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  • Last one was over a year ago for six months but it wasn't serious prior to that two years ago for four years. I just don't understand why he felt the need to say it. Personally I think it's too soon to mention the L word. Perplexed

  • Last one was over a year ago for six months but it wasn't serious prior to that two years ago for four years. I just don't understand why he felt the need to say it. Personally I think it's too soon to mention the L word. Perplexed

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  • Thanks for your reply seriously considering walking away!

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  • Hi it's the mixed messages, I don't know whether I am being tested but it's crazy. Just not sure whether to hang in or walk. I do really care about him and would love it to work but am I heading for a fall? Who knows......I really do not doubt he cares for me but is that enough?

  • Bindy1973, Take a look at the thread "I need advice from taurus woman",

    theres some stuff about cancer man.

    A Taurus woman is going through heart ache with her man.

    Its just not easy!

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  • someone plz help me!!! i really would rather a cancer mans opinion rather than anyone else because only a cancer can understand a cancer...ok ive been seeing a cancerman at work now for about a yr. i was the other waman. although he never said i was and never wanted to admit it. he often told me he didnt like me and it was just sex. i couldnt understand because he showed me otherwise so i thought. for instance he came around alot and would not leave me alone. it wasnt always sex it was more of a friendship. our friendship was very important to me.. im a scorp so i found myself being very faithful and loyal to a guy who seemed so unloyal.. he hides alot and i wont hear from in for days. then he will return..he always returns!.. i must admit i am in love with the guy but he does things to make me hate him..even on the days where i hate him i HAVE TO AT LEAST SEE HIM!! we dont have any relations outside of the office at all..thats how he wanted it so thats how it is..he has a aries female that he is really close to that started sum crap btwn the two of us and i believe he is more fond of her than he is me..he often takes her side and i think hes even telling her about our relationship..i think she told him to leave me alone and he actually doing it...we have had arguments in the past and always made up but now that she is in the picture he is often doubting me and even stop coming around altogether..she started a rumor that i was spreading he and i sexual business around the office..i am suppose to be a secret...noone knows about he and i so he felt lke i betrayed him and his trust..i dont know how to win him back or if he even wants to come back..he changed his number and did not give it to me..even after the number change he still came around and we remained friends ..i never asked him for his number either.i refuse to!!!..i want my cancerman back but feel as long as aries woman is around and in his ear he is gone forever! im soooo depressed and dont know how to get us back on track...i have to get rid of that aries and dont know how sense they are so close! she is a troublemaker and he says im just jealous..plz help me! plzz!!! 😞

  • from my perspective (i am a cancer) he is using you like a puppet from my point of view. alot of cancers i met weigh and measure people. always reviewing which one is more of a threat- or some cases a easy target for toying with.

    try looking into his birth chart. but from person experience and from reading what have written you dont have the back bone for him- not worthy in his eyes to be even consider an acquisition

  • as i stated above we cancerians are the kind of people who are manipulators(Caesar anyone?)

    this is something i have notice cancers like aries. i dont know why-guess it is cause of the easy steering and muscle....also they dont think too much about what you say.

    i recommend the darkside of the zodiac series. you will find that it hits some the broad spectrum but alot of it textbook and actual field notes. it doesnt get into really darkside of the zodiac just shade that alot adult want to see. not Gorey side.

    i would recommends methods of revenge butt.......well i think you will find something.

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  • so aside from the sex..which we stopped having like a month ago, i should not even be his friend? he used to come around and we would be close friends without the sex.. we would talk about family and our moms and sibblings..when we argue he tends to pull away and hide and i have to be the one to let him know we are good we can just make back up and go on the way it was..and we do, we act as if nothing ever happened.. we have alot of fun together..

    are cancers easily minipulated ? at times he seems like a leader but looking at him and aries hes looking like a wimpy follower..often when he and i stop speaking he seems to kind of drag and looks extremely depressed.. so i come and make up...but this time around do i just keep going and leave it all behind?

  • Leave it behind your not his d*n puppy. Its looks as if he had u as a puppy n aries is now having him as a puppy... tables turn

  • true gemini! thnx

  • sexyscorp: just like any other sign we have our days where we are not on our game. he knows when to let her take the lead and when to jerk her leash.

    like i said before. we are one of the few signs who can make aries do what we need done and when to let them think they are in charge. might need to stay away from him completely

  • My experience w/ Cancers is ....give them a wide berth and don't wear your feelings on your sleeve.

    Men- women doesn't matter. Of course they have some good qualities but all the push pull, confusion, snitty spiteful comments and critical attitude is just not worth the attraction. I admit the attraction is strong and oh so alluring, they can be benevolent, generous but if you are not the one the experience is so minute they are chasing you another they are impossible to figure out. Even to this day my daughters grandmother on her fathers side is a cancer a usually sweet generous woman ....but moody... I never know if she will be sunny bright or stinging red or grey and shutdown. When I call I have to remind myself to just be kind and be prepared for anything. We all have our moods and deserve compassion but we do have the right to stand up for ourselves and on behalf of our own well being. Some folks are best loved from a small distance.


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  • thnx guys i appreciate all of your feedback...i must say this is a very difficult decision to make. i love him so seeing him daily and just trying to go on with life is not as easy as it may sound. i also hate the fact that it feels like she won. she set out for a goal and she won. she got exactly what she wanted..his full attention..i feel a sense of lose..i hate seeing her walk around so foot loose and fancy free while i feel discomfort.. shes steady smirking and laughing while i solk and cry.. im going to get her back..some way some how im going to make the tables turn on her..REVENGE IS MY GOAL! now i need a scorp to read this and help me think lol

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