A reading request....

  • Hello: I'm new and looking for some insight regarding my situation with my ex. We haven't been in contact for quite some time and I'm wondering if he will ever reach out to me. My birthday is Oct. 16 and his is May 8, 1981. Thank you for your help.

  • This match will be a close but trying one. LovelyLibra, you need plenty of attention but far from all the time - when you need it though, you have to get it, no matter what. You do best with a partner who doesn't put heavy demands on you, is quite independent, and has strength of character. All of these requirements can be met very well by your Taurean friend. He in turn will gain benefits as well and this usually takes the form of learning social skills, using your contacts and being entertained by them.

    A love affair or a marriage here can be bound up in a shroud of unreality. So strong is the projection of fantasy that the relationship can seem to have been summoned genielike from a magic lamp. The results can be illusory and destructive, but the principal problem will be conflict with the demands of everyday reality, social pressures and the pereceptions of friends and family who don't share your vision for the relationship. If you two are able to break with societal influences, believing totally instead in the personal reality of your relationship, then you may yet make a success of it.

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