Doing readings for those in need.

  • Hi Serious 7

    Can you please give me a reading?

    I am struggling in my career and don't know which path to take, whether i should stick to what I am doing which is accountancy/insolvency even though my heart is wanting to pursue a career in law (but which I have been struggling to get into for 10 years)

    Also I have a current love interest who is keen to marry me. He is much younger than me however he makes me really happy. The only problem is that I am in the UK and he is in the US, plus he has a child from a previous marriage whom he is really attached to.

    I am 34 now and haven't been in a serious relationship all throughout my life and I really just want to be married and start a family.

    I just can't see the light at the end of the tunnel unfortunately.

    Please can you give me some hope and shed some light on my situation?

    Many thanks


  • Hello, I would just like to see what card you draw for me and what feelings come to you about my life. Thanks for doing this!

  • Hi serious7

    Nice to see you back.I have a question about my chronic health issues.Thanks for anything you pick up for me!

    LOve and Light

  • Greetings Serious Interesting name 🙂

    Well i hate to be boring with the same question everyone asks however valentines day is coming up and i've never had a valentine really so yes i'd love to know about my love life and when/if/ i shall ever have one! lol

    Also side note any idea when i will have the good fortune to move into a home of my own or even share with say a future valentine! lol

    Thank you so much for this lovely gift of time and insight! With lots of love and hugs! 🙂

  • Please, what do you feel about my situation.

  • Serious 7

    Thanks for offer. would love a reading when you have time.

  • Serious 7, thank you as well for the offer! Would love some insight to my home life, finances and relationship with my step-mother. Gratefully thankful!

  • Serious7 very interested in a reading, when you have the time. Mostly Looking into Spiritual side of things, and Possibly work too. I hope you find rest in between these readings. Thank you for the lovely offer. Love and light Bee xX

  • Well Geez, Can you pull an Angel Card for me, thats all i want. God Bless You!

  • angel hugs with flower petals


    I would greatly appreciate insight as to what is to occurr this earth year.

    At this time I am restless and sense changes are beginning, yet not aware of the area.

    May the Universal light shine upon you


  • Hi serious7,

    I would greatly appreciate a reading. I am most interested in knowing if I will find love in the near future. I am interested in someone, but I am not sure if it will develop into relationship.

    Thank you!



  • Hello serious7

    Thanks so much for the offer. I am wondering what you see for my love life. I have been with a man for over 2 years. I feel like I have known him forever. We had a rocky start and I let that hold me back from giving him my all.

    Thanks for your help

  • Thank you so much for your reading serious7! And for your kind words!

    Yes, I believe you did read for me in the past....I was facing some tough health issues (ovarian cancer) and you told me that in the end, all will be well. You were right! I'm doing very well and I am striving to help others going through the same thing. It's hard sometimes to let go of the fear of a relapse, and that has been on my mind lately, thus my request.

    Your reading was spot-on, and I thank you for sharing such a wonderful gift with such grace!

    It was a pleasure to talk with you again...I'm also following the thread on Spiritual Bootcamp, and have found it very helpful too!

    Blessings and Light!


  • Serious, I could really use your insight about now... any guidence would be appreciated thank you thank you thank you! work and family


  • hi serious 7

    We have started expressing interest in each other, we started talking and getting to know each other in our classes. Although both of us havent used any spoken words to express yet. I somehow feel this is what i always wanted, Im so happy.

    How will this proceed? how will we express? Will he ask me to formally date him?Will i have to ask him if he doesn't do it? Will we be the " One" for each other?

    Can you please do a reading for myself, Gagan and him, Jose.

  • Hi Serious,

    Not sure if you closed this thread, if so, my apologies and never mind lol

    If not, I sure do appreciate your offer. Any insight on my love life and career would be humbly appreciated. Thanks!!

  • Eme reaux I am so glad to hear you are doing well :). May god bless you and yours, You are in my prayers sweetheart.

    To everyone else. This thread is still open, It has just been a busy day and I will try to get to some questions later on. I do ask If you receive a reading I would love to hear some feedback. So please don't hesitate to answer afterwords. Also due to the damand of the thread I will be going by the same rules of my other posts and will try my best to answer those I can. So please be patient and god bless!

    It so good to see some you all again! I'm so glad you are all still here helping the world just that much more! With lots and lots of love!


  • Hello Serious7, thank you so much for the reading; the two persons are both male and I am a female in the "Triangle" of these two. There are children on both sides as you stated. I am not sure which card was intended for which of the two males. Thank you however! And I appreciate the advice relative to patiently waiting for prior replies; it's just that I'd posted that same 'title' before and it was never answered even after several months so I assumed perhaps there was a violation in the "title" that I'd used; advice taken though : ) Thanks again!

    Peace and Love to you Serious7!!

  • No worries transformed. The one male I stated the card for was the one you have been "formally" seeing, or the man which sparked your interest first. Whomever has brown hair (which both might) and the man whom is older. Are the males friends? If so I can feel the confliction you feel. BUT you have to be honest but NOT brutal. It's hard when you've sparked interest with both party's, but they both also know a decision needs to be made sweetheart. My number one rule is you have to do whats best for the children and on that note, you already know your answer :).

    God bless


  • Hey there Serious...Welcome back 🙂

    I too have been away for a quite a while, but just had this"feeling" to return! Lol! Last year was a year full of personal change for me, some overdue and others...well not sure about yet, but all in all lots of learning and growing. Went home for Christmas and had an awesome time with my mom and sister and ending the year and beginning the new one with them...a much overdue trip and reminder of who I am and where I come from! The holiday season can get so hectic, but this one was very relaxing for me as it gave me time to re-evaluate a few things and get my bearing on the direction I want to be headed. So, the year is still young and I'm ready! Lol!

    If you have time to read for me, I would be most appreciative. There are two areas that I am really curious about...I have been contemplating a career change for quite some time and have kinda pursued it somewhat, but now I know, as difficult as it is to get a foot in the door so to speak, this is definately what I want and have been researching and actively and whole heartedly pursuing it. So I am curious on your read on this...if you see it happening and if so, do you see it happening in the near future or a long drawn out process.

    Secondly, what most of us want to know (Lol)! There is a specific someone that I care for very deeply, we are very good friends and several times we have been on the verge of something more, but it seems our timing has always been off for anything more to develop. Lately we haven't really seen or talked as much as usual , but more and more I find he is occupying my thoughts and I am curious if you see a love relationship developing between us or if that's a dead end road that maybe should be left alone and not pursued...maybe someone new on the horizon (hopefully near!)

    Your offer to give of your time to do readings is very generous, but I also know from past experience on the forum that you will be bombarded with requests and it can become overwhelming. I agree with CWB that you may need to set some limits. I understand that you may need to limit requests to one question in order to get to everyone. Sometimes people forget that the readers do have a life outside the forum and do have other things going on in their life or just need to take time to rest and enjoy life, but people want answers and can be a bit impatient and forget that. Don't let yourself get worn down and stressed...take care of you and yours! If you do have time to do a reading for me, but time does not permit to answer both questions, no worries, just pick the one you feel most strongly about.

    Thank you for your generous offer and again, welcome back 🙂

    Take care and God Bless!

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