Doing readings for those in need.

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  • Wow! Well hello everyone. It has been a couple of days! So thank you to all those who have been so kind and patient with me. I do have a life outside of the forum, it is not easy to balance everything going on in life but I am a person as well. I do these in my own time and appreciate those who are empathetic towards MY OWN situation. Now some of ya'll can sit and debate and be rude, BUT THAT IS NOT COOL. I have 55 people on my list to read, the last one is VIC013 and it is REALLY hard to keep up with my own battles and assisting as well. So I will get through these requests IN MY OWN TIME and try to keep up. I am here because I want to help and I know it is a responsibility BUT I have a responsibility to take care of myself FIRST! Thank you cwb : ) ( Your amazing) as always!

    Now I appreciate everyone coming here for advice but I ASK that you do read my post's from before that STATE my rules and preferences. If you want a reading that is fine, but IT WILL TAKE TIME. This is a place for comfort, hope, direction, and friendship. So please treat me as you would want to be treated. I didn't anticipate so many requests and apologize for not being as CLEAR for some. So I am going to do these 55 people first and then I will start new readings after. God Bless and have an amazing weekend!

    With Love


    Up next annie, Lost Guy, Witchy Women, Grat -t-2d, Angelbee, poetic555, lovingsilverwings, no apologies. This list is set and IN ORDER. No exceptions!

  • Thank you for the update, serious7. I truly appreciate you taking the time to offer your guidance, and I look forward to my reading... however long it takes for you to get to it! ๐Ÿ™‚ It's worth the wait!

  • OK annie!

    I drew the card forgiveness for you. NOw this is in so many ways what you are really searching for. Unfortunately it's something you can't just gain, it's something you can only accept : ). I am getting so much from this card that there needs to be some grieving done in your life. Not pitty patrying but actual healing from within. It's not about your relationships anymore, it's about you! You being that person to give yourself that opportunity to be open to this. Not chasing it down or confronting others so much. It is hard to deal with so much BUT, you have it in you to heal. It can be so overwhelming with especially the trauma you endured early on, but you have to forgive that and see where you are now. Take an inventory of what you need to let go, and focus on the goals you want see in life. It's hard to break cycles, but I feel that soon or even already you will feel this change in positivity. Like a break in a fever. PRAY! God is there and his angels to lead you. He loves you remember that.

    God Bless

    With Love


  • Hey there Lost guy!

    Thank you for your patience and kindness!

    OK I drew the card body care for you. Now I see a man and his daughter on a swing he is pushing her back and forth. I sense more there is something wrong with the lungs, like asthma and smoking was a problem but is slowly going out of the picture! That is awesome! You feel the pain on your left side of your back. Like when the weather changes and when you indulge. But there is also a problem with the strain in the back. Now of course quitting smoking will help with the recovery process happening. As for the lower back It seems more to do with keeping active, I think more it is stress. Mint cream and heating ointment will help with that. I'm not sure maybe there was a part of your lung removed at one point, that is a concern but as long you keep your head on long term you will be fine. The relationship you wish to rekindle seems more of a father based. This all takes time and is hard to define but Prayer is the best medicine. Forgiveness is always a struggle in this situation, but as I always say oneself is where it needs to start.


  • Thank you Serious7 and thank you to all the readers who freely and generously give of their personal time!!!

    "Hate" is not a word I particularly like to use, but I really do hate it when negativity corrupts the forum! Come on people, let's be thankful for those who offer their gifts not complain, whine and make personal attacks against them! If you are in need of a "Now" answer and do not have the time and patience to wait until the reader can answer your questions, then please just pay your money to someone who will give you your :Now" answer for a fee! The readers here do this because they feel called to do so but this is not their job...they have families, jobs, responsibilities and a life outside the forum and do this when they have some free time to do so! What does the negativity and negative remarks really accomplish here?!? It's a waste of time and energy, which in the end only serves to disrupt the good things that people are trying to do here!

    Take whatever time you need for yourself Serious7! If someone has a problem with that, then I feel the best thing for them to do is withdrawal their request and see if another reader can assist them because the negative energy they are putting out will have an impact on the reading they receive and will just serve to fuel more negativity! Just my thoughts for whatever it's worth! Lol!

    Hope you have amazing weekend as well Serious7! And everyone else too! God Bless!

  • Thank you Danr for the positive words. I appreciate so many people on here as just to have that smal glimpse of hope and change can move boulders and mountains in god's eyes! I hope all is well with you and yours Danr and the healing is going well.

    God Bless'

    With Love


  • Hey Witchy!

    I got the card Self Acceptance and Children for you. I'm sure you hear this often but you are hard to kind of feel out and read. Like the sun giving off solar flares, you catch those emotions or thoughts coming off erratically but it is hard to put together. Now the self acceptance seems to me not be accepting AS a whole but only a certain part of yourself. Like most of us there is always a flaw we wish to mend or fix, And in out own eyes we see it bigger than it really is. But in reality we are perfect in our own way. Just going with ourselves and allowing us to grow is hard enough sometimes. You seem to have that gene of love and conditioning. Which is rare, you guide and give that harbor of comfort to those close to you and those you KNOW you can help. Children are very dear to your heart and you love seeing a seed grow into a tree that is prosperous and healthy in every way. I see you like a gardener always out there in the garden talking with your "children" nurturing them, weeding them, and always making sure they are healthy in every way. But it seems you also have the gift of balance, which is amazing to see! Thank you for allowing me to see into your world for a bit! SMILES!!!!

    With Love and Prayer!


  • If my post was "rude" then i wonder what my posts really are when i really let loose n say all bluntly n heartless n ruthlessly is labelled as. Many here knows when im ticked ......... hehehehe

    Good to see u back Serious7 n ya is very welcome.

    cwb doing a little dance hehehheh

  • : ), I appreciate you!! Thank you for the support!


    Doing a Jig!!!

  • I appreciate the support and you CWB!


    with love


    DOing a JIG!!! lol

  • Normally i would not get all snort huff n puff on someone who aint seeing the case from the readers angle, but thats what sleep deprievation does to one. 1st its tiredness n next after long ( count few days ) it takes not much to set ya off. HOWEVER i DID stay my ahm hand n mouth BC i knew the one in question wasnยดt AWARE of all the facts like i was.

    again if thats rude to line the going on behind scene facts ............................ then i must ask, what world do we now live in? Duh n rely smacks me on my head an very egocentric one. Sadly.

    BUT in the famous words n so of James Brown I FEEEEEEEAAAALLL GOOOOOODDD!!!!


  • forgot to add this hagaahhahaahahhah

  • lol, awesomeness!

  • Glad to see you back serious7 , and dancing too! ๐Ÿ™‚



  • Hello,

    I just found this board this morning and was wondering what you see in my future regarding my career and my income? Thank you in advance for answering!

  • Thank you PM!!!!!!! 6 more ahead of you!!! : )

  • Hargonagain- Serious7 is completing the list he set up first, before taking on anyone else, Please do ask another reader for some help, there are lots around, Thanks for understanding, ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love and light Bee XxXx

  • Almost there and here is a Butterfly Blessing, "MAY THE UNIVERSE REPAY YOUR KIND DEEDS A THOUSAND FOLD."

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