Doing readings for those in need.

  • Reposting of the List:

    IF there is anyone who is wanting a reading from serious7- please wait till after he finishes this list, There are other people around to offer readings. Thanks all for understanding πŸ˜„

    Love and Light Bee XxXx

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    Love and light Bee XxXx

  • Serious7, thanks for the note and explanation and providing the readings. As you have noticed when there's a reading offer your thread fills up pretty fast. There was one other thread like that that I was in and then all of a sudden it was gone. The whole thread disappeared. Was it due to too many replies? I hope it doesn't happen here.

  • Hey Tellstar, I am sure that wont happen again, if it does will just have to contact admin, πŸ™‚ there have been lots of posts dispearing and reapearing again.

    Love ya Bee XxXx

  • angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite fragrance


    loving silver wings

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  • Well Jlinaangel

    i try to look at the positive of most things, n which i cant change i ask am i to change it at all, n when i get a no, i move on.

    fx. the twerp, i had at 1st a need for change so i wouldnt even have anything remotely identical to his sorry eff. it hit me in mid of a change ( read hair color hahahaha) i was asked why do u change? what for? do u need to change? n i was EFF NO if ANY need to EFFING change its the effing twerp n i SWEAR his next life heΒ΄ll spend rolling elephant dung into balls. Yep as a good small dungbeetle.

    madame karma how i love thee!!!!!!!!!!

  • CWB- I love your posts, you always make me smile, and that is a good thing, keep doing what your doing, and i am sure you will go far, you have a big heart.

    Love ya Bee XxXx

  • AngelBee, I think I dropped off the list somehow. Page 17, Feb 15th.

  • Hi, i've noticed that everytime someone repostes the list, my username is spelled wrong:(

    Here's my correct name - (1sylviah)

    Sorry for the inconvenience πŸ™‚

    XOXO, Sylvia!

  • Sandpiper wait till serious7 returns, πŸ™‚ I am sure he will re add you again if there was some adding and taking away. Love ya Bee XxXx

  • hi, can i get a reading as well? my love life is a mess right now and I'd like to know if this will EVER be fixed 😞

    my birthday is March 3, 1981 and I was born in Manila, Philippines (+8 GMT)

    thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

  • If my response was ill-informed, I apologize. As I said, I was amazed at the number of individuals asking for help. I hope to begin my own hypnotherapy business within 6 months and I will probably find out I am naive about the negativity expressed by potential clients.

    I am somewhat sensitive to rude remarks because I grew up with the worst kind of negativity and criticism one could imagine. I try to live by "first do no harm." I am somewhat new to the forums and have not seen the type of behavior those with more experience have seen from those requesting readings.

    Light and love to all, truly.

  • Hi there Serious, I've been reading this thread, and find that you are most compassionate. Thank you for offering your time and your talent to all of us. This is actually the first time I have ever posted on these boards. I actually never thought I would do anything like this, but your comments seem to come from your heart and that's exactly what I'm looking for. I'm looking for insight in to my currently love confusion. I would appreciate your help, but I would understand if you don't reply. Thank you and God Bless you.

    Warm Regards

    Evelyn Lilly

  • Miss Chiron

    apology accepted.

    love n light

  • Hi Serious, thanks so much for the reading. Yes, I'm a smoker, though don't have a daughter. Don't seem to be having health problems. Yes, have been dwelling lately on a past relationship. A lover I let go, though fully gave my love to. I feel somewhat really drawn back to this woman, don't know why? We both have been long apart, both of us now married with kids. I don't even know if she still has feelings for me.

  • Dear Serious, Can you do a reading for me as in my current relationship situation please? your help is much appreciated! Thank you

  • Hey guys! Just an update I did post about 4 pages back that I will only be doing the 55 requests I have listed and won't be taking any new requests at this time or adding to the list. Thank you all for inquiring but remember the best advice and the best direction comes from god!!! Noone will be able to help you or direct you as the father can. So I urge all those in pain and in suffering, in need, in loneliness to come to god in prayer. I pray for all of you to find Peace and hope in life, In Jesus name AMEN!



  • Sand you are last on the list right behind Voc013, And I'd also like to add God is always there! No one will ever ever ever be able to fill those needs like him.

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  • Right about what?

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