• 2 months ago my Scorpio (Nov 1st to be exact) of a year broke up with me over mysterious reasons and I was left hurt, baffled and confused. A week before the break up he was loving, very sweet and passionate. He called me many times a day all the time (we were in a long distance relationship for 7 months and had been with each other off and on for 5 months-with him always coming back) he prompted me to move in with him and offered to pay rent since I was going to school. A week after this, he texts me sorry and tells me he's leaving and how everything he does messes up. I call him and try to console him (he had a family crisis) but he acts frenzied, rude and completely insensitive and tells me not to cry because it wont solve anything. I just hung up. He txt me 10 minutes later, I see you crying stop it please it wont solve anything. I text him the same day some hours later and told him encouraging words. He tells me to stop txting him because my battery is dying. I just got pissed and never txt him later. But then he calls me in the morning and tells me good morning. I became sarcastic "Oh yeah battery problems" He gets all defensive and then tells me his bus is leaving so he'll call me when he gets there. I txt him telling him not to call me but get his head together because he frenzied and that I'll always be there if he needed me and told I loved him too much to let him to do that. He gets pissed and calls me acting crazy over his battery (not even a thank you!!!!) So I said **** it I waited a week just to tell him my phone was back on just in case he needed to txt me or talk to me he could. He replies....ACTING CRAZY OVER THE BATTERY AGAIN. I told him how silly it was for him to act this way because he called and txt me when his battery was dying. He replies DUCES (as in im done) saying I dont need nothing else on my plate. Hurt, angry but still strong I tell him that its his loss especially since i loved him and told you i was gonna be there for you when you needed me and im not going to be isrespected by a guy that cant even spell deuces! I was really mad about it especially since I still cared for him and loved him. I cried cried and cried many times again and even after 2 months I still care. I know Scorpios respect standing up for yourself and admire self control (Ive had no contact with him-too proud to be the first to do it) Do you think he is over me or do you think he will come back this time? I still care for him I dont know what to do!!!!! HELP!

    Also do you think he respects the fact I stood up to him for being an a**hole, I only say this because I've never been disrespected by him in this magnitude.

  • And I would prefer Scorpio men to help me with this but any Scorpio or anyone who has ever dealt with a Scorpio for that matter can also help, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Hi the thing about us scorpios is we are very stubborn and will not back down especially when we know the other person will. What is your sign? I had a five year relationship with a male Scorpio and it was extremely volatile because we were too alike we brought out the very best and very worst in each other. Scorpio males will constantly look for reassurance and reaction when they live they love passionately and can be extremely possessive. Let me know your sign and I will try and help further.

  • Im a Taurus (May 6th) I really did love him and knowing him/his sign (he chose words carefully and sincerely he was brutally honest-but could be secretive) I think he loved me, he repeatadly said it all the time after a while but after what he did I dont know if he even cared or was just being to moody and stubborn at the time. Do you think he loved me at all because I know they're all or nothing (we had a very deep connection as well) ? DO you think he ever might try to come back (he usually does but i dont know)?

  • And also, I haven't contact him since that day we broke up (I was just tired of the rudeness and I just stood up for my self and I dont let ppl talk to me that way), do you think he respects that or do you think he's looking for me to initiate contact, do you think I should continue to let him miss me just to teach him something? (Please answer all my questions please from my two most recent posts thank you really appreciate it)

  • What are your birth years....interesting that my taurus's bday is may 6 as well, im nov 13

  • Oh cool but hopefully you think Im awesome too lol. He was born 1991 and I was born in 1992 (we're technically the same age he's just 6 months older than me)

  • I can tell you this, we Scorps like drama and excitement, and if we feel there's not enough in a relationship, we will cause some, especially young scorps. And Taurus's are so laid back and easy going. We will do things to test how much you care about us too, like breaking up with you, etc. I will say this though, I haven't done that with my taurus, he does enough of it! He has a scorp moon sign which is just as important as the sun sign. My advice to you, go get the book Why Men Love B**ches! Act like you don't care and be a CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!

  • Why should men love bitches. Are they all secretly masochistic? Are they insane. Why can't they just love women who treat them right and do the same in return. Why would anyone, men included, run after someone who treats them badly. What does that get them. Excitement? No. Just moire bad treatment. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  • You can have excitement with someone who treats you right. You just have to know how.

  • Star---it's not about being a bitch, it's about not being a doormat! Read the book and you would understand.

  • I can honestly saying

  • I can honestly say that Im not a doormat. I didnt cry or anything or acted sad about the breakup I told him it was his loss and he'll be the one unhappy not me. I also told him Im disappointed in the fact you spelled deuces wrong, hit me up when you need spellling lessons you might need it one day. I know he read it (he never responed lol) Do you think that was pretty good or what (haven't even attempted to contact him and been getting into myself and acting as if my life (it is loll) is even more awesome without him without mentioning him (Ive been posting alot on faceebook). He recently got a facebook (a little after we broke up) after he wsa like I dont need facebook i dont want one, why know. Do you think he's been looking me up? Do you think he'll try to contact me and do you think he cares about me?

  • I think I stood up for myself pretty well throughout the relationship, do you think way I replied to his txt exemplified that pretty well?

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