Help with new relationship

  • I've been a widow since Dec 2009, In Oct 2010, I met a man, we were together at a Halloween party. We were supposed to go out again in Nov. He didn't show up. Met him again at Christmas & we have been long distance dating eversince. He calls on the phone several times a day & a few times we have talked all night long. I went to where he lives this past weekend & got a room and when he got off work, he came over, I thought we got along fine. We got up & went to a superbowl party next day & stayed together that night too. But, on that Monday morning he was already up & dressed, & ready to leave.He said he had to do some things before going back to work that afternoon, which kinda made me feel alittle odd. The next day Tues, I called before he went to work and he talked a few mins, & said I hate to cut you short, but I have things to do, Then he called me that night from work & cut me short again.Then he didn't call at all yesterday, He says he left his phone at home, which I think is a story. He did say he went out to pay bills, & stopped in a bar before work, & he shouldn't have done that. I left 4 messages on his phone that night, He didn't call me until 130 the next day, and that was to tell me, he left his phone at home. He's the first man I have been with, other than my husband in 25 years. I think maybe I am stupid for liking him so much...Would love some feedback...

  • This man doesn't want a proper relationship, just sex. Try telling him you just want to go out and have fun, but no sex. Then see how fast he makes it to the door and you never hear from him again. I also feel he's probably married or involved with someone.

    You can do so much better - just get to know people better before rushing in.

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