Advice to help my 10 year old son

  • Did the lady at the shop have a book called The Crystal Bible that you could look at?

  • Green Aventurine is a comforter and heart healer, and general harmonizer, protecting the heart. It brings the things back into control and is useful in malignant conditions. It settles nausea and sissolves negative emotions and thought. An all round healer, bringing in well-being and emotional calm.

  • yes I think she did, she had it sitting on a shelf above the stones..The lady that owns the shop is a very good physic..I spoke to her and she's the one who got me into the indigo books..she was gone yesterday but the woman that was there was intuitive.. i'll have to get the crystal bible from my library so i can spend some time reading it..

  • Smoky Quartz relieves fear, lifts depression, and brings emotional calmness.

  • I agree with them on the aventurine. You could let your son pick his own stone. It will be a stone that he feels something from. And everyone always wants to know what will I feel. Well everyone feels something different so I tell them I don't know. He will want the stone that feels the strongest. And he will enjoy doing this.

  • If he is left handed hold it in the right hand. And if he is right handed hold it in the left hand. Don't hold it tight you can have you hand open and the stone laying on top. Concentrate on the stone. You can choose one for him by visualizing him but I think he will like this himself. And do get the book.

  • what an awesome idea to pick out his own stone, didn't think of that one.

    thanks again

  • He may feel like he has more control of his own life if he get to do it. Really they are so perceptive when they are allowed to work with their gifts. And taught not to be afraid of what they can do. I started having my daughter move pencils across the table without touching them when she was very young. I told her she would have to keep working on it and she stopped doing it as she got older and interested in other things.

  • I have a strong intuition and could feel something around me. The place where Id lived before, and i was born and lived there in 21 years were haunted of many sorts of gross stories. its my fathers parents house, so its really antic house, well, everybody has seen and told scary stories, but i haven't seen anything. my father was a musician, when he died they told me that he's playing his instruments so they asked to sleep there in the house, i didn't hear anything, most who lived there were scared except us, me, my mother and my two brothers, why? i don't know but i think pure mind gives the clear understanding and the subconscious mind sets free our senses for any unclear, doubt, negative, fear, frighten uneasy soul. Praying to God purify our thoughts, our inner soul, our heart, and our mind. I believe there are several dimensions here on earth things that we can see, and things that we can not see. Just pray to God with pure and clean soul and mind for the help and guidance, and pray to find the right medium who can help to understand what is the metaphysical realm for them, and get the inner soul to interpret the meaning in life, our existence, and our well being.

  • I think stones and crystals is used to keep us grounded and balanced our well being.

  • ellen1

    I used to be a very religious person but not so much anymore , now I'm more spiritual and actually feel closer to God..A child is pure of soul in God'e eyes, it's just a natural part of life to be afraid of things you don't really understand.. we are trying to help him, but I have to let my guides show me the right path to take.. thank you for your post ..God Bless you and Yours

    Love & Light D

  • ok your son is very intuitive but its effecting his life. ok he needs to do something things to protect himself. he is scared so he is willing these people in every night by his fear. we will turn this around and make him in control of his demons or whatever he wants to call them. i suggest he tells them that they can talk to him when he wants to not when they want to. i know it sounds crazy but you need to clear your house and make sure that he is comfortable with the energy. dont tell him its ok when he doesn`t feel it he will know. get some good sage sticks and do it clear the house. if you don not know how get someone in.

    ask him to make a place where these people can go and concentrate real hard so they do not disturb him and he can call them if he wants to. you can help him speak to thm and tell them to keep away. ask them and then tell them that they are no longer welcome in your patch. draw a line around your propery and bring love and light into it. done very simply by making your borders be in the white light. you can do this don`t bother your son he has enough going on.

    sit down with him and tell him he needs to speak to them genuinely and tell them to go away and not come back.

    how old is your other son does he bring them in? a lot to think about but he needs to be in control the more fear he is showing the more people that are turning up. now let him devise a way to keep these people away because he can. ask him how would things change if he thought about it real hard and make a way to get rid of them he will come up with the answer . listen to him and do it. if he is unsure ask him where he feels safe what smells, textures, anything significant. set it all out as he states he`s the one being harrassed.

    it will make him stop believeing so then he will sleep easier. the ideas he comes out with maybe crazy but let him believe it because it will work ,no scoffing at his ideas. tell his brother that he is really upset and let him help him.

    make sure there is no rivalry between the brothers or you will have to do the same with him. how are you also do you see spirits have you asked for help from the wrong circles, you could also do the same clearing so you can all sleep very well in your beds. i`m not blaming anyone but you never know who brings them in but the important thing is to keep them out of your home.

    or just maybe let them stay outside so he gets a good night sleep.

    hope this works if not reply we`ll try something else try first then contact if no good.

    love and light xxx

  • annevenus

    my son is a twin, his brother also see's spirits but is not afraid..I'm not clearing the spirits from my house at least not yet..they mean no harm they are good just visiting..maybe that's selfish but my daughter is one of them.. I have opened my house up to nothing that is not in Gods light, no wrong circles here..I'm even careful of the things that get brought into my house [antiques]ect...Sylvia said I had a doorway [vortex] on my property, it's a busy one but only good comes out of it..I protect my property in the white light also.. he knows how to tell them to leave him alone and he know how to call on the archangel Michael to come and take them away when he is afraid..he's not afraid of the spirits in the daytime [only night]. I have seen shadow people but not actual spirits, I can feel them and know who they are if it's family that passed..I can hear them moving around the house at night and I feel my daughter sit on my bed most nights.

    Tonight we're trying the venturine in his pillowcase and we did the radio [shutting down the chakras] and he said his nightly prayers surrounding himself in God white light [both boys did]. I have to say he seemed excited to go to bed tonight armed with his stone, I pray that this works for him..I told him it might take a few we'll see.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond it's so appericated..I hope you can understand my decision not to clear my house right now, I know it's probably important but I don't want to lose my daughter again, I so enjoy our time together.

    Love & Light D

  • My other twin Koda would be laying on the couch and his grandmother [fathers mom spirit] would always touch his hair..he'd just say quit touching me and she would stop..he's firm with the spirits..

  • ok understand but at some point they have to move on into the light to continue on their path. earth bound spirits are spirits that are either held down by earth people who will use all their energy up to keep them there or have things they want resolved before they move on.. it can be quite exhausting to hang onto spirit. i think you need to look at whose wanting to visit or is there someone hanging on. i have done many movements into the light and the weight that is lifted is incredible. i`m sure you will do this when you are ready and allow your daughter to go to the light so she can continue on her spiritual journey. if and when you are ready family will come to get your daughter and take her to the light. it may be a good idea to give your daughter the option of moving if she wants to and you just let her go. you may not be ready just yet but you have two sons on earth that need you with your full energy and feet grounded. it was really nice to hear that your daughter comes back to you, you are what people will regard as very lucky. hope all will go well with you and your family.

    love and light. x

  • Hi darya,

    Yes Amethyst is a spiritual stone but it is also well known as a natural tranquilizer. many people use this for sleep disorders and have said that it does improve your sleep pattern. It is very benificial for the mind, either stimulating or calming. The main thing is that your son finds peace of mind enough to get some sleep. I also believe that habit plays a big part. This means retraining the body and brain to a better sleep pattern as its learnt that night time is the time to be up and about. I wish you both well darya, let us know if he gets any improvement. lots of Love& Light to you, shimana xx

  • annevenus

    Thank you for daughter has been gone for 29 years..she is not an earth bound spirit just a visiting one [often] All of the spirits I get are visiting ones, I don't get any stuck, if they were I'd cross them over..I would never want to keep a spirit from God and Home..I have also told my twins to tell the spirits to go into the light if they see them and they have wounds or look lost..or even if they are bugging them..

    UPDATE: Kyle armed with his stone and chakra shut down, did pretty good last night. he woke up 3 times but did not wonder the house.He did not see any spirits..He did think that it didn't work because he woke up, I told him to give it a few days before we decide..maybe longer because he's been waking up for years [habit ?]

    Thanks again for all your help and advise...Love & Light D

  • darya I am glad that he did that well last night. And yes you will have to keep working on it the same way in order to get a holding pattern atleast I did. He will finally be rested with a night of unbroken sleep. Glad to hear about this. Did he pick his stone? If so did he think it was neat to feel them? Enjoy you day its going to be another hot one here in Austin.

  • LibrasLair

    Can I come to your house..Just kidding..I miss the Texas heat..I'm living in the great white north now CANADA..BURRRR..Oh it's not so bad, today might get intot the 70's..I'm a southern girl who misses her heat..LOL..

    I picked out his stone before you suggested the idea to me, he sit with it in his hand last night like you said and seemed pretty excited about the whole prospect..he was rubbing and feeling it.. I think it felt good to him..

    Love & Light D

  • I am really excited for him. You should take both of the boys the that shop and let them feel the stones. I have been told and found it to be true that if you don't feel anything then you don't need it. If you feel something then there is a reason you need it. Then look the stone up in that book I told you about and see what it says about the stone. Everyone I let pick a stone and they are drawn to it will read about and say WOW that is right on. I would rather they pick the stone than for me to do it. Sometimes I am told what to take to someone or I have a feeling that there is one that they need. But I let them choose whenever possible. Its very interesting to watch people do this. I first saw the stones in MO. at a new age store and I just stood back and watched and listened. I was a skeptic big time. I thought this woman is a real nut job talking about the stones talking to her. When everyone left I walked up to the display and did what she told the others to do and man I was eating crow big time. So I guess I became the nut job too. I have learned so much from dealing with the stones and I feel that it has helped me to open the doors that I need at that time and continues to teach me. When I first started with them I found stones in my Hope Chest that people had been giving to me. And I would just put them in there because they gave me something and I don't throw things away like that. Not realizing that there was a reason they were giving them to me. Now I understand. One of the women in that store told me when I first went in that I was a healer and I laughed and said no I am not a healer. And she said not in the way that your thinking but you are. Well I guess she was right because I have been giving stones for 5 years now and have learned after the fact why I was told to give certain stones to someone that I knew nothing about. I don't question my guides now. I just do it. Yeah its hot hear but I wasn't used to the humidity having been raised in Calif. and living about 12 miles from the beach you didn't have humidity or the high temps that you have here. Would really rather be in New Mexico in a drier heat and I have felt drawn there. But I can't really leave here because of my job and my insurance. I have to be cancer free for 5 years or I won't be able to get insurance anywhere else so unless they open a store like I work for a little further south of the snow in N.M. I will stay here. But I am used to green so I will have to do a postage stamp lawn. lol Enjoy your 70's weather I surely would.

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