Captain can you give me some wisdom please

  • Stability can be a problem in this relationship. What is of most importance to your ex is the educational value of a relationship - for you, it is the thrill of achievement. Your friend seeks excitement and adventure, something quite different to her own life, and for a while she found it with you. Her hard-headed practical side coalesced well with your intuitive and feeling side but the main orientation here was about thought and intellectualization, producing a mental communicative energy. An unrealistic aspect can creep into this relationship if you two are not careful, and negative expectations of trouble can impact badly on it. A completely involuntary pattern of disaster and salvation can be created by your shared ability to thrive on problems yet sometimes create unnecessary ones. This relationship can only be successful if interesting and challenging activities are maintained, for your friend can tire of dull mundane life. She is basically looking for a teacher, someone to give her the direction and structure she thinks she needs and, when she feels she has learnt everything she can from one person, she moves on to another. For her, there is a father issue here and imposing, confident macho men will always be an irresistible draw for her until she learns to challenge their authority.

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