that time.

    I've been following her progress, I was really worried about her. And thanks to the Captain as well. I really thought her Boot Camp was just what Missleo needed to get past this and I am glad she decided to join in and tell her story.

    Love you.

  • IBeleive I'll put it on the clutter and negative energy thread. I read Missleo's thread too and got a bit worried when there was a heap of posts and none from her. I really hope she benefits from all of your help.

    Rchi good luck with your company, I would never have even thought of numerology as a way of changing the energy patterns in a company so thank you for putting me on to it, our company is floundering too and we cannot work out what it is we are doing wrong.

    xxto you all


  • @Ibelieve- Business name

    Shree Nakshatra Jewellers

    Partner Names

    Col V L Vohra 12/28/1946

    Siddharth Vohra 5/25/1980

    Please can u tell me if a correction needs to be made...

    Another Company


    Ruchi Vohra or Ruchi Chandel 6/19/1978 which name would be better?

    Or could just keep the personal name & no company name.

  • Okay, I'll work on it but since I slept in this morning it'll be this afternoon.


    what is the type of business for the second one?

    what country are you working in for both and/or is there a specific cultural group aimed at?


  • 1st company aimed mainly in india....jewellery(real) would love to start trade in USA.

    2nd Company based in USA, for all cultural type....Feng Shui & maybe tarot services also. Spreading all over the world, wherever the offer comes from.

    thanks so much for your time.

  • Rchi,

    Here is the fist business info. I will work on the second one now.

    Business name:

    Shree Nakshatra Jewellers =1 OR = 7 (if spelled with 1 “L”)

    Here’s the deal, jewellry and jewellers can be spelled using one or two L’s. In the USA one ‘L’ is the preferred spelling, 2 in the UK and perhaps India (not sure) but if you look at the numbers below the single ‘L’ works much better for your business name and may be the way to go if your are expanding to the US.

    Otherwise I would play with the other parts of the business name to make it come out a 7

    Total = 5 = Versatile (not that great for jewelry, could be good for accessories but not jewellry)

    Attribute Color Gem Planet

    5 Versatile Turquoise Muscovite Mars

    Total = 7= Mystical (Great for jewelry as it is almost always given mystical qualities from both the designer standpoint and the buyer/wearer)

    7 Mystical Purple Alexandrite Mercury

    Partner Names:

    Col V L Vohra 12/28/1946

    3/15/12 22/12 22/15/8/18/1

    12=3 7 28=10=1

    Total = 11 =2

    Master Name Number = 11/2

    11's Destiny is to discover spiritual truths so they may inspire and bring joy to others by sharing their knowledge. An 11 Destiny is carried by "old souls" with a deep spiritual connection to the workings of the universe. They are meant to work for the good of all of us--to transform the lives of others for the better.

    Master (Life Path) Birth Number = 33/6

    A birth date that reduces down to 33 is very rare. When it does happen you may be looking at a great and significant spiritual leader along the lines of the Dalai Lama or Gandhi. Remember that a 33 is also a 6 life path, a very nurturing and responsible number.

    33 is the Master Teacher. This individual’s focus is on reaching the world and uplifting the loving energy of mankind. They are not concerned with personal ambition, and have great devotion to cause.

    Life Path number 33 is signified by the word altruistic. This number has a high energy and is concerned with doing good in the world.

    Those with Life Path number 33 want to use their life to raise the consciousness of as many people as possible. Their concern is the earth and all the people who live here. It’s really a beautiful life path number. As you may have guessed few have it. Below are some key points you might want to take into consideration to help you on your path …

    The 33/6 life path will call you to leadership and responsibility. This may not always please you, but you’ll have to make your peace with it.

    The 33 individuals usually achieve fame through acts of kindness, tenderness and compassion that lead to the transformation of the world’s consciousness. The details may vary. We could be talking about the Pope, we could be talking about a wonderful first-grade teacher.

    If you are like the majority with life path 6, you will always be the best person to take charge of things. Your other choice is to sit back and criticize, so make your peace and just do it.

    You have a good chance of being a great cook. You have the vision to dream it, and the organizational skills to do it right. It’s a great way to relax. Besides, you love to eat!

    You are always coming up with ideas that other people think are a bit “out there.” Follow your instincts, and others will follow you. We’ll end up with a kinder, gentler world.

    Side note: With a 33/6 master number; this individual could do soooo much and touch many. Add to that a life destiny Master number of 11 and I am truly amazed at the possibilities from a spiritual standpoint. Now bacl to the business.

    Birth & Life Path = 6

    6 Loving Blue Indicolite Jupiter

    Name = 2

    2 Cooperation Orange Rutile Moon

    Loving and cooperation are both very good complimentary attributes for the jewellry business.

    Siddharth Vohra 5/25/1980

    19/9/4/4/8/1/18/20/8 22/15/8/18/1

    55=10=1 28=10=1

    Total = 2

    Birth & Life Path = 3

    3 Optimistic Yellow Galena Venus

    Name = 2

    2 Cooperation Orange Rutile Moon

    Optimistic and cooperation again good for the jewellry business. Life Path of 3 is great with creativity so also good for jewellry.

    General Observations:

    Might be getting a little too heavy on the cooperation causing customers to want too much their own way. Asking/expecting too much for what they are paying for so play this down a little and do not use the orange. The moon as one of the attributes works well for mystical and the natures of jewelry business in general so possibly incorporate it as part of a logo. Works well with the rest of the business name as well.

    I strongly support revising name to come out with the 7.

    I would possibly go with some purple in the logo and possibly some yellow and blue.

  • wow ibeleive that is amazing!!! can I ask you later when I am ready to name my business? I have a couple classes that I am trying to take to get licensed and I am having a hard time with the name

    I always love the info you post it always seems to open new worlds for me

  • Rchi,

    Here is the second business.

    Business name:

    Intuitions =6

    For this type of business I again want to go with a 7 Mystical But loving works well too and as you will see below, one of the names works out as a 7.

    Total = 6 = Loving (Good for Feng Shui and Tarot)

    Attribute Color Gem Planet

    6 Loving Blue Indicolite Jupiter

    In feng shui, we associate blue with the clear sky and the healing, refreshing waters and Jupiter is a power planet good for tarot and represents the wood element which is nourished by the water element.

    Owner Names:

    Ruchi Vohra = 6

    Name = 2

    6 Loving Blue Indicolite Jupiter

    Another loving which is good but with the company name being a 6 I would go with the other name for the obvious reason of wanting the 7 mystical..

    Ruchi Chandel = 7

    7 Mystical Purple Alexandrite Mercury

    Obviously the purple goes very well with the tarot end but most be careful on the feng shui end.

    6/19/1978 Birth & Life Path = 5

    5 Versatile Turquoise Muscovite Mars

    Versatility and feng shui is quite compatible as you are always wanting a way to cure discrepancies for the free flow of chi, it can be compatible for tarot as well.

    Gem Lore: Muscovite is the commonest form of mica. It is a mystical stone with a strong angelic contract, stimulating awareness of the higher self.

    So going with the loving business name, the mystical owner name with a versatile life path; the combination is well suited for the diverse business. The chi part of the name will be associated with feng shui rather than Hindi in the US. And Chandel is enough like channel for the tarot users. I wont go into colors of logo as they should follow feng shui rulings in this case.

  • shadowmist,

    Sure. Let me know when you are ready.


  • Ibelieve, cant thank you enough, I realise all the time & effort you have put in so thank you thank you so much. I will try to incorporate the no. 7 in the business names.


    Best wishes to you


  • Your Welcome.

    Blessings and Good Luck

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