A quick psychic reading, pls.

  • Should I go to a party on 2/13?

    I was invited to it, I'm trying to avoid drama.

    It does sounds like fun, lots of my friends will be there.

    She might be there too, would I make her uncomfortable if I show up?

  • LostLeo,

    Excuse me.. Haven't been here in awhile..

    BUT immediately reading you post I began picking up vibes,

    I feel you should go , In the beginning the energy may be a little tense,

    Surprisingly others may be more shocked , if you decide to show up.

    Enjoy yourself . By the end of the nIght things will be opposite before the beginning

    After all with a Smooth Ending . I feel you may see someone a New Friend or a Old Friend

    not quite sure , but its all in plans .


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