Doing readings for those in need.

  • TURTLE!!!! How have you been sir? GREEN EGGS AND HAM, I shall not eat green eggs and ham.

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  • Hey Angelikah!

    The card I drew for you is Spiritual Growth. This means you have the ability and angels surrounding you to give you strength and growth within your soul. The move is critical and You have already made your decision, So enjoy it and prosper from the experience. Being scared or even nervous is part of it. You have the strength but with faith and god with you (which is always) You will be fine. Remember to make sure all your chickens are in a row before and be prepared as well. Your ride will be fun and You will get see a place you have always wanted to encounter.

    I hope this gives you some insight and can help you along your way. God Bless with love


  • Serious7,

    Hello, hope things are great on your End.

    I would Love a Reading from you , Or whatever you Pick Up ! 🙂


  • Hey Serious7

    Thank u so much for ya sweet words. They warm as some topics ive made has uhm made some uncomfortable lol

    But i keep chunking on. I wont be stopped bc some of the topics are basic human rights, an issue i stand my ground on n fiercely at that also.

    The information regard education were very accurate n it gives me peace. It also helped i had a meeting n conversation with my studies teacher. All is so not lost n there are options n ways to get to the end, even if it may take a little while longer.

    My reply wss not sarcastic at all it was more a lost in a blur not seen how far u were as far as list. Some readers post the list so those asking can be appeaced so to say lol

    Ahm i seem to lack the anything about the burnt man i would love to have as my man question. I say burnt bc he like me not been ahm lucky in love. ill stop here as i know u dislike too much information lol

    cheers cwb

  • No worries CBW!

    I appreciate you being you : ). And as for burnt man the card I drew was Soulmates, it's hard for me to delve to deep into that issue I don't seem to have a good grasp or (lack of info to give really), Now from what I had read before in the forum I thought I read you two were married. Sorry I didn't make that as clear as I thought. I appreciate the feedback!

    With love and awesomeness


  • serious7,

    I would also like a reading from you if your offer still stand. I feel at a crossroad and don't know which way to turn with regards to love life as well as work situation. Love came to a halt as direct cause of work related issue, or so it seems. I really can do with some guidance.

    May you be blessed for your wonderful work.

    Angel blessings

  • Hi serious7,

    I am new to this sight and would greatly appreciate a reading.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Serious 7,

    Greetings from the emerald isle!!!! (Ireland)

    I would love an angel card reading, I go to a meditation class and I always pick an angel card and it always makes me laugh out loud how spot on the message is. I have never been more convinced of their existence as in the last few months. Have been feeling instead of thinking which is a big challenge for me.

    Anyway I would ask the angels for guidance in OH's current job offer and house move. Feel big steps ahead am apprehensive and excited.

    Love your thread and replies.

    Will look forward to your reading.

    Love and Light Cazmayo

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  • Good for you Angelikaaahhhh 🙂

  • Serious7

    I would like a reading. I have two men in my life and would like to know what you see happening for me with them.

  • Please help me i like this boy Joe Franco and im g-a-y and he is b-i will he become my lover? And also will i find love soon?

  • Hey Gurlfriend Serious7

    Ahm he used to be married is why he got so bunrt, poor man. If he was my man i´d not treat him the way she did. the stories i could tell oh my WOOOOORRDD!!!!.

    is ok u cant say anything else. the deck you use it is by chance a dolphin mermaid deck?

    love n lights


  • Serious7, I thank you so much for your time and for your gift(and for sharing it). I am nervous yes as I feel this ride is something I have needed for a LOT of years. I have so been digging deeper into what God wants from me and how I am supposed to be. This has helped in the fashion that it is a confirmation that Spirit is in fact with us (me) and He will get me there...hmmm where am I going to? I hope the place I get to finally encounter is Love and confidence. Lord please send the ducks are not financially in a row yet...crumb. This is the faith and trust part. Thanks again Serious7 may God bless you and keep you strong~ may the angels surround and protect you

  • Thank you serious7 :-D!

    You are in my prayers as well!

    Blessings & Light,


  • I know this thread is called "Doing Readings for Those in Need" but I am not in need... At the moment, I feel like I don't have issues I can't solve through myself...

    A general reading with just insight to whatever would be appreciated! No worries, though, if you've got a lot of other things to be done! I'm in no rush.


  • Great to Hear Angelikah! You will do great : ).

    And CWB I use the Healing with angels Oracle cards. I love this deck and have had for about 2 years now (used to be my moms) and It has great cards with good explanations. I tend to just go with my instincts, but if I use words from the booklet I try to quote for better insight.


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  • hi serious,

    You seem inundated with lots of requests if would be lovely if you have any insight re my love life. It seems very dark ...;-( again this is not really a 'need' and I am sure some people have greater needs I am just confused.

    Thanks x

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