Advice to help my 10 year old son

  • Hi everyone, I'm kinda getting to my witts end. I need answers as to why my son doesn't hardly sleep at night or advice on what I can do to help him.He said he see's people wandering around the house at night..I know this to be true as I've heard them myself. They used to really scare him but I've tried my best to explain to him their not here to hurt him ,maybe they come because he can see them. Plus he calls on the Arcangel Michael to come take them away when he's scared. He wanders the house every night between 12-4am sleeping in the chair or sitting up on the couch or the floor in front of it [half asleep] finally ending up in my bed because he feels safe. I know at times he's struggles with this, any ideas as to what else we could try..I also have another son same age who used to see people, but as he gets older they are going away..

    LibrasLair..I was reading the discussion you had on stones..Is their any that might help him? I know nothing about them..

    Love & light D

  • Dear Darya, i'm just an ordinary mom of extraordinary children who are all young adults now, but your question posted here called to me... i remember all the times i sought advice & council for my children & myself... I so wanted the best for them and to ease their pain and chase their fears away... and help them in the best possible way i could...

    it's true, what other's say about this time, "it passes quickly" so quickly... and our present fears & worries can get replaced with bigger and scarier ones as they grow into adulthood... now we know why our mom's worried so much... you are doing all the right things... believe this, listen to your heart... they are meant to have you as their mother... because you are open and believe in angels of love & light and because you are a seeker, one who loves them and seeks only their highest & best good... my advice is to keep loving them as you envision them in their highest light... hold them there when your fears want to rule you...eventually, they will not seek your bed or the chair to sleep in... mine tried the bathroom floor and the kitchen floor (great attention getting ploy!) I'm not saying they were being devious, just needing a little extra at the moment...why those moments come when we are sleeping, or trying to have a few minutes to ourselves is an irony that now makes me smile when once it use to just wear me out... take good care of yourself, dear one, and be good to yourself and find time to nap when you can... my children are now ages: 23, 25, 27, & 41years old or young ... somedaze, i still have a tendancy to worry, but i also have more faith and tools, etc... than i would have ever had, had they not been a part of my life... their gifts are abundant, their capacity to love is deep, and i am grateful, daily, to have them as a part of my life... they all eventually learn to sleep alone or not... we never love them any less... the love just keeps growing & growing. one bit of information that resonated with a belief i already felt was the info on indigo children. There is info about helping there, i believe. Sincerely, Pattra B. Monroe

  • dayra,

    Okay so you have a unique situation here, one that not to many people have to deal with. It is true that some children as the get older do stop having the visual gift of seeing spirits. It truly is a gift and if you can get help for your son from a professional that deals with these issues it would be the best way to go. I say go for the really famous people that are well respected like , John Edwards, Sylvia Brown, James van progh, (not sure if I spelled the last persons last name right) he is the,"it", person on the TV show, Ghost Whisperer. I realize these people will probably not be able to help you directly but, given there experience and background will definitely get you in touch with someone who can help your son, someone reputable who can really give your son what he needs. I can't stress enough to get a referral from a reputable source. There are a lot of dishonest people out there, be careful, and good luck!

  • Pattra & Myviewpoint, thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. I also have older children 28,26,24&20 they are all such a blessing. My twins are the last, they are 10 {my midlife crisis} LOL..just kidding..I have read up on Indigo Kids and my twin Kyle fits that bill to a T..I have also had a friend talk to Sylvia and she said they both are physic, one is scared the other is not, it's more natural for Koda to see spirits and not be afraid, where Kyle doesn't like to see them..I have to get more knowledgeable as their gifts are different than mine..Koda told me a story when he was 3 about a past life he had, It made my jaw drop..It was alot of info for a 3 year old, and he actually has birth marks where he said his wounds were..I guess I'm at a loss because I'm still learning about me and my other children showed no signs, so this is a first for me..Love & light D

  • Does anyone else have any ideas? Love & light D

  • hi, my daughter had a similar problem to your son when she was younger. she could see and hear things all around her and it frightend her very much so that she she did not want to go to sleep on her own. i got her some help from a loveley lady who does rescue work. she explain to her in simple terms what was happening to her and how she could help herself. this is what

    she told her. you are like a little radio station with your arial high up looking around and picking up lots of diffrent wavelengh. before you go to bed think about it and pretend to push your arial in and switch of your radio. ones you have done this find a lovely big flower with a golden centre in your minds eye step into the flower and fold the white pedals all around you. ask your guardian angel to watch over you while your sleep and keep you save. it took abaut 4 weeks and we did it everynight together and it did help. today she can close down or open up when she chooses as she has a family of her own and can not be there for spirit all the time.

    i think you can only but try. i hope this will help a little bit.

  • Tysion, thank you so much..I will have to give that a try..It sounds like the lady explained it beautifully to your daughter..I post any changes we notice.. Love & light D

  • Hi Darya,

    I suffered with seeing spirit when I was a young child and it scared the hell out of me ! I sympathise greatly with your son. Its only as I got older I came to realise its the living we need to be scared of not the dead. Your son has a unique gift but at his age its v frightening for him. Crystals can be of great help. Try placing a large amethyst in his room bye his bedside, it can help with sleeping more soundly. What a lovely reply from tyson, I think thats a lovely way to close down your chakras as a young child. The fact he asks for archangel michael is wonderful...bless him. I feel he starts to worry before he even gets in bed ! Maybe a hot milky drink before bed would also help to calm him and help him sleep more soundly.

    Lots of Love, shimana

  • shimana, Thank you so much for your reply..I have to go to town tomorrow so I'll stop and pick up a amethyst ..Their purple right? I'm not very knowledgeable about stones, I'm sure the woman at the angel shop will know.. All this advice is at least something else to try.

    Tyson we tried your advice and it has helped a bit..he doesn't seem to wander as much..who knows maybe it will take several different things to help him settle in for the some of it could be habit by now he's been doing it for so long..

    Thank you all and God Bless each of you...Love & Light D

  • Shimana, I went to the angel shop and she told me not to get amethyst as it awakens the spirit to spiritual things, it would not calm him down it would make him more aware..she told me to get's green aventurine can reduce anxiety, fears and can be's one of the best overall balancing stones for the heart chakra..acts gently without causing any tubulence. I dont know I just wrote what the paper she gave me said..I guess i'll give it a try..hope she's right...Love & Light D

  • Hi


    I myself have had a silimar experience.

    First try night lights. In his room and out side his room in the hall way leading to one room your son feels safe in. So, he can always go to his safe place inside the house. Where he feels less likely to be bothered by the wanders.

    I know from my own experience the "wanders" do not like the light.

    Try putting some Tigers Eye in the room. And give him a peice to wear if he will. Like a bracelet to wear. It has helped my situtation

    Peace & Unity

    PS' I myself today will be picking up Black Tourmaline " a bracelet" for the same reason your asking for advise. I let you know if the Black Tourmaline helps" 🙂

  • Oh,

    Leave the lights on in the safe room. OK

    Peace & Unity

  • SekhmetGodess He does have a night light and the hallway light is on. The shadows scare him because he hears them in the kitchen and walking down the stairs and down the hallway..our house is 150 years old the spirits are friendly, but busy..I never thought about leaving a small light on in the bedroom because his twin brother complains..he's to grown up..he see's and hears spirits also but he's not afraid..I'll have to get him some tigers eye to wear [what does it do?] Thank you so much for your help..everyone here has been so kind and understanding and very helpful also..I'll leave the light in the room on and I'm going to put that venturine in his pillow case.. hey I'm game..anything that helps him to sleep in peace and through the night...Love & Light D

  • The lady at the angel shop asked me if I wanted to get rid of the spirits today..I have to honestly say I said no..My Daughter that died comes to visit me often, she sits on my bed alot of nights..Maybe that was selfish of me...D

  • Darya your son could possibly be a crystal child and not indigo. I went to Hay House which is the publishers for these books and you may find some information there. Hay House has the following items with the keywords Crystal Children . View all 6 items

    The Crystal Children - Doreen Virtue | Paperback

    Crystal Therapy - Doreen Virtue, Judith Lukomski | Paperback

    The Care And Feeding Of Indigo Children - Doreen Virtue | Paperback

    Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children - Doreen Virtue | 2-CD Set

    Sound Choices For Children - Susan Mazer, Dallas Smith | Audio CD

    The Indigo Children - Los Ninos Indigo - Lee Carroll | Spanish Paperback

    Archangel Crystal - Michael - Doreen Virtue | Gifts

    Archangel Crystal - Raphael - Doreen Virtue | Gifts

    Help Your Children Succeed: How to Develop Their Strengths and Abilities - Jenifer Fox | On Demand Stream

    Help Your Children Succeed: How to Develop Their Strengths and Abilities - Jenifer Fox | On Demand Download

  • Hi


    I have a post under psychic ( Dark monk or similair). Some others on this site still get it confused and think I am dreaming. I AM NOT. I am awake, awake as I am now. I have been vivisted by a spirit we now call This Dark Monk.

    Verdana suggested Tigers Eye its to keep away negativity and the Black Tourmaline is to keep away psychic attacks, LibraLair made that suggestion.

    See, I can relate with your son since 'This Dark Monk' made his first debute to me when I was three yeras old. So, I understand the shadow thing at ten years old and still do even now.

    ( some times they come right out of the shadow.)

    So, I put on some Tigers Eye on, at first I was able to sleep but, the last three nights This Dark Monk has made his presents known to me in the SHADOWS, it was getting stronger again. His presents was so strong even my room mate said this morning, the last three nights she could not sleep and didn't know why. But, I do. And I didn't sleep well either only five hours tops. IE: staying up all night sound familiar? So, tonight I picked up the Black Tourmaline. I hope it helps tonight so I can sleep. I am much, much older now. But, I DO exactly the same thing your son does. Except I have no one to crawl in bed with. As, I remember as a child and now. When I would do exactly what he does now, going to sleep with mom, dad or siblings. It was and still is some sort of shield.( as a child I didn't know it was a shield, I know it is now.) The spirit wants him to be alone, when another is around they usually will not come. So, just like you, I reached out and asked for advise.

    Thats why I put up the post to Verdana to help. Verdana's advise seem to help me cope and adjust my thoughts to the situtation. I can only control myself, no one else, including spirit visitors. So, I'm hoping Verdana can help you to. My advise is coming from her through my post in the Pyschic Forum, Dark Monk or similair.

    When I read your post it took me to my childhood. I'm glad as a parent your helping your child. Thats super great and important for him to have your support.

    My parents weren't so nice.

    I thinks its great that you believe him and try to understand exactly what he desribes. That alone will greatly help him cope with the situtation. And help him find a way to cope and deal with it now. Rather than later.

    Every one can have there opinion, but untill they literally live through it. they have no idea.

    So, its up to you to decide what is lining up in your situtation and try to see if it helps. There's always some ones idea and opinions. How ever, you know whats goinng on in your house and if says his awake and sees them. Then he surely is. I know!

    I'll be here if theres any thing that I can write to help. See, I'm still dealing with my vistor all these years later.

    Hope you and your son can resolve this in a way he can deal with. You to.

    Hopefully Verdana will come and can shed some light on this for you.

    🙂 Peace and Unity

  • LibrasLair

    Thank you for your help..I have read about the differences between crystal children and indigo children..He seemed to fit more into the indigo side that's why I bought the following books;

    An indigo celebration- Lee Carroll and Jan Tober

    The care and feeding of indigo children- Doreen Virtue

    They were both great books and very helpful, Thank you for the other books you suggested I'll have to get some of them.. I think I'll get one on crystal children also I could have been wrong.

    Thank you again Love & Light D

  • SkethmetGodess

    I have read you posts under the dark monk, I personally have never seen him, but I have seen shadow people.

    Yes I do believe him totally..I can feel what he see's..He see's them in great detail, with wounds and such..He was in the bathroom awhile back and started hollering for me, I went in and he said there is 3 black men by the door make them go I did..

    I have to share this funny story..He had a dentist appointment and they gave him this medicine to calm him down. It makes them act like they're drunk , anyway we get back in the room the dentist starts working on him and he's wondering why there is so many people in the room and how come their leaning over the doctors shoulder watching..I kinda laughed to myself, told him it's ok their just watching..I couldn't get into to much detail..The dentist kept looking over his shoulder saying who do you see. Kyle just said alot of people..I think the medicine weakened his blocking defences.

    I just really want to thank you again for your help, I could never express how much all the advice has meant to us and the out pouring of love. We know it going to be an ongoing learning time but hey were up for it..

    God Bless Love & Light D

  • darya I had the book on indigo children but I loaned it out and I haven't read the one on crystal children. I understood that there were indigo's born in the late 60's and 70's but they are also much younger. I have a girlfriend who like her daughter see dead people and so they really dislike hospitals and who could blame them. My x husband was the same way and he hated hospitals because when he left them he was drained from them wanting help. I really like the suggestion for using the radio analogy. I wish someone would have told me that one when I was looking for a way to block knowing what was going on with a friends 22 yr. old daughter. But I was told to surround myself with the white light and ask to not know what she was doing. I had to do this many times during the day and night for several days but it finally worked and I stopped picking up on what she was doing in here life. I looked in one of my books for a stone that would help but wouldn't open your son more. I found many for protection but not what I wanted. I did find that I liked smokie quartz crystal for him. With the point away from him. You can get them as a pendant and wear it on a chain. I hope this may help.

  • LibrasLair

    I think I was a indigo born in the 60's, they say we are here to help the younger ones develop..for some reason it makes alot of since to me..I was burned very badly when i was 5 3rd degree burns on my leg, the doctor was talking alot of pain and skin grafs and I just told him no I won't to both, I talked to Jesus and he said I would be pain, no grafs..The doctor just laughed at me and said will see..Well we did and I was right.. I had a physic tell me today that i was a medium but I'm not really sure what that entails.She said I didn't realize my potential or strenght yet..HUM?..

    What does the smokie quarts do? The woman at the angel shop said green venturine.. I know nothing about stones but am open to learning more..

    Thank you so much for your help, it really touches my heart [all of you]

    God Bless Love & Light D

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