Any "real" on-line or telephone psychics

  • I know a lot of people ask this question and I am going to ask it myself and also offer some of my own findings.

    Besides the nice people on this forum who offer their services, are there any really good on-line

    or telephone psychics? Really?

    I don't really know but I can tell you that I have called or chatted with many so -called on -ine phsychics and tarot readers at a great expense. I don't know if I can mention names without geeting in some sort of legal trouble but I will say that the one sight with the intials of "AN" is the most expensive. There are a couple of readers who do a "good show" at least and might be worth it, but when their predictions did not come true - in fact, they backfired, and I questioned them, their reply was " you are letting too much negativity in, let me help you remove it." On another site, I tried 3 readers who all gave the same stupid readings - "I see things turinng arounfdfor you. Things getting better... blah blah blah. Ansers that they could give ANYONE. Nothing very concrete or specific to my own situation.

    Bitwine: I found one woman who is very good with Tarot, very generous with her time and just a really nice person to talk to. I would pay just to talk to her because she makes me laugh.

    Most of the "readers" I have encountered on Bitwine are not that specific although I have found a couple of them who are very good and got "brownie points" from me by knowing things that I did not tell them. They are all readings done by chat and you get to save the transcript of the reading in your "OFFICE" so you can go back and see who gave you readings that manifested or made sense and which ones gave you not so good readings.

    Keen - I have found a couple good readers and a couple not so good readers. At least their rates were less expensive than "AN" except the best reader I have encountered on Keen is almost as expensive as some of the readers on "AN". The difference was that I think he was genuinely where the ones on "AN" were more like "actors".

    The problem I have found with the online readers is that - unless you get a referral from someone it's like choosing a grab-bag. You rely on other patrons feedback, but often the feedback is placed before the timeline of the reading can take place.

    After I spent all this time and money, I realized one thing - I knew a reader a long time ago who worked with the Dallas police department. At the time I saw her, her in person rates were $125/hr and $75.00 for a telephone hour and was able to call her even though I was in another state. That was many years ago and of course, she has since passed on. I learned of her via a reccomendation.

    In some areas there are readers who work with the police departments in the towns and I found one of those in my area - although she is actually about an hour's drive away. Her charge is about $250.00/hr. While that seems to be initially expensive, compared to the per minute rate of the online readers and how they keep you hanging on running up the per minute charge its not that bad.

    Plus she had references form the local police.

    There are a couple of online reader sites that I would steer awat from "HP" and "CP" tend to not be very good. They may have one or two very good readers but they are impossible to get readings with.

    I am not promoting or burying any particular site or its readers, I am just reporting my findings and

    my general expereince.

    I am hoping that others will post their experiences and findings and perhaps some recommendations

    and help other avoid costly mistakes, ripoffs, etc. One thing I can tell you about online psychics -

    the average rate per minute is still usually less than the hourly cost of an attorney and can be about the same cost as an hour with a therapist. So, while you may not get a "psychic" reading, if you are

    feeling "down" in the middle of the night and need someone to talk to and can rationalize to your self that you need to pay for the "therapy" in the middle of the night and if perhaps you already have an on-line person your can talk to - then it might be worth it to talk to that person. Just keep

    a timer handy so you don't tun up an $800.00 bill 🙂

  • I think what's happening is your level of desperation attracks the wrong people. If you keep getting the wrong person for you then you must look to yourself for the problem. I believe spirit speaks to us often for free through others everyday--strangers crossing paths. For more--an actual psychic paid for reading the best place is to find a spiritual church near you. Visit and when you see the list of psychics--there are many different kinds you should ask who is the most booked up--that will be the best one--you will almost always need an appointment for that one. Some churches even offer message services on Sunday--free to the public. The best psychics usually are Reverands at the church. I had the same advisor for ten years until she passed. I tried too hard as well to find another match but just never connected with anyone else--a waste of money--there were times I WAS the one reading them! BUT it was Spirit showing me that at that time it was meant for me to leap up and be self reliant and it was an adjustment at first--felt lonely but eventually my gifts really became stronger and more consistant and I began growing faster and figuring out my part in my problems. The beginning of revealing and melding with my shadow side. I have had two paid for readings in the last 4 years and they were meaningful. BUT spirit comes through all the time. Even today walking back from the mailbox--opened one of those social security updates--junk mail but opened it because it informs you of your future SS money earned. Mine said if I retire at 66 I will get 222.00 dollarsI stopped and I bust out laughing! And suddenly this beautiful little double winged butterfly landed on the paper right on that number! I said well hello pretty thing--it was so unusual--golden and double wings and close to my face. I felt the presence of something divine. Sometimes reading these posts--one will speak to me! Books fall from a shelf---prayers are answered in surprising ways. To become quiet and listen is hard to do when overly desperate for answers. I also use cards--I have Healing with the fairies- by Doreen Virtue--these are very true to me and they suggest different spreads but I found my own that works for me. I've used these for many years. Just recently I added her Archangel MICHAEL cards on urging from spirit even though happy with the others--It's universal right now spirit insists. I a;lso recomentd online Rev Nina Roe's Angelsteach site--free angel card readings--but you won't get meanings written out--these cards help you connect with your intuition and connection with spirit. She also gives excelent live universal messages--on her site and youtube. Isha Lerner has an excellent site---I love her free card readings as well. You are ready for self reliance! BLESSINGS!


  • Blmoon, what an awesome post! I too have called various psychics and some are so far out there at times I just listen, then reality sets in and I hang up LOL. A few times I've gone to call someone I liked and they call wouldn't go through or they've become busy or go offline even though the were available when I punched their number in. In the past I've been so desperate, so to speak, that I'd pick someone else and of course I'd get a horrible reading. Then I'd pick another, same thing. Then I'd pull cards for myself and they'd be awful. Again I've learned, when the one or two I wanted to talk to for some reason disappear, it's not the day for me to pay for a reading.

    I have become more "aware" since fall.

    I had to laugh at your numbers! I work with tons of numbers in all my jobs so it is really hard for any to jump out at me. One morning on my way to work I heard a song that meant a lot to me. I also smelled lilys! It's the dead of winter and in the middle of a sleet storm and I was in my car, so no reason for it. Then I smelled a fireplace, which is not unusual but if I had not smelled the lilys, I wouldn't have noticed it. This relates to the lily meaning as well (for me). While at work I had 666 and 222 jump out at me. This was on 2/2/11 which I guess can also translate to 222.

    I just found it really telling that all that happened on one day, even the numbers which are normally a big blur to me! 🙂

    I am going to check out Nina's site tonight - thanks so much!


  • Wow - a butterfly landing on 222. That's really neat. I think Yellow Daylilly is exactly right.

    I have found the one person I like to talk to who reads Tarot, just because I like "chatting with her" and she helps me see that things are not all that bad. But Yellow Daylilly is exactly right - if she is not available and I call someone else and I get someone who feeds me BS maybe its because that's all there is for me for now :).

  • Namaste Turtledust. Interesting post.

    There are definitely some not so great readers out there, some awesome ones, as well as people who may be new to giving public readings, shotgun style, who have a difficult time serving in that fashion --tuning in one after another. I find that it is solely a matter of resonance. So for me, finding someone who serves at a like level and is utterly familiar with the rigorous aspect of a spiritual path is crucial. This can be a rare commodity.

    Also regarding resonance: keep in mind that more often than not what is being asked of a psychic are things like will my boyfriend return? will she come back if I ask her to marry me? is he cheating? which of my two houses will sell first?

    There are ok questions; there are great questions, and there are unconscious questions. Helping someone understand that which house sells first is less important than good timing to sell EITHER house is difficult. Many clients don't want to hear it and insist you answer only that question directly. Argumentative calls are exhausting. Would anyone want to hear that their ex is feeling terrific now that she dumped you? Repetitive questions amount to what I call "pushing at the Universe". When you push at the Universe, the Universe pushes back, at your expense.

    Being prepared to hear something that is not in line with our expectations, without the need for explosive drama, is important to a caller's well being. A reader can and will forget you overnight, but the caller has to live in their own body. I think the gap occurs between caller and reader mainly because a great reader is there to Serve universally, not to serve a 3D expectation. We none of us are entitled to anything.

    A great reading is a -conversation- about YOUR growth and well being. This reader will listen deeply with every fiber of their being attuned to your words and energy. They will answer in the now and will rarely dispense predictions. They will address your questions respectfully and will give real insight into what YOU can do to expand, nourish, and grow into a more satisfying life experience now. They will help you understand yourself in a much larger context, gently get past your defenses, and gently highlight shortfalls in your growth where you may be experiencing pain or confusion. Life is a metaphor -- we have to see the message being sent via metaphor, and so importantly, be open to receive it. Sometimes that takes time, to hear the real message and let it in, and let's face it we have built and grown accustomed to an "on-demand" world.

    Again, resonance. If one is looking for a fortune teller who will give you her eye color and his skin tone, that's what you'll find. If one is looking for something more, something of real value that supports your goals and well being, gives you real insight and guidance, you absolutely can find that, too. Sometimes that comes with a price tag. Some readers are accused of having high fees. Often they are actually less than you'll find for a low end cost reader at places like keen. I tell people to add up what they spent in a month on crappy 8 minute readings, and then compare that to a solid reader's one hour fee. Often they're close, very close. It is simply a matter of choice.

    Choose wisely in all things, and enjoy!!


    Shira Kozak

  • Hello All, Blue Moon took the words out of my mouth (so to speak) I think your best guidance comes from within and you can ask your questions out loud and wait for the answers, I know we all want external validation though sometimes, good luck in your quest.

    I'm gonna get Angel cards too!

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