Help with Cancer Male

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  • in my mind hes already gone. at this point it just feels like i need make a loud statement..dont eff with me like that anymore! it feels like im being laughed at by the both of them and i would just love to whipe the smirks off of their faces..i feel betrayed and hurt

  • action speaks louder than words.... Like cancer... said let fate play it's course. Atleast your there to see it play out...

  • yes..i guess ur rite ..i just have to suck it up and watch it all fear wont breakdown it will keep going and they will live love and be happy while i feel the pain...but ok i will take u guys advice and just try and keep my head up high and walk away with my tail between my legs..i just take the loss and learn from it ..not the loss of the man, but i feel like ive been defeated and loss the competition of the situation 😞

  • In time you will get over the pain.... And if that happens they deserve each other both are users. I know that you feel defeated but it is not so... You won because you realise what he had been doing instead of staying there and taking his crap. You're taking back your self respect.

  • i needed to hear that!!!! thanks gemmi! 🙂

  • Perfectly said Gemmi90!

  • 🙂

  • What is with scorpio women and allowing themselves to be used? My sister is a scorpio and let's guys use the hell out of her and she always goes back for more and ends up in these hideous awful situations. Scorpios are masochistic, they thrive on drama and pain. It's really sad. I've never met a zodiac of women who allowed themselves to be mistreated so frequently.

  • @scorpytail....I understand your frustration, kind of went thru something similar except I didn't go in knowing I was the other woman...however YOU did...and you accepted those terms. You knowingly allowed yourself to be used for s*x, and it seems to me his g/f did nothing to you HE did. Also one thing I learned with my cancer is the times that you have heard her be bossy to him were times he allowed u to hear, that may not be how the situation is all the time it could've just been an instance that he allowed u to hear to gain your sympathy. My cancer never let his mother hear a good conversation between us only arguments so he could paint me to be some psycho instead of allowing her to know what caused the argument (usually something he did first and the argument was the result). So before you go wanting to put all the blame on this woman whose life YOU interrupted and HE betrayed perhaps you should just accept you made a mistake, learn from it and go on.

  • @Scorpytail~ from one Scorpio to another....we like the deep dark side of pain..we dive down like a scorpion only to rise like the phoenix and soar like the eagle...just remember mmy're hot! so know whenit's time to leave the hole and fly...we are possessive and that doesnt just mean people, we possess an emotion and wring it out until nothing is left....Cancers are lovely....but they are not a Scorpio....say your peace...let him go...and renew yourself.. but make sure you learn from this....He will miss out on the best combination he could ever find...Crabs go sideats and backwards because they have no sense of moving forward....

  • Hate to break it to you CancerMan but Scorpios got you beat in understanding their emotional depth...the only difference is we explore in reality to understand the true meaning of the intensity...we dont hide our heads in the sand and create so much confusion and harm....its all in perspective I guess...though I adore Cancer woman....

  • Easy there TruePhoenix! Obviously you've had a bad experience with a Cancer man but please don't allow yourself to generalize all Cancer men. All signs have good and bad qualities and all signs have good and bad people.

  • Hey TruePhoenix,

    Sorry for the confusion. I thought you were a Scorpio women upset with Cancer men lol. Good to know you are a Cancer man.

  • I tried to start a discussion on my own but this is my first time in a situation like this...I have known my cancer guy for a while.. we went to high school together about 15 years ago. I always thought he was a wonderful guy but never got the chance to know him well then.. A few years ago he found me on a social site and we've been chattin ever since.. It so easy for me to open up to him and he is such an AMAZEING guy!! I do have alot of health issues with being born with SB and he's always been there to listen to me when I need someone to talk to. I REALLY like this guy and I am keeping fingers crossed that this works out.... I live in Alabama and he is currently going to school In VA and recently came in town for a visit. While he was here we hung out with friend the first night and we had 2 dates after that.. There is deffently chemistory there between us and both nights we held hands and kissed.. We text a good bit, chat online and through the phone. There are times we go a few days with out contact and I am always waiting for him to text,call or what ever, but he's going for his PhD so I know he's always busy. I know he's into me and he knows where I stand and we both really want to see where this goes.. He is very quiet and say but we seem to have really good conversations.. I think I go crazy sometimes wanting to hear from him and feel like I am being a pest when I text him.. I want to keep him interested and I really just want to text him and tell him how much I miss him since we've only been on 3 dates.. I know he will be home for Christmas and I am defintiley willing to wait for him. Hoping for some insite as to how to start this long distant relationship with him and keep it!! I am a Libra (oct 2) and he's a cancer (july 14)

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