Doing readings for those in need.

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  • Serious7- if you do a list or write down a list, and post it here, so we can see whose next, that maybe a little easier for you? Well it is up to you of course, but it did work well on the other threads, were you would have a limit of how many readers there is, and then you could do the rest of the other questions, after those readers on the list have been read. I hope your understanding what i am saying, just don't want you to get too overwhelmed. Thinking of you.

    Bee Xx

  • Thank you for the advice and Love AngelBee : ). I appreciate the advice. Write now I have two people's questions listed which will be next to be answered. I know with all the activity it is hard to keep track for some readers. The list is just in order of when the questions were asked from page 1 to page 15 : ). I'm not skipping or overlooking. I just hope those who ask, are REALLY in need.

  • Hey guuurrlllfriend darling Serious7

    "CWB, Hello there. The man I mentioned is a screen name. I hope this helps. O and btw I heard you have the gift of communicating with "specific energies" Spirits and such. Would you be able to help me identify some of these, if you ever get some extra time. With love

    SERIOUS7 "

    Screen name? do ya mean like an screen actors name or a name handle for say youtube? im confused LMAO doesnt take much ROFL

    Ahm yes i have abilities n gifts to speak to specific spirits n such as ur wording goes. I always could. Ahm i reckon it differs when its about present issues pros n cons, future possibilities, n definitely past lives. i have so many abilities i dunno how to identify even now. they are so ancient that im not sure they even have a label. its just a thing that i do. like you do here.

    i know im 2 or 3 well 4 if i count different empathic skills, healing with hands, reiki as in distance healing, animal empath n energy empath ................... i always associate healing with empathic skills. Someone referred to me as Leo from the tv show Charmed. I also associate myself with Melinda in GhostWhisperer. Not that i see the dead but i hear em n can commune with em. I think thats called a Channeller. medium ive been told im also. Here many will go WIIIITTTCCHHHHHHHH n ill go why thank u LMAO.

    Many abilities ive inherited from my moms side and some from me dads side, but most is what my soul has "gathered" over the life times. n boy ............................ my souls seriously effing old lol way past ancient even. some of my past lives ive told on threads such as High Heels Club i think, and other ones. they elude me now. I know i revealed em on the island threads. You´d hafta am click my name n look for oddball threads LMAO

    An old pal of mine tried to pin in on my abillities n she came to the concensus i was a psychic medium channeler healer reiki reader empath plus. It helps but since that i do believe ive gotten more skills n it overwhelms me. im so effing humble when i think of how much i am n have been given. Im a firm believer of when you do good with the skills you have, you are tested as are you still worthy of them, can you cope with stronger empowering of those you have plus can you handle new deeper more ones.

    In my time online doing reads since 1999 ive also been given the gifts of detecting fakes from real ones. I know it instantly. Dunno what that is called intuiton or whatever. I think ill call it my bsbeacon or bs detector ROFL.

    Anyhew so far it has not fully fouled it for me. At times i ignore it bc i sense the person is sweet n oughta have a chance, but sooner or later it shows ...................

    I hope this helped? if not ask again lol

    cwb happy to reply!

  • ROFL, Ahhh I gotchya. I actually have all the above as well, ever since I was a kid. I just haven't had the chance to fully grasp my gifts. (Hence why i like to do cold readings and only 23) and am a male btw.

    Now You asked about burnt man he is actually on here or was the specific one you mentiond if really sincere. I've seen him in the threads before! So yes A screen name or handle. If that's what you were referring too. Or If your just trying to be sarcastic and ask the same question again I don't have an answer for you lol : ).

    I actually asked for your help a while ago and never received it, but I'm sure you were busy. You do awesome work but I think everyone has their own individual talents and way of expressing them, and no one is 100% right only 95% ; ). Now even on this thread I've been tested time and time again, so I just take my time try not to be overwhelmed ( which I'm sure you know alot about as well) But I appreciate your advice and your expertise.


    Your in my prayer CWB


  • And yes I can sense the fakes as well. I do believe everyone has an intuitive power to an extent. But some come with experience as you've said before, but some also do not have as much as others and this is completely new to them and others are to overconfident. The humbling part is when you have ACTUAL feedback that is very positive and spot on! It makes me feel great and not take it for granted. An being so overly sensitive I take everything to heart, but am working through that.

    I'm sorry for not being specific but I was asking if you could tell me some of the spirits thats surrounded me ( as I never got an answer before). I can understand how you can get easily confused. I type whats in my head but then the words don't always make it out, lol.



  • Dear Serious7

    Thanks for keeping me on the list and doing this for all of us .Much appreciated!:)Im an amateur tarot reader and if i can read for you Ill be happy.

    Dear CWB and Serious7

    maybe this is a question for anither thread but your conversation intrigues me.i am empathetic towards animals,practice reiki am generally empathetic ;but not a psychic in the way you two are.Should people like me practice tarot reading for others...i.e. not exactly fake but more like incipient abilities or intuition?just wondering what you think about this since you both can spot fakes:)


    love and Light

  • Thank you for your very generous offer to share your energy with all of us looking for hope and answers. If you are not overwhelmed with requests, please consider providing me with your thoughts as I embark on a new beginning. I am in a good place emotionally and spiritually, but like most everyone out there, can use a little guidance.

    With thanks, hope and love.

  • Hi serious7

    I would really appreciate a Reading please as I have not had a nice start to new year, unlucky in love an few Health problems.

    I Thank you very much for taking your time out to do this.:-)



  • Hello. Serious7 🙂

    So I wanted to let you know that I don't need a reading... So that your list may be shortened, you can take me off of it. I can find the answers within myself, I just need to focus. Thank you for the opportunity, though. You're doing something awesome! 😄

  • 🙂

  • Suryma,

    If you feel you can, YOU CAN! Helping others isn't meant for specific people. As I said before everyone has intuition to a certain extent. If you feel like it, you can always start an experimental thread in the tarot section or even just start smaller with friends or family. Just let those know you are practicing (which most really are in addition to giving advice) and would like to experiment. But just be specific and let them know you are a beginner and taking small amounts of requests. As most readers will say start slow and don't overexert yourself. Only if you feel you are up to it. With Love


    Good to hear Angela! I am glad you were able to get some good direction. I am sorry I couldn't get to your request. Keep going strong, God Bless~!

    Poetic555 :O)

  • OK, I have to say. There are some requests on this thread who are doubles. Some asking questions are using different Screen names or IDENTITIES( is that allowed?). Please just stay on one handle it will make it easier to try and keep the energy and real inquiries together. Thank you serious7.

  • OK surmya,

    I drew the card Truth and Integrity for you.

    I get a very warm homey energy from you. Like I want to bake cookies and eat a big home cooked meal with you. Have you ever seen that movie spirited away? Like your granny and the other part of you Ulbalba. I'm not exactly sure how this ties in but that flashed in my mind. I know you were on here before, and I've done a reading for you(I don't remember exactly though). Your health I feel is in good condition for your age. Just have to watch what you eat ( like everyone else). Diabetes jumps in but if you don't have it I'm just reading into it to much. I would just regularly exercise and enjoy life. Watch the knee and keep it moving. I hope this helps into any concern! God Bless



  • Hi AquaGirl!

    OK first off if you live with family I would enjoy it while you can! Even though it may be annoying. Maybe dogs and cats roaming and LOUDNESS everywhere. Or just having to take care of everyone but yourself. I drew the Nature card for you. Thats where you feel most comfortable. You live by a forest or some kind of wooded park with a nice path you may stroll down. If not you need to! This is where you will find your peace. Pagen, or Wiccan comes to mind. Just keep in mind Karma even in your most weakest moments. Something you once wanted seem to blow up in your face, like a career path mainly. I would probably try to go for that aging, your a healer. You love to see things grow and prosper and if someone or something needs nurturing you are there! There are a lot of people on here in the medical field but I feel yours is more than that. You know where you need to be! As for love and romance, You have an interest ( a friend of a brother?) But you may not want to step a boundry? I hope that makes sense, Take things on a whim. If you get a vibe or even a feeling go for it! Well with the nature card this always means get back to your roots LITERALLY! Find a big HUGE TREE and sit under it barefoot. THis is always soothing and you can find yourself balanced after wards. I hope this helps and all is well aqua! Thank you for your patience, and God Bless!



  • OK everyone! I have finally compiled a full list in order. This is going to take some time, So any new requests will be put on the list but I cannot guarantee I will get to you anytime soon. I will try my best to get to everyone! Please do not worry I will be OK, I signed up for this : ). Luckily I am young so I will find a way, and god will help me! To all those in I need remember PRAY!!! The deck I use is the Angel Oracle cards so the card itself is a very good guide. Then I go off of pictures and other senses, just to give you an Idea. If I am off I apologize, As I've stated before I am not a professional or licensed in any way, but I do have gifts and am very blessed for that! Thank you all for your patience and I hope to get to you soon. Please do not hesitate to let me know any developments such as You have already received a reading. Other than that my next post will be the list! God Bless Serious, and I will ask that we also keep the rest of the thread strictly to questions(from those who haven't received) and answers. If you have any other inquiries please start another thread. And again thank to all of you for your support it is tremendously appreciated! I love you all. I forget how many friends I have on here. The list!


  • Will I be ok with my new career? Thank you

  • Thanks v much Serious for the reading and good advice about practicing readings.

    Okay ,I love cooking and baking and Im homey so you got that right! am sorry didnt understand the granny bit since I havent seen that movie.I get regular blodd tests and am not diabetic yet but a lot of astrologers have said im likely to get it.I do watch what i eat but my major problem is food sensitivity and I havent yet identified all that im sensitive too.maybe the clue might be in sugar sensitivity.

    thank you very much again.god bless!

    Love and light

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    Ok so this is the list I have in order. So again it will take some time and I appreciate yalls patience! God bless and I hope yall have an amazing day!

  • btw I had asked you for a reading in the past but dont remember if you got down to me then.

    I wish you love and luck!

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