Surrender to the Fiery Power of Love: The Countdown Is On!

  • a message from God channeled by Yael and Doug Powell

    Beloved ones, there is a flame that burns inside of you. It is the center of your being. It is the power of your heart. It is your part of the explosion that Creation is. It is dynamic, irresistible and catapults you into the most exquisite experience of all that life is.

    The great orgasmic Moment of Creation, beloved ones, is alive in the center of your being. It is pure, glorious aliveness. It pulses and ripples and shimmers and explodes and it brings to you the ability to fully engage in life – anywhere, everywhere, through the power of your focus. It is impossible to describe this magnificent aliveness that brings to you the feeling of the co-creative heart of God. It is like having atomic energy being detonated purposefully in the core of who you truly are.

    This flame makes every breath pure ecstasy and brings to you the ability to join this force of life with the fire that burns in every aspect of Creation, that I might experience Myself in the expanding ecstasy that your life truly is. It is the spiral of Creation shooting outwards. It is Real empowerment that carries with it a storehouse of such energy that with one sweep you can create a cosmos and dive in and experience it.

    There is much that only your heart can comprehend, and this comprehension is direct engagement. It is not filtered through the mind or even experienced as consciousness. It is being immersed in the pure explosion of God. It is this powerful and glorious living that is what humanity seeks in so many ways, because by turning to focus outside of yourself, through the conditioning of the ego mind, you are turning your focus away from that fire that is inside of you. Thus you forget that to be the full experience of life, the Real aliveness of the heart of God is your inheritance. It is your destiny and it is the way that you are meant to engage in life in every moment.

    This fire, this aliveness, is present in the heart of you, burning at the center of your being, radiant in its outward pulse -- stunning, beloved ones, in its beauty. So, dearest ones, may I now assist you to turn within to experience being alive and to let this life, this powerful, explosive force that is the force of Creation empowering your being – let this show you what it means to live and let it shatter for you every conditioning, every acceptance of less than exquisite joy and the orgasmic aliveness that is your destiny.

    Even the things that you can find in the world that might bring you a moment of this experience come to you mainly because they shift you completely into the present, into the Now Moment. They open you to a taste of what life really is. But these things that are experienced in the realm of time cannot be sustained and can barely be experienced fully.

    When you are tuned to your heart and you open the doorway, then the fire of your life can fully ignite you and make the Now Moment exquisitely powerful, indescribably delicious. It is powered by Love, Love which has so many aspects that it is not enough to see it only one way. To touch this flame of life is to really experience your heart for what it is.

    Most of you tend to think of Love as gentle, as protective, as filling you up with the remembrance of goodness and of your unconditional acceptance. This is part of it and it is glorious. Ah, but there is so much more. As the world turns on this cusp of change and you begin to reclaim your ability to come back to the Now and to be the heart of Love, you will find, dearest ones, that there is so much more, so much more to Love than you have ever imagined.

    Because this change that is a-born-ing on Earth shall require the empowerment and focus of God, it is your hearts in the fullness of their destiny that can power this shift and power it effortlessly, if you allow this fire of life to consume you. Yes, that is what I said. If you allow the fire to burn you up, to become the fire of transformative Love… to take from your ego all that is dross and to leave it as a crystalline receptacle of God, the place where Heaven and Earth meet.

    You have experienced so far the muddy waters of duality, and thus the ego mind is filled with conflicting images, unfolding in your consciousness as a stream of the sub-conscious that continues to keep you focused outside of yourself, enacting old repetitive patterns.

    But when the fire of the awakened heart is allowed to burn, is celebrated in its intensity, is experienced as your linkage to the Moment of Creation that in one grand explosion is the alpha and omega, the entirety of life itself – when the fire is done, duality is a concept and no longer an experience you are having. Instead you are a container for the fiery Will of perfect Love to live through and be fully expressed in the images of the world.

    You are so often reaching for an experience of the truth of your self and of our communion that is encompassed by the limited view of the ego mind and thus is filtered into your experience. But if you say “Yes” to the fire inside of you, then all of the layers of the veil will burn. Every sub-creation of ego mind identity that perhaps has been built up over eons of time, to use the language of linear thinking…all of this is consumed by the power of Love itself, the reclamation of all that you are in the most grand surrender to the most powerful Love that is alive in the center of your being.

    It is time for a new experience of Love, and thus, time for an experience of Love’s power. It is time to allow yourselves to be engulfed by the whole of what Love is. It will take courage to let it in but I promise you, what will remain for you is the purest, clearest, highest resonance of Love that will bring to your mind a crystalline clarity through which the Will of Love can move and by which you can really see the world in all of its indescribable and limitless beauty and all of its awakening power, beloved ones.

    The Earth herself is a being of great destiny, as you already know. She is waiting to clear every last vestige of the ego dream as the fires of Love are allowed to burn here, and burn they will! If you have offered up your ego and opened your heart, you will find that you will rejoice when you feel the burning, for you will recognize the exquisite energy of life.

    You will remember how it feels to be really living as a cosmic being. You will be embraced by the whole as the center of the hologram that allows you to focus anywhere to bring the Moment of Creation to bear, to empower the expansion of Real Love, to let it shake you into ever more wakefulness. Every electron of your being is singing “Yes,” and there is no separation between your life and the life I Am. There is nothing that keeps you from being the “en-conscious-ment” of the heart of Creation, of the moment that life comes forth in its fiery explosion.

    The tender Love shall always be in you. Your receptivity to your Real identity comes when you allow the wash of Love to continually inform you of what it really means to be both/and…to be that which lives the whole. This is the time spoken of in Revelation, the time that the world is consumed by flame. It is a cause for great celebration. It is a time of ignition and return to the experience of real Love.

    Think of all the ways that the ego mind has enticed you – turning you this way and that, giving you little taste of aliveness, while at the same time, often leaving destruction in its wake as you rush outside of yourself to feel this movement of the power of Love. It is the aliveness that can be glimpsed perhaps through the window of the Now Moment, peeking into the ego’s world whether it comes from scaling mountains or jumping out of planes or falling in Love again and again.

    In actuality, it is but a tiny glimpse of what is alive in you, already present, already explosive, already bringing you the Real power of life, of joy and of the unity of God. The holographic nature of Reality means that every part contains the whole, and thus, beloved ones, is the whole field of life alive in you, right now, and alive also in every other life stream, available through your heart. When you are in resonance with the Moment of Creation, then you are acknowledging the Reality of God, the Reality of the exquisite nature of life, the gift of the fire in the center of all beings which brings you back always to the center point of all Creation, of All That Is, this perfect communion of Love.

    So nothing then pulls you outside of yourself seeking an experience of what it means to be alive, because so much life is pulsing in the center of your being that you can drink from this source and allow it to fuel you, to be your ignition with you as the rocket ship of the purpose of Love being launched right now, rushing forth into your unfolding destiny as the fully empowered heart of God.

    I have said to you that the shift to the heart will bring the ability to light your homes, to create your fuel, but it is so much, so very much more alive than this. It is allowing each expression of all that you are, each experience of co-creation to be ignited and powered from within, from the life force that is the Moment of Creation.

    You, dearest ones, are not only this fire but you are the fire tenders as well. You are the heart of Creation, the center of the hologram. In you is “en-conscious-ed” the awakening of God and All That I Am, All That I Love. All that is yours is given life through the heart, the heart of Creation that is you.

    As you stretch and open to this experience, you enter the field that I am naming “both/and,” you are totally consumed. You are the fire. You are the Moment of Creation itself and you are My heart witnessing the awakening of the power of Love. You are that which is the heart of God I Am, acknowledging that it is good, that it is more, ever more of the aliveness of Love.

    So, please, beloved ones, search no longer outside of yourself looking for an experience of aliveness, of life. Come back into the Real empowerment. Find the aliveness that is right in your hearts and so profoundly surpasses any window that the ego mind might allow you. It is the direct connection. It is the rocket fuel, fully ignited. Allowing it is what it will take to bring the world back Home to its true nature as well, blazing like a sun, connected to all of the cosmos, completely available to All That Is as a conduit of the nourishment of Creation itself.

    It is the burning Love of All That Is in its ability to be the orgasmic fire, the cauldron, the laboratory that Creation is, answering the question: “can there be more of this Love?” So let the fire that burns within you have its turn now. Feel yourself expanding into a new experience of what Love is. Let Me show to you the powerful side of Real Love that lives within and thus connects to All That Is. The countdown, beloved ones, is on!

  • Thankyou for another beautiful Article.

    Love ya Bee Xx

  • You are so often reaching for an experience of the truth of your self and of our communion that is encompassed by the limited view of the ego mind and thus is filtered into your experience. But if you say “Yes” to the fire inside of you, then all of the layers of the veil will burn. Every sub-creation of ego mind identity that perhaps has been built up over eons of time, to use the language of linear thinking…all of this is consumed by the power of Love itself, the reclamation of all that you are in the most grand surrender to the most powerful Love that is alive in the center of your being.

    The muddy waters are clearing.

    Thank you for sharing this message of guidance and encouragement Poetic...I needed it.

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  • It is such alot to take in one go will be reading this for days to come thanks poetic and Yael and to Doug 🙂

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