How do i fix it

  • hello i need help! i hurt someone i care about more then i ever cared about any man. i so called cheated. i say so called because i didnt know that we were a couple. we started off good but two weeks into it, things started going down hill with him getting sick and a lot of other things in his family life kept coming up out of his control i did my best to show support. until he started pushing me away so i started hanging out with someone else and things happened.

    so now my suppose to be guy asked if i was with someone else and i told him yes so now he's hurt and the thats the last thing i wanted to do i'm hurt cause i hurt him but at the same time i really didnt know we were a couple i asked him a number of times where we stood what are we he never said anything. i've poured my heart out to him bout how i feel about him on more then one occaision but hasn't really gotten the same.

    i just want to forget it and start over the damage is done i cant take it back but for some strange reason he keeps wanting to know details which only makes it worse i dont get it ,this is knew to me. i wanna know how do this capricorn make it right with the cancer can we get past this? how can i fix it?

  • I doubt you can fix it. Once you break a Cancer's trust (as he sees it), you don't usually ever get it back. To be fair, you weren't together because he pushed you away, but he's obviously blaming you and will now retreat it his shell. Stop apologizing, because it was his fault for not being attentive enough to you or making your relationship clear.

    Find someone who will be more open and sharing with you and who doesn't have so many insecurities.

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