Psychics help me and this man i like

  • My name is Anthony Martinez i was born on May 2 1993 and i like this guy Joe Franco he was born on December 28,1988 im g-a-y and he is b-i and i want to know if any psychics see us becoming lovers?

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  • huh what is this

  • Hi SoSeductive777!

    Ignore that post above it has Nothing to do with this Tarot site and is SPAM. It pops up periodicaly and is annoying and for someone new confusing. Its never a good idea to use your real name and we normally address each other by screen name. For instance I would end up shortening yours to

    SoS777 just because i can't type. : )

    Now to answer your question about you and this other guy. I can easily see the attraction to him, but I'm sorry this isn't a long term relationship. It could be a friendship ( for a while) or a brief flirtation. You have undeveloped talents and need to listen to your heart. Love comes in time.

    Be patient & safe. Best Wishes,


  • Hi Laie4 what do you mean by i have undeveloped talents? Can you please explain

  • Sure, SoS777 .... I got heart centered talents which to me says talents that you are to develope if you live the life path you should. I believe these are something to do with business or law, not sure,I lean towards something business-like anyway. But what I see is a man of calm strength and quiet power. I believe this who you can grow to become. I hope you ' stay safe' and away from any violence or bad people. Follow the path of your heart so you can live up to who you are meant to be. The right guy will come along later. Thats all I have, have a great weekend! Peace, Laie

  • Thanks for your insight Laie4 i appeciate you taking the time to help!

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