Taurus Girl In Need-Plzzzz Help W/ Scorpio Ex!!!

  • 2 months ago my Scorpio (Nov 1st) bf of a year broke up with me (5 months on and off/7 month long distance) under some crazy circumstances leaving me hurt angry and confused. The week or better yet many months before Black Friday (when the trouble began), he was very loving, sweet, passionate and caring but yet brutally honest. We finally got the chance (about 2 months before the breakup) to actually see each other since I was going to school at NY and he wanted me to move in with him and offered to help pay my share if I couldn't come up with anything. He was estastic!

    But about 4-5 weeks before, I move in he tells me its getting bad up there, economy wise and alot of crime is going on and something more specific about and bad roomie situation he didn't want me involved in. So he tells me, he'll move back to Richmond and tries to convince me to go with him because theirs film school there. GOOD NEWS-IM ABLE TO TRANSFER TO RICHMOND! He's overjoyed happy that I get to move in and even tells me (after I say I have a feeling we'll be together for a while) he couldn't see himself without me and I'll see a grown man cry.

    A few days later I get a txt saying sorry but Im leaving again. When I ask, he says everything he does messes up. Without explaining much, he reveals that thiers some unresolved tension between him and his family and a family crisis happened. He didn't tell me too many details. I tried to console him at first not without telling him it was unfair to not tell me exactly whats going on. At first he's stubborn, then when I give him options he becomes defensive, angry moody and insensitive. When I start to cry (I say you're not coming back are you) he tells me not to cry because it doesnt solve anything. I just got off the phone. He txts me 5-10 minutes later saying I see u crying stop it it wont solve anything.

    Pissed but understanding I txt him a few encouraging words of love and hope. He gets pissed about his BATTERY DYING!!!! I decided not to txt him after this but early in the morning he txts me good morning. I ask him about his battery he gets pissed and defensive. I tell him sorry about the emotional altercation (I never said anything mean) he says its ok I saw how I felt and you saw how you felt. But I decide to just take on this battle another time. He told me he'll call me on the next flight to Miami. I told him not to and he needs to get his head together and that I wished him the best and loved him, telling him he can talk to me anytime. HE GETS PISSED ABOUT THE BATTERY!!!! WHAT?????

    I dont txt him a week after this. (The last thing I told him was I was just txting you bcuz my phone was about to get cut off and the last thing I wanted to tell you was that I loved you. ) A couple days after this I tell him my phone's back on and he can talk or txt me anytime, love you, wish you good luck!!!! HE tells me about how I killed his BATTERY. I tell him it was silly when he txt and called just to b**ch about it. HE txts me DUCES (as in im done).

    Fed up I tell him its his loss especially since I tried to be there for you and just encourage you and on top of that Im not going to be disrespected by a guy that can't spell deuces!!!! And that was the end of our relationship. I took time off (2 months of no contact) to focus on me and look at it objectively but I still care for him and miss him especially since we we're great before this happened.!!!!! I recently saw him on Facebook (he got one on Christmas of this year the month we broke up) and I began to think of him.

    Do you think he's over me? (he always comes running back to me somehow-and always looking forward for me to initiate contact when I usually didnt) Or do you think I should just check up on him and try to initate contact? PLLLZZZZ HELP ME!!!!!

    P.S; He was my first love (I never really like alot of less mature or dumb guys) and I was the best girlfriends he's ever had (in his eyes) we're both young adults if that helps.

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  • What is your birthdate?

  • My birthdate is May 6th Is there some sort of relation to this dilemma?

  • Oh and if you can please try to adress the situation or can you please try to answer my previous questions in this particular situation. Thank You really appreciate it!

  • This is not a good relationship for love. There is quick mental communication here. Intelligence and the transmission of ideas are highly valued and there may be a shared interest in books, puzzles, games etc. Often the connection between you is so close that each person knows what the other is thinking. It's too bad that the emotional communication and sharing is not as good as the mental variety. Empathic bonds of sympathy and understanding are rarely found here in this combination. You Asia don't 'live' on the more emotional levels and will usually resist the kind of intense psychological scrutiny that is your friend's speciality. His darker side will repel you, yet also attract you. This relationship could have worked if you both wanted it to. As only one person (you) was willing to put in the understanding and hard work, then it failed. It's funny that this relationship that had so much impetus to be fair to and crusade for outsiders could treat its partners so unfairly.

    The problem here is that you are opposite personalities - this can either work really well or end badly. You are not an emotional person, your friend is very emotional and feelings-oriented. You like openness - he likes to be secretive and non-sharing. He wants to know everything about you and everyone else, but doesn't like to reveal himself. He gets very jealous and possessive over his former loves (including you) and will keep in touch just to make sure they haven't hooked up with anyone else. (He doesn't want them anymore but he doesn't want anyone else to have them either so he just strings you and them along.)

    There are many Scorpions who have worked through their issues and are very well-balanced people. This guy is not one of them. You are well rid of him. Stop thinking of how good it USED to be and remember how bad it became. Move on.

  • Thanks Captain Ive been working on myself ever since the break up-getting into new things and discovering a more beautiful, and even more confident (not arrogant), radiant and powerful me especially since Ive been able to talk about this to people like you. I really appreciate it just one question though do you think he ever even cared about me or why do you think he acted like that, I would like to know your opinion.

  • And by the way i dont know if Im different (no offense to you) but I am a very emotional person.

  • I'm not saying you don't feel things but in a different way to how your friend feels things. It's like everything is such an extreme, a drama, a life-or-death to him - it's over-emotion and over-reaction, really, like with the affair of the battery. You are more down-to-earth and grounded in your feelings and reactions.

    Yes I'm sure he had feelings for you. It's just that many lesser developed Scorpions have problems with monogamy. They need to keep proving their desirablity and sexual attractiveness over and over with many different partners. It sounds like this guy is one of the lesser evolved ones. Many also can't deal with rejection so they reject their lovers first before they can get the (often imaginary) chop.

  • Thanks Captain and I really appreciate it and I do agree with you about my emotional state, I am a very down to earth person when it comes to emotions. Do you think he might ever feel bad about it and contact me outright (not that Im looking forward to it lol!)?

  • Yes I do expect him to contact you again - to find out if he is missed and to make sure you have not replaced him - his ego will need reassurance. But don't get sucked in by his apparent renewed interest. It will all be about him.

  • Thanks Captain alot lol what's really confusing to me is that he is a very brutally honest person who chooses words carefully and truthfully (been around him enough to know) and especially the words I love you, Im just curious did he ever love me at all or is he just too self absored to even do so? Thanks for you advice, I really appreciate it!

  • I wouldn't call it love so much as need. And Scorpions are very brutally honest about others but not about themselves.

  • What is the need that you are refering to captain?

  • What I mean is what his need was because Im not so sure of what you are saying?

  • His need for ego gratification, to be seen as desirable and attractive.

  • Wow thats very interesting to hear will he ever change from that? And why would someone act like they care about someone just to feel attractive?

  • And is it because of his sign or birthdate (November 1st, 1991)?

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