Doing readings for those in need.

  • Serious7,

    Its great to have you back! Thank you in advance for having the patience to do all these readings 🙂

    I'd like to have one of those readings regarding my love life, my financial outlook, new job prospects/specifications and my health for the next year.

    Thanks again....Take Care!

  • Thank you WBG! Nice to see you as well.

  • What does my finanical and career forcast look like

  • serious7 are you still going to do the readings or have you decided to stop?

  • Serious7- i hope all is well, and things are okay with ya. Let us know if your Ok.

    Love ya Bee XxXx

  • i had the same curiosity are the readings still valid? something the matter is serious 7 sick? i wish the best.

  • Serious7 - wow! I could not believe the number of requests you received. I don't want to add to the pressure or stress so please take mine off the list. I'll do my best to send you love and light and positive energy!

  • Serious7, Sorry to bug you, just a little nerve wracking waiting for your replies. I feel for you, though please advise if you are worn down, tired, or unable to get through the rest of the readings. I sympathise with you, and feel that you are a good man. Your selfless desire to help us here is something I greatly respect, and admire.

    Above all, please don't feel pressured, by me, to carry out my reading. Should you don't feel up to it, please just let us know I'ld feel guilty feeling I imposed on your generosity, or caused you undue hardship.

    Love to all, and take care!

  • I have a friend I have been writing to who is incarcerated. This is not a romantic situation. I am getting the feeling the universe is trying to tell me something and I need to maybe back away from the situation. I feel like my friend really needs me so I dont want to stop writing him. I just cant seem to shake this feeling. Again this is more of a mother/son friendship and is in no way romantic.

  • Seems to me people have AGAIN forgotten that readers DO have a LIFE OUTSIDE AWAY from forums. PLUS Serious7 DID say it WOULD TAKE TIME before he got around to all.

    FURTHER do ya all seem to FORGET ALSO that each day MORE N MORE SIGN on.

    WHICH MAKES ME STEP IN N PULL ALL STOPS. Someone else who backs Serious7 up watching OUT for him has made a list of those who has asked N LEFT IT ENTIRELY UP 4 Serious7 to deside wether or not he will do any more.

    NOW if those of u cannot sit on ur SITUPON until he has the EFFING time to do ur request i STRONGLY suggest u post a NEW THREAD asking 4 SOMEONE ELSE.

    AGAIN u FORGET Serious7 is not THE ONLY READER here AND that he is NEW here AS WELL.

    So if u CANNOT WAIT repost NEW thread, scavenger the forums tarot, pyshich astrology n see who reads, respond n so forth.

    Serious7 my dear friend. I think STRONGLY the list made so far is what u oughta STICK TO and all who signed on AFTER well either make a new list or simply say SORRY NOT THIS ROUND. I believe the latter is the best way sweetie.

    All else b mad if u wanna i 4 one dont care. In case u wonder read the pages of Reader 2 Reader Debate. In FACT u oughta so u know n see what it is like to be on the OTHER side.

    Finally ill leave u with these words:

    Seems to me, u better learn to live with it!


  • WAY to go CWB!!! ❤ ❤

    Serious, I did want to let you know I sent you some positive energy the other day. Hope all is well.

    Light to you 🙂

  • I couldn't find this post the other day it was removed from my list, all is well!

  • angel hugsw

  • 'NOW if those of u cannot sit on ur SITUPON until he has the EFFING time to do ur request i STRONGLY suggest u post a NEW THREAD asking 4 SOMEONE ELSE."

    I truly don't think this type of language is necessary or appropriate. If I were blessed with the ability to do readings, I would hope I would have more compassion and understanding for those who asked for them.

    I'm sure you have the best interests of Serious7 at heart, and I applaud that but I am sure he knew this would be the response when he posted and it is wrong to spread such negativity in a world already filled with hatefulness!

    I withdrew my request when I saw how many people wanted advice and help. I can't even begin to imagine what it would feel like as the reader. However, kindness and tact would be a more professional way to handle the issue of an overwhelming response to a posting.

  • This post is deleted!

  • angel hugs

    chironlady1953, kindness and tact has not worked thus the more direct appoarch.


  • Obviously u AINT been on the OTHER side of the table chironlady1953. IF u had u´d know this is sadly at many a time especially here a NESCESSITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    U may wanna read the pages onb Reader 2 Reader Debate thread n u may, yes i say MAY wise up. Many dont. BUT some do. I HOPE u´ll b one of those few.

    cwb not scared of a lifted know it all finger at her at all. pfftttt!!!!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • THEcAPTAIN bless her made a thread called Readers Availebility or like it. In there readers availeble has posted n listed themselves. i know Serious7 offered n many forget hello we have a LIFE OUTSIDe n away from forum.

    i STRONGLY suggest u read READER 2 READER Debate N theCaptains Readers Availeble.

  • btw i AINT gonna apologize 4 what i said. Ive seen the behaviour of requestee´s too many times, and as ive said at times its about the ONLy language they understand

    cwb NOT sorry at all bc TRUTH SMARTS!

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