• Hi AstraAngel - I hope all is well with you. Would you be able to give me some insight on my life. You are probably very busy so I will be very patient. Just anything that comes up. I do miss an old friend & hope that we will be able to catch up someday. If not I just want to know that he is happy. Many Blessings to you. Love-D

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  • Hi Dmick

    I will do a reading for you this evening and post in the morning - thanks for your patience, my internet access is iffy this week until I get back home from my trip... hang in there, thanks

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  • Sending prayers and blessings your way Dmick! 🙂

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  • I'm fine, excited about the future, how about you? I had lots of dreams of winning huge amounts of money, waiting for those to come true! 🙂

  • Hi dmick

    Sorry it has taken me a while to get to this... i am currently on the East coast, St Simons Island, Georgia visiting family and my ability to get on the internet is limited a little...

    anyway, let's see what Heaven has for you!

    This will be a seven card reading for you. General overview for your life and a special look at "old friend"...

    Where you are at - PAGE OF WANDS - You are pondering your life a lot lately, your spiritual work is good, and is on your mind, you are doing great in that. Messages are coming at you, your interactions with others are a big part of your life right now. Some possible travel is indicated also.

    Your hopes and dreams - TWO OF WANDS - You are facing some sort of choice, again the wands, so Spiritual matters are the energies swirling around you right now. You are hoping to get going down one path or the other, Heaven wants you to know that you WILL make the right choice, no problems there. You are a visionary, envisioning the life you want, and that is a beautiful part of you. Keep that going, dream bigger than you ever have before!

    Near Future - NINE OF PENTACLES - whatever choices you are facing will resolve nicely very soon, I see a situation developing which will bring some much needed comforts into your life, your material life is changing quickly, the Nine Pentacles tells me you have needed a break for some time, and will soon have this. A breath of fresh air moving across the meadows of your heart, you will be so happy and at rest. Softly, softly love is whispering across that field of your hopes and dreams... this place looks lovely to me, whatever it is, you have much to look forward to.

    Long term future... FIVE OF CUPS - this place that you are entering (Nine of Pentacles) is preparing you for some emotional changes (adjustments) looming on the horizon. This is a good sign for you, as you have needed some deepening emotionally in some areas. There could be wonderful relationship developing with someone new who will take you by the hand, help you laugh harder and perhaps shed some tears at times... this is down the road, you are being prepared. It will be a wonderful maturing time for you.

    The outlook for you and your Old Friend - ACE OF CUPS - Wow, get out of town! This is about as favorable a sign as you can get for you and your friend being reunited! This Ace says it all, you will surely be reconnecting. (THey might even play a role in your Near future/long term future outlook, I sense this person means a lot to you). Stay positive here, keep sending loving thoughts there way, they are picking up on it and in the Divine Right Time you will come back together. This is great news for you!

    How "Old Friend" is presently doing - JUSTICE - they are experiencing some "re-evaluation" of something in their life right now, they are doing okay however there is something being weighed out in their mind. So it feels like life may be a little stressed for them right now, they are okay though. We all have these periods where situations are being balanced out. They might be experiencing something shaking up their life a little...

    Advice for you - TWO OF PENTACLES - Stay balanced, it feels like you might be juggling some issues in your life right now, and the Universe wants you to know that you are doing fine... keep it up whatever you are doing, if you drop something don't worry about it, pick it up and keep moving... and take some time out for yourself... by yourself.... take a trip where it is JUST YOU and no one else... to a beach (I am thinking beach because I am about a hundred yards from the Atlantic Ocean as I am typing this! :). But you need to travel a little and reconnect with the most important, most precious, most wonderful person in your life right now... and that is YOU Dmick.

    I hope that helps. I do not remember what I might have written to you a while back, however I can tell that you are a very tender, caring person and you have some really wonderful days ahead of you, keep your head held high, you are royalty and are due for some real rewards in your life after some times that have tried and tested you... keep doing what you are doing... you are BLESSED.

    Wishing you positive EVERYTHING.... -AstraAngel

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  • 🙂

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  • "Blessed Be."

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