Understanding Cancer n libra men

  • Hi

    Im a pisces and in close connection with a cancer man n a libra man. Now the libra man writes often, whereas the cancer is living up to his mo as the silent one. aggrivates me to no end.

    he has said he wanted to see me visit me, n see if we can make it happen, whereas the libra in one line says im over this n in the next i want it anyhews.

    they confuse me. can any give hints on what to do? i cannot make headway n im close to saying u know what ill juss go old spinster maid see ya u know?

    anyhews if u have experienced the same or has advice, plz post. If any of u read people ill leave the data below, thank u

    pisces (me) march 10 1972 Sønderborg Denmark

    Cancer june 25 1941 San Francisco Ca USA

    Libra Oct 4 1937 Wallace Idaho USA

    ps YES I KNOW THEY R OLD ROFL so what????

  • Have you seriously thought about what you are getting yourself into by being interested in such older men? Have you thought that maybe the Cancer is questioning your motives, since you are nearly 30 years younger than he? Cancers are known for cutting through BS and so are Libras.....no offense to you, but are a "mail-order bride".........

  • Yes i have, n to me is age diff not an issue, never was. we dont need to go long back in history when this was a norm. as 4 cancer questioning my motives he has so far not, so far he has met them n even topped with his own. as 4 the bridal reply, well dude i asked 4 communication not marriage.

    pardon 4 me to say paulaj u sound very close minded, bigoted n narrowminded. but hey thanx 4 ur input lame as it is.

  • bentestoker - you're an asshat if you think that I am lame, close-minded, bigoted and narrowminded. You know NOTHING of me. You came on here asking for input and I gave it to you. I offered you my well-versed opinion to YOUR question. I'm sorry but if you don't like the answers you get or the questions posed of you, then you really shouldn't be putting your business out there for all to see......

  • I'm laughing here cause my old boy friend , when I was a kid , is a cancer . I was nuts about him . After 34 yrs we got back in touch . I would love to see him . I do not think I ever got over him . Any way , He has said number of times I want to see you . And I would love to . But alas nothing . Writes a quick note every now and then . Drives me nuts . Then he will throw in , I want to see you . At this point I know it will never happen . My fathers a Cancer and so is my Mom . I'm surrounded by them . Cancer men are home bodies . They do not trust many people . They are real charmers and are great fathers . But they are emotional and can get very depressed . They hide behind humor and are very sessitive . Also they can be hot headed . Plain truth they can be scared . I told my ex he doesnt want to see me cause he's scared that maybe just maybe the spark could still be there . It was intence back in the day . This was the guy I was going to marry back then . But things happen for a reason . I'm a libra by the way . Good luck

  • Paulaj its obviously u´re jalous of me. U know ive heard the same shit from skanks on chatrooms, and they all was jalous. So ill say what me mom once said, if u cant say anything nice, dont say anything at all.

  • HI Jamie50. Now this is an answe I can use. LOL Thank u. 😉

  • Paulaj...I currently am dating a Libra man. Granted he is only 4 years older than me, but we get along real well. We are not in a serious relationship, but I do know that he very truthful in what he wants out of us. I enjoy the fact that he is upfront with his want and needs. Also, on many ideas and plans, he meets me 50/50. I like that in a man.

    Good luck to you and I hope you are able to make a decision soon!

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