Captain can you give me some wisdom please

  • Hey Captain, I am new to this forum and have found lots of great wisdom here. I was wondering if you would be so kind to give me your insight into my situation?

    I was born July 21, 1977. She was born May 7th, 1982

    I recently lost my lovely taurus girl to an Aquarius man and I want to know if I can get her back? To make a long story short, it was a long distance relationship and it was amazing, but I dragged my feet on getting my life in order so I could move back to her area (I used to live in her area). She lost faith in me being a secure man, so she dumped me for her Aquarius tattoo artist. I lost control of my emotions when she broke up with me and I think that made things worse because I was showing her major weakness. I was beyond heartbroken. There was no cheating and we were looking at engagement rings together a few weeks before she dumped me. I saw her one last time after the breakup and we both cried in each others arms. When I left she told me she loved me, and when I got home she text me saying "I'm not going anywhere..."

    It's been three months since we brokeup, and she started seeing her tattoo artist almost immediately after. They make no sense together at all. She is very stuck in her ways, shy, awkward, stubborn, sweet, and loves family, kids and staying home with her puppies. He is crazy, outgoing, skates, rides a motorcycle, and loves to go out to bars with his "friends". When we were dating she told me she would fight with her ex all the time because he wanted a motorcycle and she was terrified of him getting into an accident. She also complained about how immature his friends were and how she never wanted to be around them. I was told by a mutual friend that this new Aqua guy's friends are super immature. He is 100% opposite of me and her!

    Thank you much!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yes children need firm guidance and structure, too. Your friend is seeking that strong father substitute but, because she never had it, she doesn't recognise what it really is and makes bad choices. But bad choices are how we learn.

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