Requesting advice on new romantic interest

  • Hello everyone,

    Beginning November 2010, I developed interest in an older male coworker. We have been on 3 dates, the last of which was the best date I've ever been on in my life! He was a gentleman (one of the many reasons I am so attracted to him), and he made me feel like a princess.

    This man's birthdate is January 20, 1966 and mine is September 29, 1981. The age difference doesn't matter to either of us, but he has made it clear that he is busy with law school and work and does not have time to develop a relationship. Even with this admission from him, I cannot seem to let my feelings go. I feel an intense connection between us, and when he is not distant, he is exactly what I would want in a mate.

    I am giving him space, while still showing my interest here and there. I am an expressive, emotional person, and he is emotionally detached and logical. Even with these differences, I have a deep feeling this could work, and I am willing to be patient, but I would love to know if anyone has any insight or can offer any guidance regarding the potential for this relationship.

    Thank you so much.

  • Hello,

    I would really appreciate a reading regarding the situation detailed above. This man has invited me to his nephew's birthday party this coming Saturday, and while I have accepted the invitation, I am afraid meeting his family means more to me than it does for him.

    I do not want to set myself up for disappointment down the road, and I wanted to see if anyone has any insight into this potential relationship.

    Thank you in advance!

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