AstraAngel.. I already decided to let him go

  • Hi! AstraAngel,

    I'm. Pretty sure that your too much busy, hope all is well to you. I just want you to know that I already decided to let him go. Beside he never once care about me. He didn't even thinking of me. The only thing that he will visit me when he needs a pleasure and lust and it cos me so much. Some said to me here to move on before I find myself being bitter. With all honesty I never felt like thus before if I knew someone had a bad intention in me , I'll attack them or him in this case I'm fighting for nothing . Somethings gets me nothing and nothing such a pain, wasting time and effort. All this I had been saying sorry to him. I'm sorry but why should I be sorry for all of his mistakes. I supposed to ring him but I'd rather not besides he doesn't seems care. I'd like him to know that I had enough of you. Please forget my name everytime you need lust and pleasure . I'm running around empty and don't know who I am. He help me to be tough and my patient is very short for now.Apparently , his not really in to me .I hope someone remind him what he doing is totally mentally drain. Help me to prolong my patient, kindness and not to close the door. I want him to be happy in what ever he doing.

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