Doing readings for those in need.

  • Thank you for the feedback suramya! I hope you find soon what it is, I've been living with those ailments for years! Usually dairy and certain nuts are hard for some body's to digest. But that can be cleared up by a food allergy test, which is available at most dr's! God bless!


  • Finding out what you are allergic to I mean, by getting a food allergy test. Thank you Suramya.! God bless you!



  • Suramay:

    What does your gut say?


    Ill see what i get for u in the morning. I do best in the morning lol

    handle screen name well no i was no re asking at all. Is jus when i mention the names some one else butts in lifted finger know it all good doers acts like a mom on me. is why i was less specific, also bc u asked us not to be.

    Do you also sense when someone hurts u? as in sending u bad waves? pains? etc. I do n i return em. if any think they can hurt me that way they r mistaken. will hurting me help their situation any better??? nope it will only make it worse.

    I use always a trick called pre vibe, i previbe all i see that could do with my help n those that ask. the ones i detect r not open to it or who juss ask bc they juss can but aint into all this n those that know what they wanty n nada else, those i dont touch but i say sorry n or avoid em.

    All else i extend my help to. some may think this is selfish but its really not. its selfpreservation. why spend energy, time n good will on someone who will chew u out, tell lies of u n more no matter what u get for em?


    ps screenname handle names initials C or an A? if u wish to go deeper serious/ my dear, ahm mail me at lonniej2002 at yahpp dotty dots fotty dots dots com lol

  • Thank you CWB, as of Now my mind and body can only take so much. I wrote sort of a thread for us on "anything goes" when you have time.

  • Hi Serious7, can't sleep over a love matter.. Will he come back? Any help much appreciated.

    God bless!

  • Im gonna go over n check it out Serious!

  • My life has been turned upside down. I can't keep up. Trying to go with the flow, but it's white water rapids. Seriously.

    Your thoughts? A card or two? Anything at all would help right now.

  • thanks Serious 7 (just saw the list)!! whenever you have time is great, i'll try and muster up some patience:) x

  • Goodie Gumdrops! "Blessed Be." Hi CWB! Have a good evening guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • You to Poetic : ),

    God Bless


  • Dear Serious

    Id like to practice a reading on you,separate thread:)

    I have eliminated dairy since a year.testa dont show anything.have lived it fr years too,but getting worse now.Sensitive people can manifest such symptoms.What you are doing here is awesome.

    happy healthy life to u!


    my gut hurts...a lot!! Im not a medium or channel.Just someone who is exploring her intutive side.being on tarot is great.

    Thanks both of u!

  • Dear Serious,

    Hi,I sure am in need of a reading,my life has been crazy the past year,i'm wondering if it is ever gonna calm down so i can get back in touch with myself? I'm an Empath and pretty sure that it goes alot deeper,a little over a year ago i was doing really good and staring to open up and see and feel and hear things,and then it slowed and then it stopped and then it came back and now i feel like i'm stalled again.I do not know what is blocking me,i meditate when i can. I'm know that i can one day help people and this is what i want to do,i just do not understand why my life is so bad right now ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • Serious,

    You're very generous. Thank you very much. I'll be waiting for my turn.


  • Suramaya,

    i dont think ive in a long while said what im also good at. Im great at detecting what abilities people have and what tools they oughta use.

    in ur case Suramaya i strong feel ure an empath. Empaths r intuitive n they get messages through feelings. At times tarot cards can help to pinpoint underline feelings n messages recieved. i also feel that runes would b a tool u can do swell with. iยดd say bones but who uses bones anymore? lol

    if u feel up for "exploring" by reading people there is only one way n that is to try. b4 u do, plz set up criterias n stick to them. ure in charge, no one else is.

    its the :

    1. ure the reader, empath, tarotcard owner

    2. u choose whom

    3. u choose where

    4.u choose when

    5. non else does

    best if luck sweetie


  • Dear Serious 7 ! Wow! you are right i do live with family and it is completely annoying at times lol. You are right in that even though i live in a suburban city there are huge trees and lots of woodland creatures that hop and run on the lawn.

    When i go in my mind lately and think of a kind of meditation /wishing spot i picture a special place in nature i feel actual exists somewhere . Used to be i'd picture just sitting on a warm beach of course right now wouldn't mind that either lol

    I do mix a lot of ideas of religions and paths. Speaking of paths yes what i wanted to be when i was little didn't happen due to some completely huge missteps and some weird health stuff for a time.

    As i've grown more in the spiritual paths i thought to myself one day if i had just one (superhero kind of) power it would be the power to heal. I have been given hints at the fact i might have it within me to be such but i think my fears and doubts hold me back greatly. That and dealing with anxiety when i myself need healing so much that it's hard for me to even ask for heavens help and get a response!

    The romance part is the only part i'm working to make sense of,(i've no brothers) but it could be people i know, and have though about a lot,in my online communities specifically video games i play. There would be awkward boundaries of sorts. And literal ones as these people live so far away.

    I felt the light shine through your reading and it really brought an 'oh wow' smile to my face!

    Thank you soo much for this lovely gift!

    Lots of Love and Hugs! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    p.s. when the mounds of snow melt away to springs warm embrace i will find a nice patch of grass and a tree to do just as you suggest!

  • I think Serious7 asked if it is okay to double request from same person with diff member name.

    I find its a rude move to make. n that without explaining the double requests. I know it happens one hates the first membername one chose, or one forgot it, but then one ought mention this. Otherwise is shows desperation, needyness, impatience n rudeness.

    in its any of the latters, consequence oughta be no read at all for u. double triple or quadroople post wont get u a reading any faster at all. espacially from many of us. ill mark again the way i feel many of us readers do here.

    1. we as readers choose WHOM we read, u do NOT

    2. we as readers choose WHEN we read, u do NOT

    3. we as readers choose WHERE to read, u do NOT

    4. we as readers choose the CRITERAS RULES n so on, U DO NOT!!!!

    and last what many requestees forget is that we readers have a life, work n family OUTSIDE this place. Which means we cant nor will we drop anything bc u demand it so. Kindly remember this. thanx.-

    cwb marking the lines yet again.

    ps im not rude im just looking out for the benefit of all here.

  • CWB

    Thank you so very much for the validation.It means a lot to me.I already read at random (free),from my mail,for anyone I feel drawn or impelled to help.I just fear misguiding someone:)Hence the diffidence.I will now explore runes.

    Once again thanks for the guidance.


    am posting the reading in another thread on the psychic forum.please do ask anything if you want to!

    Love and Light

  • Dear Serious7,

    I'd appreciate a reading. I'm wondering whats in store for this year. . .

    Thanks so much

  • I would like a reading. I have two men in my life and would like to know what you see happening for me with them.

  • Ok Suramya that is fine with me : ), I'll keep a look out for the thread. I am sorry to hear about the allergies, I myself have been like that my entire life. I know it can be a pain.

    Thank you CWB for the Awareness being put out there : )!

    Good to hear AquaGirl. I know the love part can be the easiest hardes thing to deal with. Easy because when it happens it is such a relief, but when life is stagnant without it, it feel like we are going nowhere. BUT Don't worry to much about it! Just take care of you, and when I said "brothers" If you didn't have any it is about someone who may be like one ๐Ÿ™‚

    God BLess

    I love you all!!!


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